Novel: The wife is forced to take contraceptives every day. Unexpectedly, she did not expect to get pregnant.

The words of a woman made Qin Zhengnan stagnate, and his eyes suddenly stunned, and he slowly turned around.

There was no trace of temperature in the tone, and the words were stained with a terrible atmosphere.

Lan Xiaoxi’s chest was like a black hole whistled by the wind.

She lowered her eyes and laughed at herself, "You’re worrying, how can I get pregnant!"

After speaking, turn around hard.

The man behind him narrowed his eyes and stepped forward. A pair of iron walls hooped the woman’s waist and tightened in vain. She was like a pillow and could not move.

"Lan Xiaoxi, what tricks do you want to play? Every time you let you take medicine, do you secretly do something!"

The man’s eyes were secretive, and his thin lips showed ruthless words.

Lan Xiaoxi clenched his hands, and his nails were deeply embedded into the meat.

She regretted that she was pregnant just now … She should not take the child’s life to take risks.

It is impossible to expect Qin Zhengnan to look at each other because she has a child!

"Just kidding you, how can I get pregnant!" Lan Xiaoxi laughed without any way.

Qin Zhengnan’s squinting eyes passed a trace of ridicule, "Don’t put garlic, go to the hospital immediately!"

"No! I won’t go!" She struggled hard and tried to get rid of his restraint.

I must not go to the hospital, go to the hospital, the child in her stomach is dead …

But she didn’t know that the more she refused, the more he would cause his doubts.

Qin Zhengnan’s dangerous atmosphere was crazy, and Lan Xiaoxi was directly clamped, like a doll and thrown into the car.


Hospital VIP ward.

"Miss Lan, you have been pregnant for 5 weeks, congratulations." After the doctor checked, he said with a smile.

You can see the cold eyes of a man Hantan, and the doctor’s smile solidified on his face.

The man gritted his teeth and pressed the woman who wanted to escape. He tone and dull, with a strong sense of oppression, "Broken!"

The doctor froze and stood up, "This … I’ll have a meeting, you discuss it.".

When the doctor was out of the ward, Lan Xiaosi kneeling in front of Qin Zhengnan "Tongtong", a powerful hoe, "Zhengnan, please, do not kill our children …"

Qin Zhengnan glanced at the woman, and his cold exploitation lips were fierce with bloodthirsty. "Do you have a wild species and want to make me happy?"

Lan Xiaoxi shocked, and the eyes of the water fog and fascinated looked at the man, "Zhengnan, how can you slander me so much. I am your wife, I only have you from beginning to end!"

"Butter! Don’t tell the truth yet!" Qin Zhengnan kicked the woman with a kick, and his face was overcast. "I see you don’t see the coffin and don’t cry, see what you have done by yourself!"

Lan Xiaoxi was angry and questioned the man, and a stack of photos smashed on her.

Yu Guang in the corner of Lan Xiaosi’s eyes suddenly stunned when he saw the photo above!

In the photos, all of them are bed photos with various men!

The woman in the photo has exactly the same face as her, which is clearly her!

She looked closely, but couldn’t find the traces of PS, and she could only shake her head. "This is not me! This is definitely not me!"

She didn’t know these men at all, let alone taking such a picture!

The man squatted down, his fingers controlled the woman’s jaw, and slanted the photos in her hand. "Then you say, who is the woman in the photo?"

Lan Xiaoxi shook his head in a cry, "I don’t know what’s going on? I really haven’t done such a thing! I didn’t have any impression at all!"

The hot tears dropped in Qin Zhengnan’s hand. He let go of his hand and wiped his hands with disgust and lowly, as if he touched some bacteria.

"Because you and your mother are a virtue, they are neuropathy! I can’t remember what I have done!"

"No, impossible! I’m not sick!" Lan Xiaoxi shouted.

"Really?" Qin Zhengnan screamed his lips, "You said that I was your first man, and only one man in me. Why did you not see red for the first time?"

When a man, like the poisonous arrow, he was stuck in her heart, and he couldn’t breathe. "It was just because I was on the tree when I was a child, and I was accidentally cut through the branches …"

"Oh …" Qin Zhengnan sneered at the corner of his mouth, "You really have an endless excuse!"

"Okay! I will let you die today!" Qin Zhengnan lost his patience, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and came up with a video and handed it to her.Not you! "

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