Novel: The prince and the side concubine are pregnant at the same time.

Zuo Ziyuang took the same as usual and came to Sima Qingyan’s bedroom.When Sima Qingyan looked at her, she was very disgusted in her heart, and she had disappeared.

Recently, Sima Qingyan was tossed lightly, and she was even more scared. She had a lot of desolation, and her face became worse and worse.hinder.

"Sister, my sister, I came to see you." Zuo Ziyu sat beside the couch and looked at Sima Qingyan, who was embarrassed, not to mention how happy it was.

"Thank you sister, my body is a little uncomfortable, you can do it yourself."

"I think my sister’s face is not very good, my sister is okay." Zuo Ziyu asked with concern.

"It’s okay, just take a break."

"That’s right. My mother sent me some blood swallows, which was very good for my body. I sent some of them to my sister. Just let Chun’er and Xiaoling boil you a bowl of taste." Zuo Ziyu will hand it outGive Chun’er, signal her to go to the kitchen.

Chun’er didn’t want to go, but she saw Sima Qingyan nodded at her and went to the kitchen in the courtyard with something.

Zuo Ziyu touched his belly, and looked at Sima Qingyan’s belly.Hands, slowly reached on Sima Qingyan’s stomach.

Sima Qingyan was a little shocked and subconsciously blocked her hand.Zuo Ziyu smiled and retracted his hand.

"I really envy my sister. Everyone in your children loves it, and my child has no one except me."

"Sister, where do you say, the child’s father in your stomach is His Royal Highness, how could anyone not love it?"

"Yeah, the child is the prince, but he wants him to kill him!" Zuo Ziyu said with a low voice.

Sima Qingyan was shocked after hearing. How could this matter know that this matter?Who told her?

"What do you talk about when your sister talks? If the prince loves him, you can’t worry, how can he kill him?"

"Sima Qingyan, don’t pretend anymore, do you know how much I hate when I see your innocent expression. It is also a child of the prince, why does he not acknowledge my child’s existence, why he wants to be so like thisRemove him cruelly. You are all devil and murderers! "

Zuo Ziyu’s emotions became excited, and Sima Qingyan cried in front of Sima Qingyan to vent.

"My sister must have misunderstood, who told you? You can’t be provoked by others." Sima Qingyan moved to his couch, and he took his hands on his stomach, for fear that Zu Ziyu would suddenly go crazy, hurting his belly in his stomachChild.

"Misunderstanding? Hahaha, I heard you and the queen three discuss how to get rid of my child! Misunderstanding! Hahaha, Sima Qingyan, don’t think that you will be better to get rid of our mother and son.I also want to pull your mother and son to go to hell together, it’s almost, it’s soon, hahaha … "Zuo Ziyu seemed to see Sima Qingyan’s miserable end, and laughed happily.

"What are you laughing? What did you do? Tell me, what did you do?" Sima Qingyan stood up and watched Zi Ziyu, who had already been crazy, and felt a little faintly painful.

"Hahaha, Sima Qingyan, does it feel like a stomach pain? I tell you, as long as my child is dead, don’t want to keep your child, I want you to pay, hahaha … uh …"

The mood was too excited, Zo Ziyu felt more and more painful, and his belly felt like a fall. He was afraid and pleasant in his heart. Sima Qingyan was like her.

"You bitch, dare to hurt me!"

Sima Qingyan took a step forward, and slapped Zu Ziyuki fiercely. After the body was weak, Sima Qingyan was slapped after fighting.Small abdomen fell down, and then a warmth flowed from the legs.

"Where are you, come, come …" Sima Qingyan was panicked. She wanted to call for help loud, but the voice made particularly small.

Zuo Ziyu was knocked to the ground by the slap, as if he couldn’t feel the pain on his body, but smiled at a low voice.

"I feel it, he is away from you, hahaha …"

"Sima Qingyan, let’s go to hell together!"

"Chun’er …" Sima Qingyan shouted these two words with exhaustion of his whole body.

"Prince, Princess, how are you?"

Chun’er who pushed the door, as soon as he entered the door, he saw Sima Qingyan lying on the couch shouting his name whispered, and quickly stepped forward to check.stand up.

"Where are you?

Xiaoling also found Zu Ziyu, who fell in the blood pool, and stepped forward to help her sit on the ground. "Miss, don’t scare me, lady, come, where are you …"

For a while, the Prince’s Mansion made a mess, and the eunuch came to see it. For the sake of safety, it could only be treated on the spot.

After receiving the news, Mo Qianning Lang hurried back. When he came to Sima Qingyan’s bedroom, he saw the maids walking out of the house with a pot of blood in the house. After changing the water, she went in.

"How is it? How about the prince?" Mo Qianning Lang asked in the house and rushed to Sima Qingyan’s couch to see the condition.

At this time, Sima Qingyan was in addition to feeling the pain on his body. He also had the pain in his heart. After seeing Mo Jian Ninglang’s tight emotions collapsed.

"Cousin, cousin, you must save our children, save him, I can’t lose him."

"What the hell is going on, I’m fine when I leave, why now …"

"It was her, the bitch of Zo Ziyu, she was crazy, she was crazy, she harmed our children." Sima Qingyan said pointed at the other side.

Mo Jianlang looked at Zuo Ziyu, and she looked at them proudly, her eyes full of ridicule.

"Zuo Ziyu, I treat you in the prince, why do you do this? Why?" Why? "

"Why? You ask me why? All of this is forced to me. If you were not for the children in my stomach, it would end today? These are all you asked!" Zuo Ziyu roaredEssence

After listening to their conversation, the people in the house stopped their movements. I did not expect that they heard such a explosive thing today.

"You, roll out all! Get out!" Mo Qian Ninglang dared to go out, and stepped forward to lift Zuo Ziyu from the couch a few steps and fell hard to the ground.

"You bitch, you even killed the son of the prince, I want you to pay for your life!" He held Zu Ziyu’s neck fiercely with one hand and slowly tightened.

"You kill, kill, I don’t want to live anyway! Si Ma Qingyan and her child were buried for me, worth it!"

"You bitch, go to death!"


The door was bumped off, a figure flashed in, and pushed Mo Qian Ninglang away, and saved Zi Ziyu, who was almost died of suffocation.

"Lao Qi, what do you mean? Do you dare to control my family?" Mo Jianlang looked at the people in front of him and said, he did not expect Mo Qianhao Ye and Zuo Zixi to come to his mansion.

"What does His Royal Highness just now mean? Want to kill his side concubine?" Zuo Zixi asked, and went forward to check Zhao Ziyu, but it was not a big deal, but the child couldn’t hold it.

"Zuo Zixi, this is a matter of Prince Edward, it has nothing to do with your seven king’s house, roll me!"

"Yes, this is what your prince’s house is, but don’t forget it. Zuo Ziyu is a person of our family. Before the prince kills her, it is best to have a sufficient reason. Otherwise, my family is not a bullying.. "Zuo Zixi said coldly.

"Okay, don’t you have a reason? Then I give you a reason, to poison the prince and the child in his belly, is this reason?"

"Oh, it’s a big reason! Do you have evidence?"

"Evidence?" Mo Qianning Lang hesitated. He had no evidence to prove that it was the poison under Zuo Ziyu, but just listened to the one -sided word of Sima Qingyan.

"Since the prince has no evidence to prove that Zu Ziyu is done, is it going to give us a Jia family!"

"It was Zuo Ziyu’s herself. She was going to kill the child in my stomach, and then I started my stomach pain. After the doctor came, I told me that the child couldn’t keep it, oh …" Speaking of the sadness, Sima QingYan cried.

"Did I say? I didn’t say anything, I came to see the prince with kindness, she told me that the prince would not leave the child in my stomach. I didn’t believe it and quarreled with her. Who knew that she had one foot.Killing me on the ground, and after the incident, Chun’er and Xiaoling saw it after entering the house. "Zuo Ziyu said suddenly with a grievance, and her expression Mo Jian Ninglang almost vomited blood.

"His Royal Highness, she was lying, and I didn’t tell her to tell her that you were going to get rid of the child in her stomach. I didn’t." Sima Qingyan said with Moman Ninglang.

"His Royal Highness, what is this? Since you don’t want children, you can honestly say, why bother to play these conspiracy and tricks behind you."

"Zuo Zixi, you shut up!" Mo Qian Ninglang wanted to twist the aggressive woman in front of him.

"Prince, pay attention to your entrusted words!" Mo Qianhao reminded.

Mo Jianlang knew that he could not take advantage of Zuo Zixi, and could only plan not to deal with Zo Ziyu first, and find a reason to deal with her in the future.

"Seven princes, my two ladies have just been hit hard. What should we say in the future and let them raise their bodies first, what do you think?" Mo Qianning Lang made concessions.

"That’s it, it’s okay! But I want to receive your side concubine in Xiangfu. The second auntie thought about her daughter. I heard that your side concubine was not very good, so I wanted to take it back for a few days. I don’t know the prince’s"

"Since it is the wish of the mother -in -law, the prince had to agree, but it is better to go back in a few days. Now her body should not have action."

"This will not be a bothered Prince His Royal Highness, come, come back to the prince’s concubine back to Xiangfu!"

Zuo Zixi ordered four Zhuang Ding outside, holding a rope and wood in everyone’s hand.Tied the rope to the concubine soft couch, and then passed through the rope with wood. The four moved together to lift the concubine soft couch.

"Then leave!"

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