Novel: The newlywed wife is pregnant, the child is not him, and he has a fast miscarriage.

Because of Lin Wan’s halo, his face suddenly gloomy. He picked up the person on the bed and quickly called the doctor.

The doctor was numb for this couple quarreling.

After the doctor was checked, she looked at the Feng Xingyan: "The fetus is stable and the mood of the adult is all. She is extremely unstable now, and there are signs of abortion at any time. I suggest to recover."

This is not the case for the sealed Yanba. He sat aside, and his legs were like a noble son.Swipe his lips tightly, groaning for a moment, and asked the doctor in a dark expression, "Will you have a miscarriage at any time?"

The doctor was shocked by his look, half a noise, she nodded, "Yes."

The sealed Yan naturally hoped her child to flow, so he was thinking silently.

"You go out first."

The doctor glanced at Lin Wan on the bed, and then hurried out.

When there were only two people left Lin Wan and Feng Yanyan, he got up and walked towards Lin Wan, raised his hand and touched Lin Wan’s belly. His eyes were cold without any feelings.

At this time, Lin Wan lying on the bed suddenly grabbed his hand.

Feng Yanyan thought she woke up and immediately looked at Lin Wan, but found that she was still sleeping.

Even when I fall asleep, I have to die to the child …

"Feng Yanyan, my stomach hurts …" Lin Wan whispered, grasping the hand of Xingyan Yan tightly, the voice was full of pity.

She fell asleep so that she would have such a soft side.

The seal was squatted down, looking at her pale face, her eyes were soft for a moment.

For her dream of herself, the corner of her lip could not help but squeeze a smile.

He grabbed Lin Wan’s hand backhand and whispered: "I’m here, don’t be afraid."

He didn’t even find out how gentle the tone was.

Lin Wan heard his voice, and suddenly he relaxed, holding his hand in his arms, and buried her cheeks in the pillow.

Feng Yanyan’s hand was placed on her soft chest, and his fingers moved slightly, and he could feel the touch. His eyes were deep and stared at Lin Wan, who put his hands on his chest.

When Lin Wan woke up, she found that there was no one in the ward. She immediately sat up and touched her belly. Although she couldn’t touch anything, she seemed to be able to feel more at ease.

Fortunately, the body is not different.

Just as she was about to get up to look at Aunt Xia, the bathroom of the ward was opened.

This is a premium ward with everything in it.

Looking at the door of the bathroom immediately, Lin Wan found that she was wearing a robe, and her face suddenly changed.Why did he take a bath here?

The Feng Yan looked at her high, glanced at her with her eyes, and then came over.

Although Lin Wan was a little bit embarrassed, he looked up at him.

"You … what to do here?" Lin Wan made a better tone, and did not anger the guy with a clear temper.

Feng Yanyan laughed: "Didn’t you want me to take care of you, I stayed now to take care of you, why, unwilling?"

Lin Wan was just angry and angry at him … I really never thought about asking him to take care of herself.

The ward was quiet and neither of them spoke.

And because of her silence, Feng Yan slowly covered the ice, so she was fooling herself?

Seeing that he was angry, Lin Wan said immediately: "You really want to take care of me? I can’t believe it."

The seal was moved, and he was closer to Lin Wan with the momentum of oppressing the people’s hearts. His eyes were full of inquiry: "Do you suspect what I will do to you?"

Lin Wan thought, don’t you kill the children in my stomach if you catch a chance?

She felt that the sealed Yan was really unbelievable.

But in the face, she still denied: "I didn’t say that."

The acknowledgment was unable to suppress her anger.

This woman can really ignite her anger anytime, anywhere!

"I’m a little hungry." Lin Wan felt that he wouldn’t say anything, and this person is probably going to fly the roof.

When she found that she said this, it was really taken for granted.

However, he didn’t say much, took his mobile phone and called Gu Yuesong.

"Our pregnant women are hungry again, and send some foods suitable for pregnant women." Feng Yang said, with a strong disdain in his tone.

Lin Wan’s heart felt that he was deliberately humiliating himself, but on the surface he pretended to be fine.

As long as he doesn’t make a child with himself, Lin Wan can be used as his ears.

The sealed Yanyan hung up the phone, watching Lin Wan sitting beside the bed and watching the window dazed. He walked over and said in Lin Wan’s ears and said, "When you dream, you always call my name.? "

Lin Wan immediately looked at the Feng Xiangyan, with an inexplicable eyes: "Are you lied to me? I didn’t dream of you at all."

"Do you want me to record it for you?" Said, Feng Yan went to get a mobile phone.

Lin Wan held his hand and his cheeks were red and hot. Why did this person still like to recording?

She pursed her lips: "I don’t remember, maybe yes."

The seal was bad, and she could only follow him.

"Can I go to see Aunt Xia?" After speaking, Lin Wan asked.

Seeing that she was so obedient today, the sealed Yin Yan promised: "Also, go and return soon."

The food from Gu Yuesong was cold.

Lin Wan got his permission and turned away from the ward.

Feng Xunyan looked at her so cheerful, thinking that she must like Aunt Xia very much, but Aunt Xia really did not hurt him, but Lin Wan didn’t seem to believe herself.

He even considered whether to explain to Lin Wan.


Lin Wan came to Aunt Xia’s ward, but she didn’t expect Lin Xue to be there.

Lin Xue was staring at the sleeping aunt Xia, and her hand was holding the oxygen pipe, as if she was ready.

"What are you doing?" Lin Wan stepped forward and pushed her away.

Lin Xue screamed and hit the bed, covering her belly and screamed: "My belly … Lin Wan, help me call a doctor!"

Lin Wan looked at her and saw her blood on her pants, her face was a bit white.

She is really pregnant …

Although Lin Wan told herself, who Lin Xue laid her child had nothing to do with herself, but she really saw the blood on her pants, and her heart was stabbed.

She didn’t want Lin Xuehuai to sea the child. She didn’t understand what she was psychologically, but she looked at Lin Xue’s child.

"Lin Wan, let me call me a doctor …" Lin Xue squatted on the ground with her belly covering her belly.

Lin Wan reacted, she was about to press the nurse bell on the bedside, but the door was kicked open.

The sealing Yan walked in quickly, looking at Lin Wan’s eyes as cold as a sharp blade.

Lin Wan’s body was like a ice cellar, but soon, she had an indifferent attitude, anyway … never thought he would believe herself.

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