Novel: Disappointed to her husband, she was determined to divorce, but she did not expect that she was pregnant

Su Yan came to the hospital by car and did a detailed examination.

She was lying on the B -ultrasound to check the bed and felt that the instrument came around on the lower abdomen.

Su Yan asked the doctor who was doing the examination around: "Doctor, am I pregnant?"

The doctor looked at the instrument display screen, the first: "You should be pregnant, but the pregnancy time is too short. You can do a detailed and specific examination next month."

Hearing the word "pregnancy" Su Yan stunned.

How can she get pregnant in her body?

Is the ring shift?

Su Yan half supported his body and asked anxiously, "Do you, does my birth ring play a role in contraception?"

The doctor wondered: "No birth ring found."

Su Yan’s face became pale instantly, and she also maintained a half -supporting look, looking at the doctor’s face with a shocking look.

She wanted to see the clue from the doctor’s expression, but the doctor was very serious, and there was no joke at all.

The doctor signaled Su Yan to lie down: "I’ll take a closer look."

Su Yan was lying quietly, but his heart had fallen into the sea.

During the examination last month, the doctor also said that she had a birth ring. Why is it suddenly gone now?

What exactly is going on?

The doctor had done a B -ultrasound check, and said very firmly: "There is no birth ring in your body."

Su Yan’s brain buzzed, and the question that troubled her just now seemed to have found the answer.

When I was hospitalized last time, Ye Xiaohan already knew about the breeding ring.

It’s just that this man calmly removed the birth ring out of her body.

To make her quietly conceive her child.

Su Yan is trembling,

Ye Xiaohan is really good to do things.

Don’t leave her any room for her.

Su Yan walked out of the hospital, and the doctor echoed the doctor’s words: "The fetus is very good. If you want to leave this child, do a detailed pregnancy test next month."

She is pregnant!

We were pregnant with Ye Xiaohan’s children.

Su Yan’s palm was attached to the lower abdomen, and the eye circles were red a little bit.

She is the adopted daughter of the Su family and has no blood relationship with the Su family’s parents.

Previously, she had no blood connection in this world.

But now it’s different, she has a child.

This is a baby connected to her bone blood.

Cheng Ruoqing came out of the car and saw the familiar figure out of the hospital from a distance.

She frowned, and the gloomy sight locked the figure ahead.

Su Yan!

How could she come to the hospital?

Cheng Ruoqing stood in place and held the urge to step forward.

First figure out why Su Yan came to the hospital.

Maybe there will be unexpected joy.

Cheng Ruoqing hated Su Yan to let her sweep the floor at the banquet, and she was thinking about how to fight back recently.

She will never let Su Yan sit in the position of Mrs. Madam of the Night Family.

This hospital has a shares, and Cheng Ruoqing easily gets Su Yan’s diagnosis record.

But when she saw the word "early pregnancy", her face changed.

Su Yan was pregnant!

This is the grandson of the night family.

Now Su Yan has the cold and loves, and there are children to support their waists.

Cheng Ruoqing’s eyes gradually became cold,


She will never let Su Yan give birth to this child.

Su Yan walked out of the hospital and looked at the wide straight road. She didn’t know where to go.

She should give her children a stable life and a sound family.

But she was unwilling to be with people like Ye Xiaohan.

She doesn’t want to be wronged.

But what about a child?

Su Yan was tingling, and she walked on the road muddy, and her head was messy.

Until the familiar voice came from the ear: "Su Yan!"

Su Yan turned back subconsciously and saw Lu Xiang walking towards her.

"Su Yan, I have been looking for you for a long time."

Lu Xiang panting, standing in front of Su Yan for a long time before he breathed a uniform.

He passed by and saw Su Yan’s figure chased.

"How are you doing recently? Did Ye Xiaohan restrict your actions again?"

Su Yan has never seen Lu Xiang for a long time.

After the separation of that day, many things happened. Su Yan pulled the corner of his mouth and didn’t know where.

Lu Xiang saw that Su Yan’s face was pale and concerned: "What are you like? Ye Xiaohan embarrassed you?"

Su Yan shook his head lightly.

"Let’s find a place to chat, I investigate a lot of things."

Lu Xiang was investigating Su Yan’s whereabouts recently, but he couldn’t find it.

But he found that Ye Xiaohan controlled Su Yan’s grandmother and sister.

This should be Su Yan’s chips.

There is a quiet little garden next to the street, and Lu Xiang and Su Yan are sitting on the garden bench.

"I came here to have no survey information in a hurry today."

Lu Xiang stared at Su Yan’s eyes and said seriously: "One of the monitoring and restore in the villa, you can clearly see that you have never returned after you come out from it."

Su Yan’s original pale cheeks suddenly returned to blood, and she asked eagerly: "Did you shoot Cheng Ruoqing?"

Lu Xiang: "No."

Su Yan’s straight back collapsed,

Without evidence, Ye Xiaohan will not believe that the people who murder the grandfather are Cheng Ruoqing.

"The surveillance video was destroyed very well, and many of them were washed away. When I was investigating, I was also very resistant to it. Someone obstructed me to investigate this matter."

Lu Xiang frowned and said, "If the person behind it is really Cheng Ruoqing, it should not be easy to find evidence. Unless the old man of the night family wakes up, he knows the murderer personally."

Su Yan went to the hospital to see the old man overnight, and he heard that the doctor said that the hope of waking up was very slim.

She drew her head and looked sad: "Grandpa is very bad now, and he is likely to wake up forever."

"The monitoring in my hand can prove your innocence."

Lu Xiang passed his hand and held Su Yan’s hand: "If you divorce Ye Xiaohan, I can help you."

If it was before, Su Yan would agree without hesitation.

But now it’s not possible.

Her grandmother and sister are still in the hands of Ye Xiaohan.

Although her grandmother and sister have no blood relationship with her.

But when she was a child, her grandmother took care of her and loved her.

In the summer of the age of sixteen, she fell into the river and almost drowned. She was dragging her hand tightly to help her get the rescue time.

Without her grandmother and sister, she couldn’t live now.

She must not forget the righteousness.

Su Yan pulled back, "Lu Xiang, I thank you very much for helping me. But I can’t leave Ye Xiaohan now."

"Are you worried about your grandmother and sister?"

Lu Xiang whispered to break Su Yanxin’s concerns.

Su Yan didn’t conceal, she blushed, and said, "I don’t know where Ye Xiaohan brought my grandmother to? And his people have been monitoring my sister."

"Su Ling is the biological daughter of Su Weizheng and Gao Yanjun. At first, in order to ask for this daughter, they had no idea. Su Weizheng regarded Su Ling as the pearl of the palm of the palm.Su Ling’s safety. "

Lu Xiang took out his mobile phone: "I have found the nursing home where my grandmother is located."

He opened the album and asked Su Yan to see the photo.

Su Yanfei took the mobile phone quickly and saw her grandmother sitting on a wheelchair and was basking in the sun outside.

"Grandma is awake."

Su Yan’s excitement’s eyes were red, and the fingers holding the mobile phone were shaking.

"I have seen my grandmother, she has recovered her body and can already speak."

Lu Xiang concealed that Ye Xiaohan had been looking for a doctor to treat Su Yan’s disease. He felt that this incident would definitely affect Su Yan’s attitude towards Ye Xiaohan.

"Want to see your grandmother?"

Su Yan has never seen her grandmother for a long time, and she naturally wants to go.

But thinking of Ye Xiaohan’s means, she still shook her head: "Lu Xiang, I can no longer affect you anymore."

"Su Yan, don’t say this between us. I dare to care about your business, and I already think of what consequences will be afforded."

Lu Xiang’s eyes were very gentle, as if immersed in the wind in the spring: "I am not at night that Ye Xiaohan can be shaken casually."


Su Yan was still hesitating, and Lu Xiang had grabbed her wrist: "Let’s go! I’ll take you to see your grandmother."

The car stopped at the door of the nursing home, and Su Yan, who had camouflated from the car.

Lu Xiang came to the nursing home twice. He bought the head nurse here and easily came to the ward.

The old woman on the bed was sleeping well, but the ventilator had been withdrawn, and the face had normal rosy on her face.

Su Yan walked over, took off the mask and sunglasses, sat by the bed, watching the sleeping grandmother.

She breathed very lightly, but she couldn’t restrain her tears.

Looking at her grandmother’s old face, all she appeared in front of her eyes was the days when she was dependent on her grandmother.

Su Weizheng and Gao Yanjun had no children for a long time, and they adopted Su Yan in the orphanage.

At first, they were pretty good for Su Yan.Later, Gao Yanjun suddenly became pregnant, and his attitude towards Su Yan had a great change of 180 degrees.

In order to take care of his biological daughter, Su Weizheng sent Su Yan to a relative’s house in the country.

The family abused her and didn’t give her food.

If it wasn’t for her grandmother knew this and brought her back to raise, she would be starved to death in the pigpen.

Su Yan was picked up, and Su Weizheng and Gao Yanjun didn’t care about her. Grandma gave her to eat, drink, and sent her to school.

For Su Yan, grandma is more kiss than parents.

Zhao Peiyun woke up, and a familiar figure gradually appeared in the vague gaze.

After seeing the girl in front of her, her eyes showed a strong surprise.

"Yan Yan?"

Zhao Peiyun carefully explored his hand, "Is it Yan Yan?"

Su Yan hurriedly held her hand and nodded hard: "Grandma, me, I am Yan Yan."

"It’s really Yan Yan! I’m not dreaming!"

Zhao Peiyun cried very much.

Su Yan’s tears collapsed, holding my grandmother’s hand tightly: "Grandma, I’m sorry! I will come to see you now."

"Grandma knows you are busy."

Zhao Peiyun struggled to get up from the bed: "Let your grandmother take a good look."

Lu Xiang came over, supported Zhao Peiyun’s back, and helped her sit up.

Zhao Peiyun looked at him: "Lady, I know you, you have seen me."

Lu Xiang said with a smile: "Grandma, hello! My name is Lu Xiang, I am a friend of Yan Yan."

"It’s you to see me with Yan Yan!"

Zhao Peiyun sighed: "Xiao Han always said that he would take me to see Yan Yan, but he always said nothing."

She knew that there must be a problem between Su Yan and Ye Xiaohan. Otherwise, Ye Xiaohan would not drag again and again, saying that she would not let her see Su Yan.

Hearing Ye Xiaohan’s name, Su Yan lowered his eyes subconsciously.

She couldn’t tell her grandmother about what happened recently, and she couldn’t worry her grandmother for her.

I noticed that the atmosphere was wrong, and Lu Xiang said: "Today, the weather is good.

Su Yan hesitated: "Can you go out?"

Lu Xiang: "I know the head nurse here. Just come back at the prescribed time."

Su Yan: "But …"

In case Ye Xiaohan was discovered, the man should be crazy again.

"Walk around near the nursing home."

Lu Xiang pushed the wheelchair and helped Zhao Peiyun’s arm: "Do grandma want to go out?"

Zhao Peiyun took Su Yan’s hand: "Let’s stay with my grandmother for a while, and soon we will come back."

Su Yan and Lu Xiang held Zhao Peiyun together and sent her to a wheelchair.

Lu Xiang pushed the wheelchair, Su Yan walked around, and the three came to the garden behind the nursing home.

The nursing home is regarded as a private hospital, and all facilities are very good.

The garden is big and beautiful.

The sun is very good, and the mottled light spots are sprinkled on the leaves.

Zhao Peiyun pulled Su Yan’s hand and talked about her childhood: "Yan Yan was very beautiful when she was a child, her eyes were big and round, her hair was dark and bright, like a doll."

Lu Xiang: "She is also very beautiful now."

Su Yanzheng smiled shy: "Grandma, I am embarrassed."

Zhao Peiyun laughed: "What’s embarrassed, my granddaughter is so beautiful. I really hope that my old bone can still see you live and have children."

Su Yan’s expression stiffened,

Her palm touched her belly subconsciously.

There is a small life here.

After all, children will not have a sound family.

"Grandma, I haven’t thought about childing so early."

Su Yan did not say that she was pregnant. Now that her relationship with Ye Xiaohan is as thin as ice, she does not know what will happen in the future.

She wants her grandmother to worry about her.

"You’re not small, it’s time to consider your child’s affairs."

Zhao Peiyun said that the benefits of raising children were very sad.

Lu Xiang and Su Yanlai’s nursing home seeing Zhao Peiyun still passed into Ye Xiaohan’s ears.

Seeing the photos from the dean, Ye Xiaohan was furious.

He didn’t expect Lu Xiang to be able to find a nursing home.

Especially in the photos, Lu Xiang and Su Yan stood beside Zhao Peiyun, like a family.

Ye Xiaohan’s fists giggled, and Han Mang was split in his eyes.

Lu Xiang, you dare to entangle me!

Today, I must give you a price.

Ye Xiaohan grabbed the car key and strode out of the office.

He drove to the nursing home and walked into the garden with a chill.

At a glance, he saw Su Yan and Lu Xiang standing together, and Zhao Peiyun was beside the two.

The three didn’t know what to talk about, and it looked particularly dazzling about talking and laughing.

Ye Xiaohan walked over, holding Su Yan’s arm and holding her into her arms.

The next second, he fists on Lu Xiang’s face.


Lu Xiang fell to the ground.

Su Yan’s eyes suddenly zoomed in, rushing over to hold Ye Xiaohan’s arm: "Don’t fight!"

Lu Xiang got up from the ground and punched it.

Ye Xiaohan opened Su Yan and trembled with Lu Xiang.

Seeing that the two were like a lion with sharp red eyes, they couldn’t wait to bite each other.

Zhao Peiyun was also anxious, she said anxiously: "Xiao Han, Lu Xiang, don’t fight!"

She subconsciously wanted to reach out to pull, but Ye Xiaohan waved his hand inadvertently and hit the automatic button of the wheelchair.

Pack the back key to the wheelchair, and quickly retreat.

Su Yan was frightened and fluttered to grab the wheelchair, but the handrail slipped from her hands and farther away-


Su Yan ran desperately, but after all, it was one step late.


The wheelchair hits the decorative stone carving in the distance, and Zhao Peiyun’s head is heavily stuck on the stone carving.

Blood flower splash!


Su Yan’s heartbroken shouting back to Ye Xiaohan’s consciousness, he turned back and saw Zhao Peiyun falling into a pool of blood.

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