Notes for pregnant mothers for birth: 2 minutes to interpret how to understand the regular data of pregnancy test blood

Q: How long is it appropriate to check the blood routine during pregnancy?

For pregnant mothers, it is generally a monthly blood routine. Why is the blood routine change only after a month? This change is meaningful. OtherwiseIf it is, it is of little significance.So we are every time we have routine blood tests every other month.

Q: How to understand the blood regular data in the pregnancy test?

When the blood rushed to the hand, what did the mother look at this result?The main thing is to see three cells: one is white blood cells, and white blood cells cannot exceed 100,000. This is the highest point. It may be increased by pregnancy.Reaction, a link with a weak immune response, that is, your immune response is very slow, so white blood cells may be higher, which is also within the normal range, don’t be nervous.The main thing is that if the white blood cells should not exceed too high, if it exceeds 15,000 or 20,000, there must be a certain inflammation.

Another thing to pay attention to is red blood cells.Red blood cells are the most concerned about our obstetrics and gynecology, and our mother must pay attention to it, because of this red blood cells, its number determines the number of hemoglobin, diagnose whether the pregnant mother anemia is diagnosed through the number of hemoglobin.If hemoglobin falls to a certain indicator, it will be diagnosed as mild anemia, or moderate or heavy.

Hemogenesis during pregnancy should not be too low. If pregnant mothers are anemia, children will also cause anemia. Mom anemia will lead to anemia for children. What will happen after the child is born in the future?It is a vicious circle, TA’s appetite will be reduced, and children’s feeding will be difficult, so the development of TA’s nutrition TA will be affected.Therefore, this anemia should be seen in hemoglobin that hemoglobin cannot be lower than (per 100 ml of blood) 12 grams, which is more than 12 grams (per 100 ml of blood).Zhongzhong (anemia).

There is also a blood cells that pay attention to platelets. Platelets are a coagulation function. The number of platelets is high. We can allow it, but not too low. If the platelet is too low, if the mother’s coagulation function is reduced, if you bleed during pregnancy, or give birth to childbirth, or childbirth, or childbirth.Bleeding during the period is a terrible result.Therefore, the minimum platelet cannot be less than 3000.

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