New White Lady: Jin Ruyi was pregnant unexpectedly.

Because "The Legend of the New White Lady", which has starred in hazy, Ju Jingying, Pei Zitian, Xiao Yan, etc., is currently being broadcast, and most of them have been broadcast.High, although it is adapted from the original version, it has been changed in many places. The show has a routine of idol dramas, especially for the male lead of the show, Xu Xian, who found a young partner of the green plum horse.But taking you as a husband, it is really ruthless to flow the water, but it is a pity that some people just don’t understand these truths.

In the latest plot, Jin Ruyi’s life has gradually surfaced. She turned out to be a fairy in Taohuayuan. There was a entanglement between the previous life and the Toad King Tao Ling.Maybe there will be a good ending with Wang Daoling, but she only has Xu Xian in her heart. In order to get Xu Xian, it is really an end. In theory, after Xu Xian got married, she should know that it is difficultRetreat, but she is unwilling to give up, and for this reason, it has also become a negative role in the play that is very annoying.

A routine used by idol dramas is because of love and hate. This drama is no exception. In order to get Xu Xian, Jin Ruyi is very unhappy, because Xu Xian has been studying in a pharmacy of Ruyi’s father since he was a child, so the relationship between the two.It is also very good. Xu Xian’s sister Xu Jiao Rong even regards Ruyi as her own sister.Successfully gave birth to a child, and the demon left Xu Jiao’s body. Naturally, he wanted to find a new hiding place. At this time, Jin Ruyi became the best place to habit.Strong, Jin Ruyi is the best candidate.

After the heart of the heart of Jin Ruyi, Jin Ruyi became inexplicable. In the society at the time, if the surname was unmarried, it was a very shameful thing. Some people said that this child was Wang Daoling, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, but Jin Ruyi, Jin RuyiIf you want to use this child to from the relationship between Xu Xian and Bai Su, you must know that Jin Ruyi has always admired Xu Xian, and it is not impossible to give Xu Xian medicine. In addition, Bai Suzhen and Xu Jiao Rong went to ask for a son.It’s almost the pelvis, but she has no movement. If Jin Ruyi bite the child Xu Xian, what would Bai Suzhen?

There are also many netizens speculating that in order to frame Bai Suzhen, Jin Ruyi took Wang Daoling’s demon Dan. Wang Daoling itself was a toad, which was extremely ugly. After taking Wang Daoling’s demon Dan, Jin Ruyi would naturally become ugly.There is no direct relationship with her pregnancy. Jin Ruyi always cares about her beauty. After pregnancy, she has become so ugly. I don’t know what she feels like?The beauty that always cares about is eventually destroyed. This is the most fatal blow. It is always a retribution to make evil. What do you think?

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