Natural sub -magazine: Pregnancy can cause changes in brain structure!"One pregnancy and three years" is true?

Why do women involuntarily produce maternal behavior after being a mother?Is mother love born?

For example, you who were originally cared about, be careful and sensitive to the child’s everything, the child’s every move can’t escape your eyes, and even the child’s crying, you know if you are hungry or urine …

You who were weak, you became extremely strong in your heart. Even if you are a kitten and puppy that you originally disliked, you have become extremely loving!Your attachment to your child is more than all, and all their minds are all their sound and laughter …

The selflessness and greatness of chanting mother’s love have not stopped since ancient times, but I do n’t know how the deep reasons behind it. How does pregnancy affect the structure and function of the human brain?

Recently, a study published by Elseeline Hoekzema at Leiden University of the University of Netherlands in "Nature-Communication" shows that pregnancy may change the structure and function of the mother’s brain.Maternal behavior, such as mother fetus attachment, nest building behavior, physiological response to baby signals, and attachment to maternal and infant.

In other words, your brain has been changing from the moment of pregnancy and preparing for a good mother!

Researchers checked 40 women before pregnancy, during pregnancy, after pregnancy, after childbirth, and 28 women’s brain conditions after childbirth.

The results showed that the rising level of connection levels in the "default network" in the women’s brain (referring to the most active set of brain areas in a static state) was related to pregnancy, and returned to the baseline level one year after giving birth.And this "default network" functional activity is related to the mother -sex behavior after childbirth, such as: mother and infant attachment, physiological response to baby signals, etc.

In other words, the maternal behavior before and after childbirth is related to the structural changes of the brain during pregnancy. These behaviors are very important to establish a mother-newborns connection.Selective brain structure changes are conducive to the emergence of positive maternal behavior, which is a key factor in strengthening the maternal and baby connection.

What causes the structure of the brain during pregnancy?These neurological changes are related to the estradiol hormone, especially the obedient hormone in the late pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.In addition, it may also be related to factors such as different cultural backgrounds and willingness to livelihood.

However, researchers also said that the current results only provide relevant evidence, which cannot prove the causal relationship between brain changes and maternal behavior.

In short, pregnancy increases the nervous metabolites of the mother and the decrease in the gray layer of the mother’s brain. These changes affect pregnant women from a psychological and physiological level to help pregnant women prepare for the arrival of the baby.At the same time, it has continued to affect the development of postpartum maternal and infant relationships.

However, the impact of this pregnancy on the mother’s brain structure will not continue for life. Generally, it will change significantly during the half -year to one year from pregnancy and after giving birth, and then it will gradually recover.

What is going on with "Silly Three Years"?Is it related to the structural changes of the brain during pregnancy?

As early as December 2016, he published a research paper in the Nature Neuroscience (Natural Neuroscience) entitled: Pregnancy Leads to Long-Lasting Changes in Human Brain Structure.Sexual changes involve the decrease in gray quality in social cognitive areas, and these changes lasted at least 2 years.

Everyone thinks that this provides a good scientific basis for "one pregnancy and three years".

The gray quality of the brain, also known as the cerebral cortex and the cerebral cortex, is a dense part of neuronal cell body. The color is dark. The gray matter is the center of information processing.Function, etc.

In other words, the gray quality of the brain is related to our "cleverness".The larger the gray quality area, theoretically it should be smarter.

Since pregnancy and child are reduced in the brain’s gray quality area, is it possible to increase the probability of cognitive loss and make the mother "stupid"?uncertain!

Studies have only discovered the reduction of brain gray areas, and did not find the decline in memory and cognitive ability.In other words, it seems to be "stupid", but it brings a positive role.

This positive role is reflected in: the mother’s hostile attitude towards her child is reduced, intimacy increases, and can help the mother judge which other factors will bring threats to their children, to help women prepare for her mother.

Many people may not love children.However, once you have experienced pregnancy and childbirth, due to the changes in the gray quality of the brain, the degree of like children will increase significantly, and the ability to cognition and memory has not declined.

Therefore, the result of this study tells us that the loss of the brain’s gray quality is actually a process of maturity and special differentiation of the brain maturity, not "pregnancy will make you lose part of the brain."

What causes "pregnancy stupid"?

Seeing this, many people will say that after I have given birth to a child, I feel that my memory has fallen seriously, and I am always forgetful than before?

In fact, the cause of "pregnancy stupid" may be related to these factors: such as postpartum depression, low mood, severe insufficient sleep caused by breastfeeding and changing diapers in the middle of the night, various housework trivial matters, and so on.

These factors can cause memory loss and difficulty attention, that is, the so -called "pregnancy silly" appears.

But this kind of "pregnancy silly" is temporary. Once you return to the workplace, the rhythm of life is returning to normal, you will "be full of blood" again, and "pregnant stupid" will disappear ~

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