Naive and unmarried first, my boyfriend and expectant mother -in -law wanted to be empty gloves white wolves, I killed the child in 6 months of pregnancy

I was very nice to me at the beginning. I would like to listen to me for laundry, cooking, cooking, and buying me. I naively thought that we would continue to be better, and we would definitely enter the palace of marriage.

So I was stupid before I was pregnant. Before pregnancy, we actually discussed many marriage. What kind of gifts, weddings, and where to buy a house … But after pregnancy, he would not get married. Every time he talked about itHe made all these things, and he was dragging back. Cai Li was unwilling to give it, and his mother was unwilling to meet my parents.I even persuaded me to say that you see and who did not give a gift, no wedding, no car, no house, no house, but not good, but sorry, I am not that person, I can’t do it.

When eating, I ate my moldy steamed buns and say that I can eat the skin. God, I am a pregnant woman!There are many kinds of chills such as this. Every time I complain to him, he was annoying. The patience was gone before. I didn’t deserve it when I was pregnant?I can’t escape anymore when I am pregnant?Yes, they think so.

Later, he went out to work and said that he would make some money to get married.

One day, he called and said angrily, "Did you scold my mother in your back, I still marry you like you …" He said a bunch, no matter how I explained that I didn’t scold, he didn’t believe it., But the Qingri was clear, and I asked him who said I scolded your mother.

I had been pregnant for three months at that time. I really didn’t want to move, but I was embarrassed by the grievances. I was difficult to sleep and eat. I still found that person accompanied by my mother. I turned on the recording in person and at the same time. After that, I sent the recording to my former.He finally believed that I hadn’t scolded people anymore, and the conflict ended, but he said that my secretly recording behavior was sinister, and he was afraid that he would record him in the future.

My heart was half cold, and I just wanted to prove my innocence. Is it that I do n’t recording, I have suffered wrongdoing, or directly acknowledge that I scold the talents is right?

In the next three months, I have never seen others and never take the initiative to call. Every time I take the initiative to contact him, I will attach two sentences when I am happy.For a month, the stomach is also particularly obvious, and it is necessary to solve the matter of getting married.

I contacted his mother again. What I got was to have no money to have a wedding, and I had no money to give Cai Li’s reply.

His family is indeed average. I can understand that I don’t need too grand weddings, and I don’t ask too much gifts, but the attitude of his mother and son, can I be happy in the past?I told his mother, "Then I knocked the child, I won’t end this marriage!" His mother only said, "Don’t be impulsive." But there was no substantial solution.

Indeed, for 6 months, they feel that I just say that I am angry, it is impossible to get it off, but the right to choose is in my hands, not what they think, I finally killed the child.

In the next three months, my ex -mother and his mother had no news. I went out to work after returning to it for a while.

One day, his mother called, "Lili, take your child back."

Good guy, this is a child who wants to ask for children. Isn’t this a tool for treating me as a child?Give anything, get a child and daughter -in -law, earn blood!But sorry, let you down.

After learning that I had removed the child, she hung up the phone in a hurry, and I also hacked her and her ex -predecessor.

During this time with my predecessor, I have been happy, but before pregnancy, after pregnancy, the purpose of his family has achieved the purpose of continuing to be good.

Therefore, don’t be blinded by the other party for a while, stop loss in time, follow the heart, do not live for others, and live for yourself.

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