My wife filed a divorce to me during pregnancy. Her decision made me regret

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Reader letter:

Muzi Li:

During my wife’s pregnancy, something happened with netizens.To be honest, there is no relationship with netizens, it is just a lonely disaster.

This incident was eventually discovered by his wife, and she decided to divorce me. Now, she has stood up and lives back to her mother’s house.

During this time, my parents and I had been to my wife many times for pleasure, and none of them were forgiven by my wife.

My wife’s original words: It’s not that I can’t bear to deal with the child, but the best time to deal with the child; I also know that as soon as the child is born, there is no father and unfair to my son, but all of this is you in the first hand.Do not think that when you have a child, I will forgive you, and now I look disgusting when you look at you.

I really don’t know what to do now.

I know the personality of her wife: She belongs to those who are decisive and do not easily change their minds.

I regret that I betrayed my marriage.

From the perspective of our wife’s attitude, we may only have the road to divorce.

Muzi Li answered the reader:

Who is blasphemy and who has been played again?

In fact, there are many derailed men in this world, but there are not many men with the ability to divorce.

First of all, marriage and divorce are all burning money and hurt money; in addition, many extramarital affairs interpretations are not because of emotion, but because of loneliness or impulse.

The marriage market also emphasizes: weak meat and strong food.

From the time of derailment, your wife’s performance: She does not worry about that the remarriage is not as good as you. When she first married you, it may be that you are reliable, or you are better to her.

Now, she doesn’t want to give her face to the upcoming child, and she doesn’t want to make herself alive, so she insists on divorcing you.

In the world of adults, sometimes the confession is worthless, because, if you do wrong, you need to pay a heavy price for your behavior.

During the derailment period, what is actually not worried about: crying and noisy; the most worried is: no matter how noisy and no matter, divorce.

Regarding this bad experience, it can only be used as a lesson.

Before you and your wife divorced, what do you try to do for your upcoming children: selling point nutrition and the like.It does not rule out that your wife is not rare at all.

Accept the reality of divorce, residue.

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