My wife becomes ugly after pregnancy, and I am in a mood when I see her. Do you dare to see the confession?

Seeing the troubles of this netizen, as a married woman, she was cold in her heart.The wife of the netizen would not know that the man who had loved his wife for many years would die because of the wide jawbone.

Why don’t you like your wife, why do you get married?Why did you have to be together at the beginning?Why don’t I want to get married and I have a poor face?Did you be abducted when you got married?

Let’s see what this man has experienced.(Both the pseudonym of Xiaohong and Xiao Gang are convenient for writing below.)

Free nanny, don’t want to do nothing

Xiao Gang met Xiaohong in the winter of 16 years. At this time, Xiao Gang was a silk that had nothing, but Xiaohong didn’t dislike Xiao Gang and had nothing to fight with him.

In Xiao Gang’s eyes, Xiaohong’s face value does not conform to his aesthetics.Xiao Gang likes the red face of the sharp chin and long legs.Xiaohong’s face is a bit round, and her figure is relatively full. There is no kind of fairy figure with net red filter.

Xiaogang’s inner MMP, with a smile on his face.After all, he was just a silk at this time. The net red fairy cannot look at him, even if a girl who is better than Xiaohong is not as good as Xiao Gang.

Let Xiao Gang successfully accept the two points of girls, one is Xiaohong’s weak personality.The second is that Xiaohong is very good at laundry, cooking and cleaning.

What does this mean?Xiao Gang wants to master the right to speak in the relationship with Xiaohong, and also wants to enjoy the free benefits brought by Xiaohong. After all, you can have a free nanny.It is really cost -effective to save effort and money.

But Xiao Gang did not plan to get married at this time. His plan was that he was idle anyway, there were artillery, some people were waiting, and he should not be crooked.When you become strong, you have a better choice, and break up with Xiaohong.Find a more beautiful woman as a wife.

You see, from the beginning Xiaohong has fallen into an exquisite trap, and thinks he has found true love.

The girlfriend issued the down payment, and was forced to get married.

As time came to 2018, Xiao Gang had already saladed and reduced takeaway, and he saved some money.He also had some financial management, but because he was too trusting over the high profits return of others, his financial management was drifting, and more than 100,000 disappeared.

At this time, Xiao Hongyi took out his savings without hesitation and gave it to Xiaogang. Xiao Gang had a down payment.Xiao Gang’s dilemma at that time was to buy the house, and the money didn’t want to pay it back. After all, breaking up means to pay back the money, then he can only be wronged and get married.Moreover, this marriage certificate was also led by the urging of parents of both parties. Xiao Gang had a fluke in his heart that he had not received the certificate, and now he can only be pushed away.

From the point of time, it is not difficult to see that without a certificate, the woman actively fills the down payment, which is equivalent to using her own money to help Xiaogang buy a pre -marital property.And Xiao Gang also went to Xiaohong’s family to see his parents in the share of money.

Xiao Gang went to the woman’s family to meet his parents, and he thought he would not receive a certificate.Neptune does not have your slag. At least people will show that they do not get married before they get fish, and they will be implemented to the end.

Do not fall in love for the purpose of getting married. They are hooligans. The girls are sleeping and sleeping. The money is posted to you. Do you still want to get a certificate?PEI ~

Xiao Gang was very aggrieved by the parents of both parties.Xiao Hong was too unhappy, and became pregnant soon after receiving the certificate.Then Xiao Gang felt his nightmare, Xiaohong became fat, his face was acne, and he became uglier.

To be honest, the country scolded her throat and wanted to pat on Xiao Gang’s face.Xiaohong has a child with your life and career future, but are you having abandoning the face of others?Why do you say why your skin is so thick?There is no thick skin of your Great Wall.

After giving birth to a child, the yellow -faced woman is full of interest

Xiao Hong, who had given birth to a child, completely lost its charm in Xiao Gang’s eyes. The belly became loose, his face was still so big.

Xiao Gang felt that his little brother couldn’t raise his head, and he was all given by Xiaohong. If God gave him another chance, he must have a good time to marry a beautiful beauty for a lifetime.

However, the little brother did not see a reality clearly, that is, even if you are reborn, you can’t marry a beauty.

The road that makes my wife becoming beautiful is rude and simple, it depends on you or not

Do more medical beauty, do less work, do not bring children, buy and buy.

You see, even if you are just an ordinary woman, as long as the above fourteen words are used, you can immediately turn over the beauty.

Now the beauty technology is so developed, isn’t it just a few acne, and a bit of meat on the face?What is this?As long as the money is in place, the beauty salon is your mother’s house.Makes you want to turn ice and ice, and want to do Naza to do Naza.Even if you have meat on your belly, you can pump your liposuction and wrinkle scars and one -stop service.

No one does not love beauty, how beauty develops.Simply died, ten fingers fiber, not sticking to the spring water, hired a nanny at home.It is guaranteed that the skin can become tender and white without a year. It will not only lose weight, but also to come to a white Fumei training class.Of course, it is impossible to bring children. You find a parenting sister -in -law and nanny to match.

Women want to be beautiful, the mood is the most important, and sleep must be guaranteed.So the usual job is to buy and buy, how happy it is to spend.To ensure sufficient sleep, in addition to telling the children about picture books and playing games for a while, you must not breastfeed in the middle of the night that affects the quality of sleep.

I give Xiaogang’s pointing, don’t have to have much money this month, and it will stop.

Men always want beautiful women in the heart of men, and work like a free old mother

Xiao Gang has to be filled with a woman with a difference of more than 100,000. Is it particularly meat pain to spend more than 100,000 pension in a month?The key is that it can’t afford it at all.You ca n’t afford it. Do you think those beauties are blind or brain C will look at you?

I think your wife is even more painful, and blindly find such a scumbag.Just ask Xiaohong to give birth to a child to go to work quickly. After all, people who don’t look at you. We need to grasp the economic initiative by ourselves. Don’t divorce you because of your face.Not only do you have no children’s custody, you also have to go out of the house.

The house was bought before marriage, and there was no debit for more than 100,000 to fill in.Even after the marriage, even if the loan is repaid, the divorce cannot be divided into a few dollars.If you do not go to work in time after giving birth, there is no income.It’s simply a matter of minutes to go home.

Male compatriots always say that there are too many female boxers now, but good days, but always thinking about protecting their own interests.I want to say that it is because the woman starts to be awake that she will leave a way to survive.After all, no one knows whether they are sleeping around whether they are sleeping.

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