My two tubal angiography experience

I used to do the test of the fallopian tube fluid, but because I have been undergoing pregnancy, the doctor suggested that it is more accurate to do a radiography. I have no problem after I do it after other inspections.The first angling was really painful and walked to the radiology department after the gynecological intubation. The feeling of pain is not as good as death). Tell me why I chose a certain hospital to do it, and I started to do it to the provincial reproductive medicine center, but the province provinceThere are too many people in the reproductive medical center, and I have been in a custody for the first time. It is really painful to walk downstairs to make a film. I have to wait for me to make a film.So that I have never dared to take angiography.

After saying so much, let ’s talk about my angling process. First of all, according to the doctor’s requirements on the morning of the sixth day after menstruation, you can make leucorrhea routines. You can wait for the afternoon without inflammation.Take the medicine first before angiography, one small bottle of liquid, two boxes of anti -inflammatory drugs.Then I went to the camera room with the nurse. When I came out of the camera room, I asked you to go in. I went in and saw a straight bed. The bed was a instrument for filming. The nurse asked me to lie on the bed.It feels a bit up but does not hurt. Later, I felt that there was a little rise on both sides of the small belly. The nurse asked me how it was. I said that it was a bit out of pain.The nurse of the agent disappeared at once. It was to go to another room. The machine started filming. After shooting, the nurse came back again and asked me how to do it. I said it was okay.The long plastic tube, with a round head with a adjustable angle, feels disinfected and didn’t feel how to put it). Tell me that I can’t take a delayed tablet after 20 minutes in the same room this month, go back to take anti -inflammatory drugs, etc.I said I need to infusion (because the first time it hurts, I went to the clinic to infusion), she said she didn’t need it.I took another film in 20 minutes and waited for about 15 minutes and got the result. The result was a bit blocked, but it was not very serious. Tell me that I can use the device that Intra -Patriarch today to dredge several times.Pregnant, don’t worry.

Talking about the feelings of my whole angling process, I remember the most wanted question I wanted to ask before I came up. My experience told me that it was not painful, because I saw that I was too nervous on the Internet and did it for the first time for the first time and did it for the first time.Knowing it hurts, so I have been talking to the doctor before. The doctor said that we use the third -generation painless tubal solution produced by Jianyu Medical Patent.It is not as good as death). It does n’t need to worry about the perspective of the body changes without entering the uterine cavity. Everyone feels like the same. It does n’t feel pain. If the fallopian tube is blockedSo tension is more relaxed, maybe this also helps me to relieve stress.I just felt like I was, and I was fine when I pulled up, and I didn’t feel pain at all.

In this way, use this to dredge the fallopian tubes in the tuber in the next month.Thanks to the doctor and the intubation nurse (I didn’t feel the intubation at all)!

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