My mother -in -law suspected that her pregnant daughter -in -law was too able to eat, forcing her son to divorce, daughter -in -law: I didn’t spend your money

Zhang Kun and Qin Yanling are a little couple. They have been dating from college since college, and now they have been in love for four years.

Now that the two are stable, Zhang Kun also bought a wedding room, so the two are ready to get married.This is a great event, but when Zhang Kun’s mother sees Yanling for the first time, she doesn’t like her very much. She also asked her son to break up and find one again.

Zhang Kun was very angry: "Mom, what are you doing, I think Yan Ling is very good, why don’t you like her?"

Mother Zhang: "She has something good, she looks like she looks. Look at her dress again. For the first time, when she saw her in -laws, she looked like she wore it and painted herself as a fairy."

Zhang Kun: "Mom, what are you talking about? How beautiful people are wearing. Besides, the little girls now like to dress up, and she is not dressed too much."

But no matter what he said, his mother just didn’t like Yan Ling. Fortunately, Yan Ling’s father -in -law was about, and the mother -in -law said a meal, and the old lady converged.

And Yan Ling was not stupid, and she saw that her mother -in -law didn’t like her, but she didn’t take it seriously.Anyway, she will have their own in the future. If her mother -in -law does not find anything, she will be filial. If she is restless, Yan Ling is not vegetarian.

This incident was just a small episode. Neither Zhang Kun and Yan Ling were in mind. After a period of preparation, the two received a certificate of marriage and lived their little life.

The couple are usually busy at work, and they are only two of them when they come home, and their father -in -law rarely comes.Yan Ling felt very pleasant, and felt that life after marriage was the same as when she was not married.

Three months later, Yan Ling was pregnant. Zhang Kun was very happy and immediately told her parents about the good news.

The old couple came on the same day and brought a lot of delicious food. They were about to hug their grandson immediately. The father -in -law smiled and couldn’t speak, but the mother -in -law was a little cold.

The first thing she did after she entered the house was not to care about Yan Ling, but to teach her: "You are also an adult now, you can pay attention if you are pregnant, but you can’t be as sensible as before.You know, this is the first grandson in my family, don’t you touch it. "

The atmosphere was embarrassing at a time, Yan Ling was a little unhappy, and Zhang Kun’s father and son hurriedly hit the field.

The father -in -law said: "Now Yan Ling is pregnant, people need to take good care of them. Zhang Kun is busy with work.

Zhang Kun is very agreed that he has no time to take care of Yan Ling at home, and although Yan Ling is pregnant, she has to stick to work. In this way, there is no one who cooks at home.

So it was good to let the fucking come over, and Zhang Kun had a careful thought. He felt that the relationship between the mother -in -law was not good because he had too little contact.Zhang Kun believes that as long as they get along for a while, her mother will definitely see Yan Ling’s good.

When her mother -in -law came over, Yan Ling was a little unwilling, but Zhang Kun agreed, and she was hard to say anything.

In this way, her mother -in -law moved over and cooks for the little couple every day.But things did not develop as Zhang Kun thought. In just one month, her mother -in -law was getting more and less pleasing to the eye. She felt that she was so lazy to do it and was very difficult to serve.

She complained to her son if she was okay. Zhang Kun couldn’t stand it: "Mom, Yan Ling is as you said, she is pregnant now, she has to go to work during the day, and she is very hard every day. It is normal to come back and want to take a good rest."

My mother -in -law was unhappy: "Which woman is not pregnant with a child, no one is as difficult to serve as her, and goes back when she comes back.Spend money. "

Zhang Kun: "She is pregnant now, and her taste must be different from before. She is willing to eat whatever you want, and you care what you do."

Mother -in -law: "I know how to eat every day. Which daughter -in -law do you see like her, you are used to it."

Zhang Kun: "Okay, my daughter -in -law, I am used to it, you will not care. Also, my daughter -in -law is more sensitive when she is pregnant, you don’t want to tell her this."

The mother -in -law’s face was dark, but her son spoke, and she didn’t say anything.But Zhang Kun knew too much about her mother and knew that she didn’t say anything, but she must hate Yan Ling even more.

In order to prevent the two from conflicting and to have a good mood for Yan Ling, Zhang Kun went home on time every day to try not to let the mother -in -law and daughter -in -law get along alone.

Fortunately, Yan Ling’s reaction after pregnancy was not great, and her mood was relatively stable, so there was no contradiction.By the end of pregnancy, Yan Ling was on vacation at home, and she was eating more and more.

My mother -in -law held her face every day, like who owed her eight million, Yan Ling had noticed it long ago.But she didn’t know that for her children, she had to maintain a good mood, and Zhang Kun also knew that her mother was unhappy.

But he could only keep soothe, saying that Yan Ling was about to be born, and now everything is mainly mother and son.

Finally, after October, Yan Ling gave birth to a cute daughter. Zhang Kun was happy and hugged her daughter in her arms without letting go.

But her mother -in -law was unhappy at all. She looked forward to holding her grandson and gave birth to a girl.

This is okay, the child is born, and it is not a grandson, her mother -in -law can’t bear it anymore, she has no good look at Yan Ling at all, and occasionally ridicule her.

But Yan Ling had no intention of thinking, because she was about to confine, and now it was July and August, the weather was terrible.

Yan Ling was very confused in confinement, and the confinement meal was not tasteless. She felt that she was extremely wronged, her temper became bigger and bigger, and she always took Zhang Kun to breathe.

Zhang Kun had no dissatisfaction. He knew that his daughter -in -law gave him a child very hard, so he waited for the front and feet, and he changed his tricks to make food. He only hoped that the daughter -in -law could eat two more.

The mother -in -law saw all this unhappy. Whoever had a distress, even if she was serving Yan Ling, now her son was called by her, how could she stand it.

On this day, Zhang Kun gave Yan Ling a confinement meal. Yan Ling was not delicious, and Zhang Kun immediately ran to make it.

My mother -in -law couldn’t bear it anymore: "You are still endless, don’t you just have a child, as for this to call my son. Besides, you can’t even have a son.God knows to eat, I have never seen you so delicious and lazy daughter -in -law. "

Zhang Kun was startled: "Mom, what are you talking about, hurry back to the house to rest."

Mother -in -law: "Isn’t it right? Look at her, what do you do in addition to eating every day, how can a woman be so greedy, do nothing every day, and eat more than anyone else."

Yan Ling was all laughed at: "What happened to my husband? He is your son, but he is also my husband, my child’s father, shouldn’t he wait for our mother?Isn’t it good to eat something? What are you in a hurry? I didn’t spend your money. "

The mother -in -law was so angry that she was about to go back immediately. Zhang Kun quickly pulled away his mother: "Can you not add chaos, Yan Ling is sitting in confinement and can’t be angry. Besides, she didn’t call me. I took care of them.Should be. "

My mother -in -law was very happy: "Can you be a little bit better, she is almost bullied on your neck, why are you so lustful. Such a daughter -in -law can’t, I see you simply divorced, Mom finds you againbetter one."

Zhang Kun was stunned: "Mom, do you know what you are talking about? As soon as Yan Ling gave birth to a child, you encouraged me to divorce her?"

Mother -in -law: "What kind of good she has, it doesn’t deserve you at all. You quickly divorce her. We do n’t want the child. Let her take it away. Mom will find a daughter -in -law for you."

Zhang Kun is really angry now, he doesn’t want to talk to his mother anymore, anyway, he can’t change his mother’s thoughts.So he immediately called his father and asked him to pick up his mother.

Zhang Kun told his father: "Nothing in the future, don’t let my mother come over, so as not to be unhappy, I will have time to go back to see you."

Zhang Kun’s father knew his wife’s temper and knew that she must have provoked her son’s daughter -in -law, so he forcibly took her away regardless of his wife’s crying.

At this moment, the family was finally clean, but Zhang Kun felt tired, but now it’s okay, but the problem has not been solved.In the future, it still grows. When she thought of her mother and Yan Ling’s tense picture, Zhang Kun felt a headache.

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