My mother -in -law pension is 6000, saying that I do n’t rely on me to let me not expect her, let me get sick: Dreaming

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When Meng Yun hurriedly packed the milk that was overwhelmed by the sweet and accidentally overturned on the table, her phone rang.

Her husband Chu Zhenghe came over.

Meng Yun quickly packed the residue, grabbed the sweet sweetness of ten months in one hand, to prevent her from running around, and took a mobile phone to answer the phone with one hand.

At that end, Chu Zhenghe spoke a little hesitant: "Mom sprained her waist when she was performing, which was quite serious. She now she is not taken care of in the hospital and can’t move. You can see if you can take a look at it in the past.? "

Meng Yun was silent for three seconds and refused directly.

Chu Zhenghe also knew that his requirements were a little too much. He was not forced. He only sighed and hung up the phone.

After a while, the phone sounded again, and her mother -in -law came.

Meng Yun didn’t want to pick it up, hesitated for three seconds and hung up.

But her mother -in -law did not give up, and came over again. There was no way. Meng Yun could only pick up the phone.

My mother -in -law opened that was very dissatisfied on that end: "I didn’t tell you that I sprained her waist, now I can’t move on the bed, you come to take care of me!"

Listening to the orderly order, Meng Yun was also angry: "I want to bring a child, I don’t have time to take care of you!"

"You don’t know how to bring your child to the hospital together!"

Meng Yun really didn’t want to say more to her mother -in -law, and was afraid that she would make up the endless call to bother her. I can only say: "I can’t take care of you with my child, let Zheng He ask you a caregiver."

"You said simple, Zhenghe went to a business trip. How can he ask me for the caregiver? Is this caregiver so so good? I need people to take care of it now!"

"Isn’t the pension very high? Then please take care of a caregiver yourself!"

"I have you, what do I ask for a caregiver, you are my daughter -in -law, take care of my mother -in -law, let you come, let you come, so many nonsense!"

Listening to her mother -in -law is so unreasonable, Meng Yun couldn’t help but sneered: "Did Mom forget what he said?Expect your help, how long do you say this, won’t you forget it? "

The mother -in -law was ruthlessly cut off by Meng Yun, and her face couldn’t hang on her face, but she still said with a face: "This is all the past things. I said casually at the time, why are you taking it seriously!"

Meng Yun snorted: "Mom is not casually said, but it really follows what you said! I will not help me when I am the most difficult time. Now you need me.possible!"

After that, Meng Yun hung up the phone and pulled her mother -in -law to the blacklist cruelly.

Meng Yun and Chu Zhenghe had been married for less than two years. There was a daughter sweet and ten months old.

When she was pregnant, she was uncomfortable with pregnancy. She discussed with Chu Zhenghe and wanted to let her retired mother -in -law come to Xiao Yun to take care of Meng Yun.

Who knows, her mother -in -law refused directly.

Later, Chu Zhenghe called again several times. Her mother -in -law was annoyed and said, "I pension 6,000 yuan per month, so I do n’t want to be a paid nanny. No one wants to rely on me in this life. Anyway, I have retirement.You don’t need to rely on you when you are old, don’t count on me! "

There is a reason for her mother -in -law to say this.

When Chu Zhenghe was very young, his mother -in -law was mad by his father -in -law "stealing".

At that time, the mother -in -law not only had to work, but also took Chu Zhenghe, but also had to be busy with the housework of the family. He lived his life as a paid nanny. In this way, the father -in -law did not know how to cherish it and hooked up with a widow in other villages.

The mother -in -law was angry after knowing that she was carrying Chu Zhenghe, who was only more than one year old, and went to the door with a broom.

After such a trouble, the father -in -law felt that there was no light on his face and proposed a divorce.

The mother -in -law ended her marriage happily and did not get married.

Divorce may give her a lot of blows, in short, her mother -in -law still changes.

Although she is also hardworking, she is not like before. She only knows to live for others. She will work hard to make money while not forgetting herself.

After graduating from college, she didn’t care about him.

Chu Zhenghe fell in love and got married, and she had never intervened.

After retirement, life was even more chic.

At first, Meng Yun was also fortunate to have such a mother -in -law. They did not interfere with their little families, and would not ask for living with their son -in -law like other mother -in -law, and do not have to worry about the contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law.

However, this gratitude disappeared after pregnancy.

The mother -in -law did not want to be implicated with Meng Yun at all. She had retired, and the first half of her life was too hard. In the second half of her life, she just wanted to enjoy blessing.

Therefore, when Chu Zhenghe was looking for her, she said that sentence impatiently.

It is false to say that there is no idea in my heart.

But Meng Yun quickly did her own ideological work. She is just pregnant now, and her mother -in -law does not want to come.

She thought that after giving birth to a child, it may be fine, after all, no old man would dislike children.

It’s just that Meng Yun thought wrong again.

When they found her mother -in -law again, my mother -in -law was formed an elderly group with other elderly people, drinking tea, dancing, and playing chess every day.

She was naturally reluctant to help the child, and still took out that sentence to block Meng Yun back.

Meng Yun was angry, and complained to Chu Zhenghe. Her mother -in -law was unwilling to help, and Chu Zhenghe had no way.

In the end, the couple decided that Meng Yun resigned and took his child.

Although he brought the baby full -time, Meng Yun did not have the experience of bringing the child. He was often busy with chickens and dogs, and took the child to the collapse.

How she wants someone to make a handle.

Compared to her mother -in -law’s quiet years, she has made her life a battlefield.

Of course, Meng Yun knew that her life was caused by her own, and she couldn’t blame others, and she couldn’t blame her mother -in -law, but she couldn’t stop thinking about her mother -in -law.

It’s just that this idea can only be pressed in her heart. After all, she hasn’t given her mother -in -law. There is no right to ask her mother -in -law to help her.

If the two have always been like this, Meng Yun can still suppress the dissatisfaction in her heart.


If Meng Yun hadn’t given her mother -in -law any grace and was not eligible to ask her mother -in -law to help the baby, then Meng Yun, who had not been favored by her mother -in -law, and did not obliges to take care of her mother -in -law.

After Meng Yunla’s black mother -in -law, she didn’t want to know if her mother -in -law had taken care of, anyway, it had nothing to do with her.

But her mother -in -law didn’t want to let her go so easily.

She actually criticized Meng Yun in the family, scolded her without filial piety, knew that she was sick, regardless of her, and pulled her on the phone, and she was so cruel!

The relatives were unknown, and they accused Meng Yun from getting up.

When Meng Yun discovered, he had accumulated dozens of information, and things were distorted by her mother -in -law!

She was so angry that Chu Zhenghe called and asked him to deal with it quickly, otherwise don’t blame her to be polite!

Fortunately, Chu Zhenghe was quite reliable. He didn’t blindly help his mother -in -law. After seeing the news in the group, he was so angry that he immediately said to his mother -in -law immediately.

I don’t know what Chu Zhenghe used it. Her mother -in -law stopped talking in the group and apologized.

As for whether this apology is sincere, Meng Yun doesn’t want to know, and he is too lazy to know.

Just for her mother -in -law, she will only stay away in the future.

In the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, there is no natural enemy, no friendship for no reason, and if you want your mother -in -law to have a good relationship, you must first help each other.

The mother -in -law had no intersection because a man knew each other because of a man.

If there is no initial mutual assistance, where is the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law!

Those who want to rely on her mother -in -law’s title, but do nothing, and only ask their demands, daughter -in -law will teach her to be a man.

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