My mother -in -law is also eating folic acid, but is it cured by cure?Can folic acid cure hypertension?

Recently, I listened to a friend and talked about a "family oolong", which was caused by a bottle of folic acid.It turned out that she was pregnant recently, and her mother -in -law came from her hometown to help take care of her.

One day she saw her mother -in -law taking medicine in the living room. When she approached, she found that one of the bottle was actually "folic acid", and she was surprised: "Is the mother -in -law who was pregnant?" After her husband explained, she knew that her mother -in -law eat folic acid.It is cured of high blood pressure.

"Xiaolin, can folic acid really cure hypertension?" Friends are still puzzled. There is no shortage of relatives with high blood pressure around her, but this is the first time she heard that folic acid can cure high blood pressure.

Yes, folic acid can also treat hypertension, but non -antihypertensive.Today, let’s understand why some patients with hypertension need to take folic acid?What is the principle of folic acid treatment of hypertension?

Most of the patients with high blood pressure needed to take folic acid are H -type hypertension

Clinically, hypertension, accompanied by hypercorphyine (HCY) hemophilia, is called "H -type hypertension", of which hypertrophic hemophilia refers to the HCY level of the body’s plasma exceeding 10 μmol/L.Nearly 75%of hypertension patients in my country are accompanied by plasma HCY.

(HCY) It is mainly in human cells. It is an intermediate metabolic product of the eggine. Once it rises, it will cause vascular endothelial damage, platelet aggregation, and thrombosis, thereby promoting the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

And the rise in HCY in plasma will not only accelerate the process of angiogenic atherosclerosis, but also the risk factor that promotes coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular diseases. It is the most important risk factor that leads to stroke in patients with HHE hypertension.

Therefore, it is especially important to reduce the same type of cysteic acid for patients with H -type hypertension.

The folic acid taken by patients with H -type hypertension is to reduce the same type camplate in plasma.Folic acid, as an indispensable important substance for the human body, is an important auxiliary factor in converting to metic acid through methyl metastasetase into eggine.

Once the human body lacks folic acid, the same type of cysteine cannot be converted into meticuline by methyl metastases, which will cause the level of same cysteine in the plasma to rise.By replenishing exogenous folic acid, the folic acid content in the body can be improved, the same type of campamine is transformed into eggine, and the level of plasma HCY is reduced.

In addition to folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are also an important auxiliary factor in the process of HCY metabolism. Proper supplementation of vitamin 6. Vitamin B12 can also effectively reduce the role of plasma HCY.

In clinical studies, it is found that it is found that complementing folic acid alone can achieve the purpose of effectively reducing the level of plasma HCY and reducing the risk of stroke.Therefore, folic acid is widely used in the treatment of H -type hypertension.

In daily life, these factors can increase the level of plasma HCY

Generally speaking, the level of plasma HCY in the human body will increase with age. In the same age, the level of plasma HCY in men is usually higher than women, which is mainly related to the level of estrogen in the body.

In addition to the effects of estrogen in the receptor, obesity, smoking, drinking, and coffee can also increase the level of plasma HCY in the body.

Some medicines are taken, such as: di metaria, hydrochlorozine, Rogler, anticonid drugs, methotrexate, etc. also increase the level of plasma HCY.In addition, some diseases in itself will also lead to rising plasma HCY levels, such as diabetes, leukemia, damage to renal function, and decreased thyroid function.

Therefore, for patients with H -type hypertension, try to quit as much as possible in daily life to avoid smoking, drinking, and drinking coffee, and control weight.When a variety of drugs are used, it is best to do it under the guidance of a doctor.

In general, folic acid can treat hypertension, but non -lowering, but to reduce the level of plasma HCY, and controls high HCY blood disease.

Another day of growing strange knowledge!I am Kobayashi Pharmacist. If you have strange medicine or disease knowledge, please discuss it together!

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