My husband was derailed during pregnancy. I was abandoned ruthlessly, and I could only give birth.

I didn’t plan to write down, because after all, it was the history of "black", but I thought that there were so many people who were people who were people every day. I still wrote it with my experience.People who know it are helpful. Before that, I also obtained a lot of relevant knowledge from Zhihu, and I would only understand when I really did it.

The flow of people is not a means of contraception. The best way is to not be a child, so don’t get pregnant unexpectedly and maintain a healthy sex life.

The above is also a lesson.Let’s talk about the experience of this flow of people.

1: 1: 1: At 1: In early March, I felt that I was postponed for more than a week. I didn’t come to my aunt for more than a week, and then I bought a pregnancy test stick. It was found that there was no pregnancy. I was very happy and my husband.But after a few days, there was still no aunt, and I was not assured to test it again. This time, the test showed 2 bars, and it was panicked. The same result was the same.The next day I went to the hospital for 5 weeks of pregnancy. The situation was normal. The doctor asked if I wanted it. My first reaction was not.(It’s not that I am cruel, but I really feel that I am not suitable for the second child with my current material conditions and life, and I don’t want to give birth to the first child for a year.Two, when I reject children in my heart, it is not responsible for raising children, so I would rather do n’t want it).The doctor’s response speed is super fast. When you say you don’t want the word, she has printed out all the abortion inspection forms, and then wait for you to be sure whether it is abortion or medicine. Because I have a small number of weeks, I ca n’t flow on the same day.Can only flow.I chose to go to the painless flow of people next week. I am the kind of person who is so afraid of pain. So far, the scene of my baby is still bright, so I will not go to the drug flow, not to mention that the drug flow is likely to not be clean and more troublesome.Then go to a series of inspections-B super, blood drawing, urine testing, leucorrhea, etc. Here, you should note that if there is a gynecological inflammation, you cannot do the flow of people. You need to wait until the inflammation can not be surgery.

On the day of the painless flow of painless people on March 15th before the operation, no food can be eaten after 9 o’clock. The gynecological clinic reported before 10 o’clock, signature, wait until 11:30 to rinse the vagina. This is a very important step.It is not said that painless abortion is just playing the whole body anesthesia that makes you dizzy and sleep. You can’t feel painful embryos. The best flowing embryo time is 6-10 weeks. There is a keyword here, [Death embryo], [dead embryo],Yes, your child has stuffed the medicine of your child when you rinse the vagina, and then wait until 14:30 pm and enter the operating room by number.Some people in these hours are very painful. Because of the medication, you can have abdominal pain. Some people are particularly painful and have been bleeding.It belongs to the one that is particularly abdominal pain. After the whole morning from 9 o’clock to the end of the surgery, it does not eat or drink for nearly 10 hours, because it must be anesthesia.

During the operation: I was called about 14:40. I was called into the operating room. I took off my lower body. Like the baby’s production platform, the leg was opened, put it on a supporting frame, and put on a small foot cover with the knee position.Then the doctor will tie your two legs and fix it on the shelf, and your vagina is completely exposed to the light.Well, this posture of this gynecological examination.When I first entered, I was still scared, because I saw a row of stainless steel surgical appliances and 1-2 people who had just finished the surgery.When she wore her pants and pushed her out, the scene was like horror movies in the movie.After the posture is fixed on the bed, the doctor will not immediately give you anesthetic medicine. He will ask if you have any disease and allergies. These are asked during inspection. At this time, you will still be asked.Then insert you an oxygen tube and needle tube.Then after a few minutes, I was injected with anesthetic, and you would not save personnel, just like deep sleep, I couldn’t feel anything.When you wake up, the operation has been done, and the doctor shouted to wear pants to launch you to the lounge lying down.The whole process is about 15-20 minutes.

After surgery 1: The surgery is over. It is indeed painless, but it is only painless to remove embryos and Qing Palace by surgery.After you wake up, you start abdominal pain, and you can always have abdominal pain. It is probably the kind of pain in 2 days before menstruation. It can tolerate it and the pain will become lighter and lighter.But I think many people have just been crying for the operating room. I don’t know if it is crying in my heart or a physiological pain.I heard one of the beds next door saying that she almost surgery at the same time as me, "It’s not that I don’t want this child, right … don’t, I can’t support it alone" and then her mother has always comforted her.Of course, I also cried. No matter in my heart or physiology, it is difficult to explain. I can only express it with tears. My husband has always comforted me and accompanied me.Next, stay in the lounge for 2 hours, and you can go home if you have nothing to go home. Pay attention to you can’t slap, you can’t take a bath for a month, not to take a bath. Pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva, supplement nutrition, and rest Parabala.Um, almost the recovery of illness is like this.Abdominal pain is getting more and more painful, but it can bleed, and the blood volume is the same as the aunt.I did n’t hurt the next day. Like the operation, I took 2 days, just on the weekend, and then went to work. I was helpless. I ca n’t tell my family that I ca n’t tell the company except my husband, so I ca n’t take leave to rest.The state stipulates that there are 15 -day paid vacation on the country.Of course, if you are a man of energy, then I suggest you not learn me. I can go to work helplessly. I can rest or try to rest. After all, the body is the capital of the revolution.

After surgery 2: It is necessary to take medicine that night. Generally, there are medicines for blood and blood stasis and anti-inflammatory medicines. Take 3-5 days.There will be fewer and fewer blood in the subsequent blood, and then it will be gone for almost 5-7 days.But the uterus will take a month to recover. You think about you taking things in the uterus, the uterus is injured, and you need to recover for a long time.So pay attention to rest and nutrition within this month.On the third day, I basically returned to normal schedules and body, but I still pay attention to hygiene and rest after doing an operation to prevent it.It is the 5th day now, and there is no strange body.

Summary: Still the sentence [flow is not a means of contraception, the best way is to not get pregnant without accidental pregnancy and maintain a healthy sex life.], Above, only as a lesson and experience. If the girls’ shoes who have been pregnant unexpectedly, consider clearing the child and then choose the minimum way of abortion.The consequences of the behavior of your companion must have causes and fruit.If you are planning to be a child, do not get pregnant by accident, have rhythm and healthy pregnancy, just prepare in your heart and body.

After 1-2 weeks of surgery, I have to go to the hospital for a review. The B-ultrasound check the uterus to see if there is any return to normal. See if the H is negative (positive means pregnancy).If it’s normal, it’s okay. I have some things in the uterus, so the doctor prescribed me with a shrinking needle and blood supplement. After 3 days, I went to review those things. The uterus was normal.There are some inflammation. After the doctor said that after menstruation, it was the first time after the abortion came to menstruation, so it may be after cleaning.

The flow of people is not a means of contraception. The best way is to not get pregnant by children and maintain a healthy sex life.

This is the consequences of not paying attention to healthy sex, time, energy, money and pain.

I think, the greatest career of a woman in this life is to be a mother. Although the process is very painful, they will be happy for a lifetime. What do you think of this, welcome to commented to repost, thank you.

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