My husband has been to the massage shop when I am pregnant, what should I do#我 我 我 2023 2023

When my husband was pregnant, what should I do if he had been to the massage shop?

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My husband and I have met since I was studying. I have been married for three years together for three years.Marriage at the end of the year in 19 years.Because I got married for three months of pregnancy, 20 years.Because I am not with me, go to the massage shop to wash my feet, and then use my hands.I have always been covered in the drum, and we think that feelings are good.

But between my pregnancy, I have never known this problem. I am now 3 years old.I saw his mobile phone two days ago and had information in WeChat.He explained to me honestly. His own thoughts were that he was not derailed. He just solved the problem of physiological needs.But for me, I think it is a great harm to me for our marriage and family.

In 17 years, because the two of us were two years at that time, he was going to have a woman who had a chat with a woman.In addition, the woman sent a message to me and I knew this.At that time, when the two of us were in conflict, I couldn’t let go and then forgive him. His parents also knew about this matter. My parents also knew that it would not be like this.I discovered his problem in the past two days, so I don’t know how to deal with this problem.

My cousin’s opinion with me is to let him know that this question is to hurt our two families, and the price must be paid.I just think about these things, and I have those who have a caesarean section again, and I think I bring a child at home. At that time, my child was difficult to bring before June. He also thought that we were in good feelings, but he could not control him to do this behavior.EssenceHe said that he didn’t go many times. He said that he wouldn’t go anymore in the future. I couldn’t believe it. How old the child was, almost 3 years old.

After you discovered this matter, what he behaved, he asked me for forgiveness.I think his attitude is not much low. He himself thinks that this is a small secret between men.What property does your family have?The house was bought by his father, more than 100,000, in his name.Did you buy it before marriage or after marriage?I don’t know well, can you make money yourself?I have not yet been at work, because in the past few years, my children have been difficult to bring. How about the conditions of my mother’s family?How much does my husband make a year?The basic salary per month is 12,000.

Where did my husband make money?Do you usually give it to you?If you do n’t give it to me, I will give it as much as you want. How much do you spend a year?The minimum is 5000, a monthly minimum 5000.Yes, your girl, I suggest that if you can, such as asking him to add your name to the real estate certificate, such as asking him to pay financially in the future. This arrangement gives you a little security.Go down.Because he was looking for people outside the outside world, it caused harm, but your days have to continue.

In this case, he has to make some economic concessions, let him have this wrong thing, to take on this responsibility or bear economic losses, so that he has this psychological constraint.If it can, for example, he will be assigned to pay for his salary in the future.Either he adds your name to the real estate certificate, because the house itself is not expensive, and 400,000 plus your name may have 20,000 benefits, but it is a guarantee for you and children.Did he give birth to a child?

I am very clear now that both of us have feelings. If you have to go down in the big direction, Lawyer Long Fei will help you to mediate emotions.How to mediate emotions?I suggest you go to watch a TV series called "Knowing".There will be such a bridge in "Knowing Whether to know not", that is, when the two of Gu Tingyu and Ming Lan are pregnant, Ming Lan is pregnant, the girl reminds you, right?At this stage of pregnancy, we still have to arrange for our own room to have a room with the master. That’s what we mean.

Let’s say that Lawyer Long Fei is not encouraging this behavior, not to encourage modern people to follow the behavior of ancient people.I just use this story to tell you that your husband’s behavior, how did he understand him from the perspective of a man? He just because he could not solve the problem of sex, so he spent money.He wrote a guarantee, how can the guarantee that the guarantee is not that good, and there is no real man in charge of economic power. Either the house adds a name to you, or you are in charge of economic power or two prongs.

The role of the guarantee is to prove that he had done this and played such a role. You said that he continued to do this in the future.What is the use of this guarantee?Nothing.

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