My girlfriend was three months pregnant, and the house had to be added to her name, and the gift was 188,000. The man said that we would consume it first


A parent gave birth to a son, a daughter, and her daughter was already married. Now the son also talked about a girlfriend.

So their parents started to prepare for marriage, and their parents also bought a full range for them and bought a car.

At this time, her son said that her girlfriend has been pregnant for three months. The woman was trying to get married. At this time, the parents thought they had just bought a house, bought a car, and could not afford the gift.push.

At this time, the son said that his girlfriend was pregnant now, and the woman urged to get married. The man’s parents thought that he had just bought a house, bought a car, and had to be brilliant when he got married. He had no money at hand.How to do it?

At this time, the woman’s parents also urged the man to quickly discuss marriage, so the man took his parents to see the woman’s parents.

After the parents of the two sides met, the woman’s parents said that her daughter is now pregnant, her stomach is bigger every day, and her stomach can’t wait, saying that two people hurry to get married.

How much gifts are the men’s parents asking for the woman’s parents?

The parents of the woman said, Cai Li decided based on your situation. The man said that we would give 100,000 yuan in color gifts?The woman agreed.

At this time, the parents of the man felt that the parents of the woman were still reasonable and understood their hardships.

Because they also bought a house now, the house has to be renovated, and she has to do a banquet when she is married. It also needs so much money. The parents of the woman understand people very much, and they are happy for a while.

But the problems raised by the woman make them difficult to accept.The woman proposed that if you want to get married, you have to add the house to the name of his daughter.

As for the car, the car is also depreciated. Besides, her daughter did not learn a driver’s license.The car is worthless in a few years, and only the house will always appreciate.

So the woman asked the house to add her daughter’s name.The man’s parents thought that now the marriage is free. Maybe after the marriage meeting, the two people walked away.

Well, the house is the hard work of parents.If a woman divorces her son in the future, it will have to be divided into production. Isn’t this a big loss?

So his parents said that the house did not write the woman’s name for the time being. He promised that the woman would treat the woman as a daughter after marriage, and believed that their son would not abuse his wife.

Parents once patted their breasts and said that if their son abuses the woman after marriage, it can be allowed to do what the mother’s mother can deal with it.

However, the woman’s parent’s attitude is particularly not determined. If the house does not add the name of her daughter, the gift is added to 188,000 yuan.

The man felt that he bought the house and bought a car. He borrowed it from others for the 100,000 yuan gift gifts. Then now the colorful gift has risen to 188,000 yuan. They have to borrow from others.It may take a lot of banknotes in the future.The two parents were unhappy.

So the parents persuaded their sons to plead with her girlfriend. As a result, her girlfriend said that her parents’ point of view was her opinion. The parents said that the house was added with her name.10,000 yuan.

At this time, the man’s parents saw that the woman’s attitude was very determined, so he decided to get the marriage and see who could consume.So the man calmed down and did not consider the marriage. When the woman called the man, the man didn’t even answer the phone.

So the woman asked the man for help, but the man said that you begged me, so when you got married, the house did not add the name of the woman. Cai Li was married at 100,000 yuan. If you do not agree, this marriage will not end.

However, the woman’s attitude was resolute and did not agree to the request of the man’s parents. The man’s parents wanted to dismantle them, but the son’s love for the woman’s love for women is not married.

Now the man’s parents are also very tangled. Is this marriage or not?

I want to say, is the woman’s parents marrying a daughter or a daughter?It is not easy for the two couples to walk together. Do not use the house. Cai Li is going to threat the other party. When you get married, simply love is true love, and you may be happy after marriage.

You must know that a happy life is struggling, the mountains will fall, and the water will flow by water.I do n’t work hard, I do n’t work hard. Even if the parents buy a house and the car, the parents will give you a Jinshan, and they will take the mountains to eat.

Therefore, young people still have to establish a correct outlook on life, values, and establish a large ideal and goal. Now there is a lot of room for social development.Essence

Young people must not use the opportunity to get married to get old and go to the other party, so that you will not be happy when you walk into the marriage hall.

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