My girlfriend carried me through TT to get pregnant, but I still don’t want to marry her: Tell me about my true psychology

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Although he looks average, his family is not bad. I was the first time when I was with him.The meaning of my back is that I secretly put on him with the broken TT, just wanting to marry him.I admit that I really have selfishness, but I also love him too much, and now he is hesitant.Statement in advance is not a picture of money, and you want a pure love.But what should he do if he doesn’t want to get married or not want to marry me?

See this for help, let me tell you the truth first!

If a man falls in love with you, he tells you that you don’t want to marry or have a few years of marriage, there is only one truth: he didn’t see you, he felt that you could not match him.

Then you may ask, since you don’t look at it, why do you have to fall in love with me?

The truth is even more worried, because the choice of mate is two -way, he doesn’t look at you, but the people he can see are not looking at him, or he hasn’t met the person he can see, bothpossible.

Then, the real gentleman will slowly wait for the people he likes, but unfortunately he is not.

Strictly speaking, he just wanted to eat swan meat, so how could he keep the window all the time and wait for the swan that he didn’t know when he didn’t know when it would appear, and he didn’t even know if he would look at his swan.

then what should we do?

Who can see him around, it will be one first, commonly known as spare tires.

But spare tires are spare tires. How could he marry spare tires, so he must not want to marry you.

We can think about it in turn. If you are the daughter of a group boss now, do you think he tells you that he doesn’t want to get married?

He hopes to marry you early every day, maybe the person who has broken the TT design that you will have to change to him.

Whenever I really like it, what I want, from the perspective of human nature, I can’t wait to have it immediately, so as not to have a lot of dreams at night.

You like a piece of clothes, would you say I don’t want to buy it now?

There are only two reasons you don’t want to buy, one is that you can’t afford it, and the other is that you don’t like it. If you have money and like it, it is a fool.

Back to the question of getting married, when a man tells you not wanting to get married, whether you like it or not, your correct response is to immediately draw a knife to break the affection and get away.

If you are pregnant, you will abduct him. Basically, the probability of unfortunately is as high as 99%.

Because he will be hard for life, he will continue to dislike you, and he is desperately trying to find a chance to make up for himself. Your life tragedy is basically unable to run.

Maybe you say that I just like him, just want to marry him?The same is true, just leave immediately.

When he said he didn’t want to marry you, in fact, the dominance of your feelings between you was not in your hands, but in his hands.

If you let him lead, your dignity and bottom line will be messy until you can’t collapse.

At this time, you must leave. When you choose to leave, your situation may end there, maybe it is to reshuffle.

In fact, your winning face is as high as 99%.

There are too many inferiority on men. If you use humanity casually, you can eat them.

First of all, they disgusted and lost. Think about it, why do men like three wives and four concubines, hold on the left?

It is because they don’t want to give up any of them. Their disgust of their loss is far more than women.

They particularly hate losing a woman, which is a shame and a humiliation for them, a major challenge to their men’s dignity and charm.

Especially if he is not ready, you will say that you will break up directly. It is probably a few days of entanglement.

In those days, he would feel unable to accept you to leave, and began to recall your benefits around you. He felt that you have a good personality and good to him. This is your previous advantage.

Now he still left him decisively and simply. He even felt that you have self -esteem and self -love, decisive and sober, and unlike other women. He feels that there are many advantages on you. He didn’t notice it!

It is equivalent to when he looks at you now, and then he can’t help but come to you again. At this time, as long as you can hold it, it is easy to reshape the principle between you.

Moreover, when you are reconciled in the back, as long as you are online, it is easy to completely reverse, and at this time, he really has much to you.

In fact, you are still you, but it is not the same for him. You used to be at your fingertips. Now you have finally recovered it back.

But many women actually taught them. When I was empty, I really taught such a woman, but I almost died of myself.

I asked her to ignore each other for two weeks. She did do it two days ago. How did she do it? I bother me every day. I asked me countless times every day:

Will he really come to me?Can I really not care about him now?But I miss him very much, what should I do if I can’t stand it?

At that time, my eyes were almost turning into the sky. In this kind of mind and bearing ability, I want to dominate the relationship in their feelings. It is undoubtedly dreaming that the king can’t bring bronze.

But if you do not use this method, but entangle him repeatedly, rest assured that he cannot see you in this life and this life, but he will only dislike you.

What methods do you use, even if he is reluctant to be with you, or there is no other choice, he can only be unwilling.

But unfortunately, 99%of women will choose to be entangled, and ask the means of tied men everywhere. What pregnancy, get his parents!Desperate to move him!

Is this romance novels stupid?

The so -called soldiers who are not fighting are the real way.

If you can quickly improve yourself while rejecting, and at the same time know how to master the use of human nature and the use of emotional intelligence, it is not difficult to really conquer him.

And in his eyes, it was not that he was conquered by you, but because he had burst into effort to save you. It was precious that the hard -working recovery was. As a result, you are getting better and better.

He will secretly grateful to his decision. Fortunately, you have chased you back, otherwise you who lose such an excellent you, do n’t know how to regret it?

I am afraid that you will be another mood at that time. I thought I liked him very much and wanted to be with him, but after this toss, you felt that he was not the case.

Especially when you are more and more excellent, the horizons and pattern are open, and you will look at him more with a normal vision, and find that he is not so good.

At this time, even if you continue to be with him, you will not take the filter to see him, and even have a feeling of leaving random.

And this feeling will make men have a sense of out of control. He feels that he can’t master you anymore, so he will want to catch you more eagerly, just like you want to catch him, your position has been completely changed to change over.It’s right.

It is a pity that few women will use this upper strategy. They generally adopt the downward strategy, such as tie the man with a child.

Whether a child can tie a man cannot predict, it must be dependent on the man’s importance to the child.

If he does not matter at all, you will eat your own fruit at that time, so it is difficult for children to tie men, but children can definitely tie you.

If you find that the child can’t tie him and don’t want this child anymore, it is your own body that hurts. If you insist on giving birth to a child, it is an unmarried mother. No matter how difficult it is, it will be your own choice.

Even if he gets married with you, you will try countless loneliness and sadness in your marriage, but you want to keep it hard, because a child has deeply tied you.

Woman, if IQ emotional intelligence is not too close, don’t easily observe a man who doesn’t love you.


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