My daughter was pregnant by accident, and my father suspected that it was a rogue. As a result, an acquaintance committed the crime

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At noon in 2009, Zhou Youde called his daughter for lunch, but the daughter spit out immediately before eating two. His father thought his daughter would eat too fast.I didn’t care too much, but the symptoms of vomiting in the following days did not improve.

Throughout Zhou Youde thought that her daughter had gastric cancer, she hurried to the most famous hospital in the local area.

The daughter did not get sick at all, but was pregnant for a month. When she heard the doctor’s words, my father was like a thunderbolt, crying and cursing: My girlfriend was 13 years old and suffered from mental illness.When I went out, it was that beast that insults her!

Why is a young girl who never goes out of intelligence, why is she pregnant for no reason?Which beast is so cruel and committed so badly?What about his father after calling the police?

The old man over half a year was Zhou Youde. He was born in a countryside in Anyang, Hunan. He was buried in half -cut.

In the early years, the two gave birth to a daughter, named Wumei, but the girl was nearly 30 on Friday, but her intelligence was not as good as a three -year -old child, and even the words were not clear, but even this, Zhou Youde did not give up without giving up.Education for daughter.

He freshes his daughter every day, and the hibiscus that dresses his daughter is clean. If you see on the street and do not take the initiative to talk to her, you can’t see that she has mental illness.

Relying on the subsidies given by the country, the life of the Zhou Youde family was barely lived. Until one afternoon, a news broke the original family … "Daughter is pregnant"

After learning about this from the doctor’s mouth, Zhou Youde almost fainted, lying on the ground, crying and rolling, blaming himself is too useless, so that his daughter who had a disease was hurt again, and he was hurt again.I don’t know who the murderer is.

The nurse watched Zhou Youde and said to his colleagues: This old man would not be happy, how can your daughter cry like this!

It is really a tope to take a closer look, and the doomed dedication.After returning home, Zhou Youde felt that his daughter did not go out very much, and did not understand the feelings of men and women. Someone must have raped him, and he had to find this beast.

Then Zhou Youde hurriedly asked his daughter, who took off your pants and who held you on the bed.But on Friday, the sister asked, and she kept muttering in her mouth. It turned out that her daughter had already given her name for her child."Gu Jiu Jiu"

Listening to her daughter’s words, Zhou Youde, who usually loves her daughter, can’t help but scold. It is really "lunatic" and "lunatic".

After making anger in her daughter, Zhou Youde cried and collapsed to the ground, and kept muttering in his mouth. He knew that you gave you someone as soon as you were born.It’s not so useful now, it’s all useless!

Within two days, there was a serious illness in the virtue, and there was no strength in bed for a few days. He washed his face with tears all day, and he improved a little after half a month. Looking at his daughter’s belly, he became more and more anxious, so he began to think aboutWho is the most suspicious around.

Soon he thought of Yao Sanxi, because the murderer who raped his daughter was likely to be an acquaintance. After all, there were few families nearby, and Yao Sanxi’s fish pond was behind his house.

The important thing is that there are not a few relatives. Recently, no one has come to his own home, that is, Yao Sanxi is on the pond. It’s okay to drink saliva at home and avoid rain.Slowly the family put down the alertness.

When I thought that there was virtue this week, it was clear that the weasel worshiped the chicken to the New Year.So he ran to Yao Sanxi’s house to question whether this ugly thing was done, but Yao Sanxi said with a smile: Don’t talk nonsense without evidence, be careful that I sue you to slander.Maybe your daughter is pregnant with you!

Lao Zhou looked at his evil expression, and immediately understood, and then scolded: You are a man, you dare to admit that you dare to do it, and sooner or later you have to be split by thunder.In this way, Lao Zhou was stunned by Yao Sanxi.

In the following time, Lao Zhou also talked to him many times, but in the end, there was no reason. There was no way to compromise, I asked Yao Sanxi to give himself 2,000 yuan, so that he took his daughter to induce labor, but Yao Yao, but Yao Yao, but Yao Yao, YaoSanxi still did not admit it and refused to get money for Lao Zhou.

Lao Zhou, who had no money, could only go out of this old face and came to the police station to report the case. I hope that after the director of the police station learned of this, he immediately paid attention to it and started the case.investigation.

After the police took over the incident, Zhou Youde couldn’t help but relieved him, because he felt that the police who served the people would definitely find Yao Sanxi’s crimes in two days. At that time, the daughter’s belly would have a way.

But I never expected that half a month passed, and there was no news that the director was. Lao Zhou himself could wait for his daughter’s belly, so he could only go to Yao Sanxi again. As a result, he did not find a few times.Long came to the house.

Warning Lao Zhou: You are illegal, obviously extortion, slander.Going to the lawsuit again, this makes Lao Zhou Baili puzzled. It is the fact that the daughter is defiled. Is it wrong to have a wrong daughter?I am afraid that the director and his Yao Sanxi are relatives.

What is even more outrageous is that after two days of saying, Yao Sanxi disappeared into the village. This time, Lao Zhou was convinced that the two were close households.

This made Lao Zhou cry without tears without any grievances. He was just a farmer who was honest. He had no power, no power, and no thought. The daughter was ruined, but she had no choice.Big, you can’t get it if you don’t do it!

Originally, his wife and daughter had a genetic history. When a grandson was renewed, he had no money to raise. If the child had a genetic disease again, it would be good to take care of herself after a hundred years.Don’t dare to think about it.

Just when Lao Zhou was worried about it every day, the local family planning office staff learned about the matter.With their help, Wumei was quickly taken to the hospital for abortion. As soon as her daughter was promoted to the operating room, the director Jiang Zhongfu took someone to the hospital.

Lao Zhou was very clear in the heart that the director was to cover Yao Sanxi, and deliberately watched his daughter’s abortion at the door, so as to destroy the evidence, but he could not do it. He knew that he was just a farmer who had no power.He could only watch it open, bowed his head and said nothing.

The operation was very smooth. On the day of the day, Lao Zhou took Wumei back to the house. When he killed the chicken at the door and prepared to make up for his daughter, he saw Yao Sanxi swinging back to the house.

Case reversal ending is too fast

The news of this rogue was quite spiritual. As soon as the Wumei’s front foot was undergoing the operation, he thought he had returned to the fish pond safely.What made Lao Zhou even more angry was that Yao Sanxi’s fish pond business suddenly became hot, and suddenly made a lot of money. He was free at home every day, drinking and eating meat and was very comfortable.

However, things have developed to this point, and Lao Zhou has no way to revenge. After all, his only evidence is no longer, but he looks at the murderer every day away.Follow a fair.

So Lao Zhou blocked his life and was preparing to and Jiang Chang’s theory. After he entered the director’s office, he learned that Jiang Zhongfu had been transferred. The new director is now Li Wang.

Director Li saw that Lao Zhou’s anger was very puzzled. He hurriedly asked what happened. In this way, Lao Zhou talked about what happened one by one.The table indicates that it will definitely be the old Zhou.

And according to Lao Zhou, if it is fact, then what Yao Sanxi does will be treated according to rape.Li Wang asked Lao Zhou to report the case again, and he was investigating the case again, but Lao Zhou refused.

Because he learned that he had to find the child’s body first, and then he had to get another 10,000 yuan, and opened a relevant certificate with a mental illness on Friday.nothing.

When they were anxious for this, Director Li couldn’t stand it, so he called Jiang Zhongfu, ready to scold him, and then told him.Smile, look at your thigh and applaud!

It turned out that Lao Zhou misunderstood Director Jiang. He was not the relatives of Yao Sanxi. Before he let Lao Zhou go to Yao Sanxi, he was afraid of Lao Zhou conflict with him. After all, the old age was also big.Really running.

At that time, Director Jiang was guarding at the hospital. In fact, in order to prevent others from destroying the evidence, he sent it to the relevant departments as soon as he got the remains. After a monthly inspection, he determined that Yao Sanxi and the fetal blood relationship in the baby belly on Friday were determinedIt is 100 %.

And two months ago, Director Jiang had handed the information of the sister on Friday to the medical testing department, and when the result came out, he was transferred, but it happened that he had just received the test report of the girl on Friday.The director’s call came.

In this way, with the joint efforts of the more departments, Yao Sanxi was arrested and jailed. This time the iron certificate was on the moment, and he did not quibble anymore. In 2010, Yao Sanxi was sued by the People’s Procuratorate for rape and sentenced him to 7 years in prison.Essence

At the end of the case, the murderer received the punishment he deserved. When he heard the news, the parents of the sister’s parents were crying and knelt directly on the ground to express their gratitude and apologized for the previous injustice Jiang Zhongfu.


Fortunately, Zhou Youde encountered two good directors. If there were no them, if the sister had a child with a mental illness on Friday, the consequences would not dare to imagine.

It is with these justice police that we can stabilize our Chinese social security. Then we pay tribute to the Chinese people’s police!

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