My daughter -in -law is pregnant, and the two of us are unhappy at all

-At can’t my mother-in-law relationship really crack this eternal problem?

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Last week, my friend and I went to the circle. I received the information from the big niece: The second aunt, tell you a good news, I am pregnant with baby.

Oh my god, I was so excited at the time that my voice changed, telling my friends that my big niece was pregnant!She calmly watched my happiness and excitement, and said, "Are you so happy?"

I said, of course, my big niece is 37 years old this year, and it is not easy for Baby Huaibao.I was immersed in excitement, and immediately turned to the red envelope of 188, and then asked her to tell my son quickly and let my son happy for my sister. The big niece said, "I have told him, he will be a concubine!"

Then I asked the big niece to pay attention to what to eat, etc., and talked to the big niece for a long time. My friend kept watching me coldly next to me. She said, "I think you are really happy." I said, the two nieces, the two nieces, the two niecesLike pro -daughter.

I suddenly remembered that her son was married last year, and now it’s time to get pregnant?So he asked, "Yes, are your daughter -in -law pregnant?"

She said faintly, "Yes, six months."

I hit her hard, and said in surprise and happily, "Then you didn’t tell me?" She said what was said, I was unhappy at all.

I was puzzled, and said, "How are you happy about the import of people? How can you be unhappy?"

She still said faintly, "I’m upset, I’m not happy at all, and we are not happy."

ah?The daughter -in -law has been pregnant for six months, and her mother -in -law is unhappy.What about this?I said to her, "You are wrong, you can tell your husband to tell you that you ca n’t be happy. What a good thing? You have to be happy every day.? It’s not good for the fetus. "

She said, "If you are unhappy, you ca n’t get up, she should not marry our house. Our temple can not afford the gods."

Alas, she had a contradiction with my daughter -in -law more than once, and I thought that a few people who were unfamiliar suddenly needed to run in for a while. After a long time, everyone merged the other party as a family.Unexpectedly, the daughter -in -law did not improve this embarrassing relationship when she was pregnant.

She also repeatedly instructed my son to check the object. How can I check my son?

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Today, I saw the contradictory articles sent by netizens. Is it really incurable?

I don’t think so, you see my mother -in -law’s mother -in -law, I think this mother -in -law does not have much contradiction with her daughter -in -law.

My big niece met her current husband at a lot of age, and the two talked about the marriage hall for more than a year.

The two of them and in -laws live in a community. They are on the sixth floor. The in -laws are on the first floor of the other building. Every day, the in -laws go downstairs and call them to let them come down to get food, fruit, etc.She also bought her in -laws in her bed sheet.

The niece mother -in -law retired, the father -in -law retired, her husband was the only child. She had never done any housework from a young age.After getting married, he will not only clean up the house and wash the fruits for his parents, but also know that he is distressed by his parents.

Under normal circumstances, the son who has never done housework starts to do housework after marriage. Parents, especially mothers, will look distressed. They always feel that the son is wronged and will move his daughter -in -law.However, the niece’s in -laws are completely different. They are very grateful to my niece. They told my brother and sister -in -law that it was my niece that made their son sensible and grew up.

Look at the problem from different angles, the result is completely the opposite.In order to better get a good relationship, in addition to paying more, every year in the New Year, the in -laws have to give their niece 10,000 yuan.Of course, my brother and sister -in -law always told the niece how to do, how to be filial and fair.

Do you think this can be pretty good?

Therefore, I think that my mother -in -law really hurt her from her daughter -in -law as her daughter -in -law. How could she not be moved at all?

What do you say?

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