My brother -in -law was pregnant, came home to live, let care, and said that, he fell to the door and went away.

Guide: Brother’s daughter -in -law is pregnant, come home to live, take care, say a word, he drops the door and goes away

My name is Kobayashi. There is a happy family. My one is my classmate and my first love. Although they all admired each other at that time, when I thought of the school, my love was stranded.After graduating from college, we went to work in a city, so you came and me again.

After three years of love, after long -distance running, we got married.After marriage, we live with my husband and mother.Because I don’t like children myself, I have no children for six years.In order to have no children, my mother -in -law was anxious, many times.Her husband and brother are one year younger than your husband and get married later than us, but he has a child. He said that the feelings of the elderly are unable to describe. Looking at the mother -in -law as the child, I am angry.The child, the mother -in -law asked her husband and brother’s child to live in my house.

My husband and I are the kind of people who are not picky. Besides, this child is the child of her husband and brother’s family, so I did n’t say so much. My mother -in -law is the kind of overhaul.I do n’t get used to it to say that we waste and do n’t know how to save money. My husband and I feel that my mother -in -law is alone. It ’s not easy to pull her husband from an early age.We all passed by with a smile.

People say that my mother -in -law has a bad relationship, and I think our family is okay.On this day, my husband and I did not go to work. I decided to take me and my mother -in -law to travel. Of course, there are children of my husband and brother’s family. On the way to travel, I casually said, my mother said you are tired, go out to take the child with the child and have some.When I was too tired, my mother -in -law understood it as this child and became a burden. In fact, I didn’t mean that.Then my mother -in -law came, and you have the ability to give birth!I gave you the same as I gave you, and I don’t feel tired with two.I did n’t have the ability to live, and I said that the children of others were burdens, and my mother -in -law murmured there!In this way, a tour is unhappy.

My mother -in -law said like a root thorn in my heart. After a few days when I got home, I discussed with my husband. I must have a child. Maybe my husband also bothering the two people and wanting to have a child, so I started to start., To be a plan to take over, my mother -in -law heard that we wanted a child. Although she didn’t say anything in her mouth, I knew she was happy. After a long time, my Chuanzong succession plan was successful.At this time, the husband’s brother also had a good news, saying that the husband and brother were pregnant again. Now the mother -in -law made another opinion and said that letting the brother and daughter -in -law moved over.I promised my daughter -in -law again, so my husband and brother moved to my house for granted.

Her husband and brother may be lazy at her house, and I do n’t say every day to help my mother -in -law brush the bowls, drag the ground, and let me take care of her. As a big sister, I ca n’t help it.With a few words, she fell away …

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