My boyfriend, who had been dating for 5 years, said that he would not give Cai Li, but I decided to break up, but found that I was pregnant …

My boyfriend and I have been dating for five years. When they talk about marriage, their family does not give colorful gifts, and I still decide to break up.At this time, I found that I was pregnant, and what made me even more was that I was pregnant as my boyfriend’s calculation, and their family was waiting for my family’s unborn.

My boyfriend Zhao Wenyu and I fell in love for seven years. He is a golden phoenix flying out of the town. He passed the five -level Dr. Du Tao, and was a chief physician in the city’s three hospitals.Although it is a single -parent family. Fortunately, the family structure is simple and there are no messy relatives. They also say that they do not live with my mother -in -law after marriage.

Seven years later, we have also reached the point of talking about marriage. In order to talk to me about marriage, Zhao Wenyu took his mother from the countryside. I went to the airport early in the morning. As a result, Zhao Wenyu told me that his mother was sitting.Green leather train, I remember I bought a ticket, but the time was too late, I had to take a car to the train.

Seeing the future mother -in -law, Zhao Wenyu’s mother wore a semi -new and old, and she was also covered with a large cotton jacket, and she took off a snake skin bag behind.When he saw it, I complained: Why did it come for so long, it was really lazy.I see that he was my future mother -in -law, and laughed twice, endured his scolding, and medited by Wen Yanxian.Auntie, I booked a ticket for you.

I haven’t finished talking, Zhao Wenyu’s mother’s slap was pumped on my arm. This would be officially left. I was wearing short sleeves. His thick palms were very strong.I was in a cold breath. Zhao Wenyu’s mother yelled, spit on my face, lost money, and defeated.He stretched out a finger and poked my head. How expensive the air ticket was. You dare to spend money. This is my son’s money, and it hurts to explain that I spent my salary.贱 Shameless bitch, your salary is not the money of my son, how dare you spend my money, I was scolded a bit of anger.

For theory, Zhao Wenyu’s mother was keenly aware of her paralysis, sitting on the ground and splashing, crying crying, and was not believed by the postal family.The daughter -in -law was beaten, and a group of people eating melon were surrounded by a daughter -in -law.Seeing that Zhao Wenyu’s mother was plain, I was fashionable, and I immediately preferred that it was my mother who bullied Zhao Wenyu and pointed at me for a while. My face was red, and I couldn’t wait to find a ground to drill in.

I was busy lifting Zhao Wenyu’s mother to walk outside the station. Zhao Wenyu’s mother hummed coldly and threw all heavy objects on me. I made an appointment and was moving to the car.Zhao Wenyu’s mother saw her thin body, and huge energy broke out. She pushed me down to the ground and lost money.

The slut was a prostitute, while he scolded, he poked me hard with his hands.Who told you to take a taxi and who told you to spend my son’s money.I killed you with a shameless species.I was beaten and pushed away, and he paid attention to it.When I sat on the ground, Ku Tianguan was shouted, and the driver couldn’t stand it. He leaned directly to me and sent us two to the house where Zhao Wenyu and me were rented.

Originally, Zhao Wenyu’s mother and I carried a large bag and walked the stairs, climbed the 25th floor, or the surrounding residents couldn’t stand it.Tell him the elevator, without charging, he couldn’t get it on his face.This was so good to take back my hand, pulled me into the elevator, and was tossed by him. I made up my mind and would not live with him in the future.When Zhao Wenyu went home, I pulled him to the room and poured hard.But when I stretched out the strangled arm to Zhao Wenyu, Zhao Wenyu just pushed me away impatiently. My mother pulled me up from a young age. If he did not save and spicy, could I grow so big?Joe, can you not be so princess?My mother is so old, you can’t let her order.

I was shocked by Zhao Wenyu’s complaints. Obviously I was the one who was wronged. Obviously I was the one who was abused and beaten. Zhao Wenyu made me endure.Zhao Wenyu, you tell clearly that Zhao Wenyu opened the bedroom door and walked out. My anger Yang Dao made a phone call to pull the girlfriend out for a meal and pour tea by the way.Girlfriend Li Yanyan is a lawyer who drags her sister, and she will rush to my house on the spot.Zhao Wenyu and his mother would not leave a piece of armor, if it weren’t for me to stop them and disassemble the roof.

In the end, we were shopping outside, and went home in the early morning. When I went home, I didn’t light the lights at home.The bowl of the kitchen was piled up with a bottle of pickles on the table, and the taste was unpleasant.I frowned home and prepared to get pajamas.What do you know that the bedroom door locks?Zhao Wenyu, I knocked on the door without any sound, as if I didn’t hear it at all.

When I knocked on the door for the second time, the door opened the door, Zhao Wenyu’s mother walked out impatiently, shook my face with a slap, and you had to die in the middle of the night. When I reacted, he closed it.Lie the door, the earthquake in Guan.When I want to catch up, he has been locked.In this little family and Zhao Wenyu, I was abandoned and locked in the living room.I was shocked that I couldn’t speak, and retreated again and again, and sat on the sofa, taking out my mobile phone and crying and sending messages.

After the girlfriend sent several shocking emoticons, she sent several omitted numbers again and again. At first glance, it was speechless.He wanted to come to help me.However, his client was violent, and he accompanied the police station as an agent.I was helpless, and I could only lie on the sofa alone, and my grievance was restless.I didn’t sleep well all night.

Until the morning the next morning, I was woken up by a glass of water, and I got lazy and cooking.Zhao Wenyu’s mother put away the cup and scolded me.Who is as lazy as you, you want to starve our family Wenyu, the water on my aunt’s face.

Seeing that Zhao Wenyu’s mother was wearing my new pajamas, or Li Yanyan gave me a birthday gift.I asked dumbly, Zhao Wenyu, you wear my clothes.Why not tell me, Zhao Wenyu’s mother is straightforward, your things are not bought by my son’s money, why can’t I wear it.Seeing that he was about to quarrel again.Zhao Wenyu walked out of the room impatiently without explaining.

Yesterday, he and his mother slept a bed, noisy early in the morning, what was noisy, and had to go to work.Zhao Wenyu’s mother gave up.I forced the anger in my heart and reminded Zhao Wenyu again that Zhao Wenyu did not forget what it said last week.In the hotel room at noon, discuss our marriage.

· Twelve o’clock, don’t be late, to pay attention to my marriage and Zhao Wenyu’s family, my parents chose the best hotel in this city.Zhao Wenyu’s mother came to talk about marriage.After an appointment at 12 noon, my parents waited in the private room early and ordered a table that Zhao Wenyu loved to eat.

But until we waited, there were two names.It’s all cold, the talents of the Zhao Wenyu family were late, and before entering the door, she heard a big voice on the corridor, shouting, how can I pick such a expensive hotel, how much money is it, it is really a loser.How can I live in the future.

My dad listened to this sentence, and his face was not very good, but my mother persuaded him to let him continue to sit in the position.Zhao Wenyu pushed in, and did not say hello to my parents, and only cared for his mother’s abdomen.Zhao Wenyu’s mother picked three crushed thoughts in her mouth. She was not soft enough for a while, and she was not hot enough for a while.When he picked up, my dad’s face was darker than the bottom of the pot, and he was waiting.Zhao Wenyu’s mother took a sip of tea and opened his mouth high.Now that Zhou Qiao has followed our family Wen Yu for seven years, let’s find time to do things.Listening to him, I was a little uncomfortable.What does me follow Zhao Wenyu for seven years.In the past seven years, we have been in a normal love, and I also have my life. It seems that I have given Zhao Wenyu as an underground lover who has no points in seven years.My mother frowned unpleasantly, but still squeezed a smile, and the mother -in -law talked with good words.Let’s open the sunroof to speak brightly, and the children have reached the point of talking about marriage, and we have to talk.Cai Li and dowry, my mother hasn’t finished speaking.Zhao Wenyu’s mother shouted the table.The tea cups in his hand were filled with water and poured water.What kind of gift?What kind of gift would you have for your family Zhouqiao and our family Wen Yu?I was unhappy after listening to this. I was about to refute my mother to stop me and continue to talk about my family and mother.There are many links in accordance with the rules and dowry, which seems to be a matter of considering the recent public opinion in the society.

It is quite big. My mother dares to add in front of Zhao Wenyu’s mother: Of course, our family is not selling women, how much the dowry you give, how much gifts, and a lot of gifts to take them quietly.My mother’s mother took out her sincerity, but Zhao Wenyu’s mother was a table. Your daughter asked my son to sleep for seven years.Do you want to be a gift?I don’t want to think that my daughter’s daughter is something. If you fall in love, don’t check the point, and let the man sleep.

I still want to rely on the man to be a gift. Zhao Wenyu’s mother patted the table fiercely. My mother was fainted by this sentence, and no matter how good the nourishment, my mother could not stand such humiliation. Besides, I am also my mother’s heart., Zhao’s mother said this. At first, my son was also chased by my son. My daughter looked at your son’s thin monkey. I worked overtime in the hospital and no one took care of it.She, my daughter has a good heart and gentleness, you are okay, how about the dog bite Lu Dongbin humiliating my daughter?Zhao Wen and his mother heard my mother refute, standing straight, stood up from the seat, and hit the ground fiercely in my hand. I said how dare this little bitch dare to ask my son to be a gift?It turns out that your mother is not on the beam and the lower beam is crooked. It depends on what you support you so much. If you do n’t pick up some bitch, you will post it without getting married.

Zhao Wenyu saw that I fell, and I didn’t see the color in my eyes.He wanted to help me, but his mother opened his hand and scolded in his mouth.Okay, if this little bitch hasn’t passed the door, you have forgotten the daughter -in -law, and you can wait for this little bitch to pass the door.

My mother almost fainted, or my dad guarded him aside, and he didn’t hurt Zhao Wenyu’s mother’s span. I stretched up and climbed up from the ground. When I looked at Zhao Wenyu, I was only disappointed in my eyes.If it wasn’t for seven years of love, the cost of silence was too high. I wanted to break up with Zhao Wenyu. He forgot his time as soon as he worked and often let my pigeons.Other couples are sweet and sweet in the cinema, and they can only be lonely waiting for the empty position next to their seats.When did someone call her boyfriend’s belly with a stomachache, and there will always be Meituan to buy medicines to deliver.I called him, not only would he complain about it, but it would only make me drink more hot water.

In the family environment, he pushed me down to the ground regardless of the blue and red soap. He didn’t care about what my mother was bullied by his fierce mother. Such a family was not a fire pit.What is a fire pit?I was so cold that I was so cold.Zhao Wenyu’s mother was shouted by me, and her fingers couldn’t wait to poke into the little bitch of my nose. Do you dare to yell at me?I’m impatiently pulled his hand.I am no longer ending in this marriage. Zhao Wenyu and his mother were returning to God for several seconds on the spot. Shocking shouting silly, are you not married?Your family will take out this attitude. I am not ending with this marriage. Zhao Wenyu sees that I want to leave. I grabbing me to see, how can you go?We have been together for seven years. In the past seven years of feelings, do you want to give up?I pushed him away. It was for seven years and seven years to not let me down?You push me to the ground for your mother regardless of the blue and red soap.If I have contradictions with your mother in the future, do you still have to have domestic violence, see how you predict what happened.I also thought so, Zhao Wenyu’s dissatisfaction was overflowing with words.I sneered, too lazy to care about him, and greet the waiter to checkout.Zhao Wenyu’s mother saw that I was leaving.On the side of the face.When he was out of the door, he leaned to me and narrowed his eyes and threatened: You don’t want to get married, no door.You have to end in this marriage, and you don’t want a gift.It wasn’t until the moment I got the medical examination report that I knew what the last words of Zhao Wenyu’s mother meant.Ms. Zhou, are you pregnant?congratulations!If you say something, the bombing of my mind is buzzing.Until I walked to the door of the house rented with Zhao Wenyu, I was still at a loss.How can I get pregnant?With Zhao Wenyu, I have always done wrong things, and there are also for him to buy a suitable condom. I cannot get pregnant.

When I walked to the door, I heard a sparse sound. Zhao Wenyu and I were convenient. I rented a set of business and residential loves. The sound insulation was not good, but it was very close to the hospital.At this moment, I can clearly hear the high voice of Zhao Wenyu’s mother in the room.Son, you ignore him in the past few days. When he is cold, the woman can’t get used to it.You don’t want to, he sleeps with you for seven years. When you say that there is any man who wants him to be played with rotten shoes, he can’t let him have a day of turning over. I trembled and broken shoes.

Zhao Wenyu’s mother, why dare to say so?Zhao Wenyu spoke.Originally, I thought he had at least he had conscience and would maintain me, but if he was cold, he pushed me to the abyss.Zhao Wenyu’s voice was calm and impatient: Mom, I don’t know this truth. He sleeps with me for seven years. Not only the people in our hospital know, but the people in his unit also know.After breaking up with me, his acquaintance circle will know that I will send a few more friends circles, saying that he is derailed as a deputy.Who can he marry.Like a large winter, a bucket of cold water was poured.I was cold from head to toe, and my body was shaking.I put Zhao Wenyu’s important position in my heart, afraid that he would not live well.I deliberately came to rent a house next to the hospital. It takes an hour to go to my company to commute here. I worry that he will have a stomach disease.

Get up at five o’clock every day and prepare a day’s box lunch for him. After taking it to the hospital, you can eat it.I was worried about his economic pressure, never mentioned the house, and never spent a penny of him, and even posted money to subsidize the family.But all this, in his heart, is me cheap, all of me, I deserve it.I took two steps back in a row, almost standing upstake, and Zhao Wenyu continued.Mom, you can rest assured, you let me poke on the condom, and I poke at home.This would be broken for the child, and he could not get married.In the future, no man would dare to ask him. I almost fainted in my anger, and I couldn’t wait to rush into the door of the house and the pair of people and children.

But when I was about to get the key to break the door, I heard Zhao Wenyu’s mother said: Son, their house, how about your progress?When I heard this, I shocked and grabbed the handle hand to shrink back.Zhao Wenyu answered inquiring.Before receiving a certificate, he kept refused to add my name, and he got him a losing money girl, waiting for his father and mother to die.The things in the family are not all from our family, you will let him add your name in the room tomorrow.It really doesn’t work. You hold his real estate certificate and ID card, and first add the name to mother.I don’t know where he put the real estate certificate?I know the ID card, let’s find it first.I was cold, standing at the door, my feet seemed to be heavy.This pair of scum, they want to eat spectacles.I retracted my hand and forced myself not to enter the door.Now go in is the grass and snake, but will put yourself at the point of passive.Judging from the shameless character of Zhao Wenyu and his fucking, a sculpture of grass, they will definitely sue the wicked first, and even corrupt my reputation on the Internet.This society is more stringent to women, especially some lace news. These netizens who eat melon can listen to the nature. For my own opinion, I must get evidence of their mother and son attempting to eat.Turn back and turn around.

I have to calculate each step in the next step. I told Li Yanyan about this.Li Yanyan almost broke the coffee cup in the coffee shop. This family was too shameless. How dare to dare to appetite, and eat so straightforwardly, it is outrageous that the fuck opened the door out of the door and came home.

After being scolded, calm down and help me analyze. Now it is a legal society. When you encounter such rogue scum, let them and the public prosecution law touch it to see if they are capable, or the public prosecution law is capable.Don’t worry first, now you still have the advantages. You first find a chat record with Zhao Wenyu. I flipped a few pages with Li Yanyan and finally found me.

It is clearly replying to Zhao Wenyu to register for marriage, and I will definitely not add your name to the real estate certificate.Zhao Wenyu’s reply is: Qiao Qiao, we have been in the relationship for seven years. Is there no important real estate certificate?I replied: This house was bought by my parents, but I did n’t decorate my pre -marital property yet.Zhao Wenyu is reluctant, can’t the property before marriage, can’t I add my name and make me Xi’an?With this screenshot, Li Yanyan finally smiled on his face.

It can be determined that Zhao Wenyu knows that this is your pre -marital property. He doesn’t want to make him more convinced when he is not married. He is seeking the motivation for your property.This dog man is the attending physician of the twelfth hospital, which is too important for people’s livelihood to him.The people’s livelihood is related to his promotion. I no wonder that every time I was in the hospital Zhao Wenyu, I was in love with me, but as long as I was not in the hospital Zhao Wenyu, I was impatient, as if I owed him a hundred and 800,000.

It turns out that this is the case, it turns out that affection is performed.It turned out that the old and gentleness was for the hospital, and the job title was promoted.It turned out that every minute and every second was calculating my home property.I was so angry that I wanted to drink a bite of wine.Li Yanyan stopped my hand, called the waiter, and helped me replace it with hot milk. You have a child. Don’t be confused.Li Yanyan is much more rational than I think. You are very high in quality. The graduate student of the 98th 5th 5th of the Erdao is not to take care of this dog man, you can also read your PhD.

Although Zhao Wenyu is not a thing, he is also a doctoral student, and genes are considered high -quality.This high -quality gene should not be blank, and by the way, he can sue Zhao Wenyu.Do n’t think about less for a penny for a penny of each month. You are only 27 years old now. You have money, there are money, houses and cars. You carry a dog man who wants to surprise him.The life of rich and idle baby is very happy.

Speaking of which, the red wine in his hand will make you feel hard and can raise it with you.I have been studying the marriage law for so long, and I have long been unhappy and I do n’t plan to get married. I do n’t have anything else, but I have a wallet with a sports career with eight abdominal muscles to experience Xiao Yaxuan’s happiness.What you know can make the magic pushing ghost money in place, and sports students can get the caregiver’s license.Li Yanyan’s statement is to make me refreshing. Think about why I want to make my child in the world for the sake of Zhao Wenyu.I thought about it, smirked.

Next, the price is required. He whispered in my ear to destroy a person who first destroyed what he cared about.Zhao Wenyu, her mother cares about her son, Zhao Wenyu cares about the reputation. As long as Zhao Wenyu’s reputation is destroyed, their family is on the day of no turning.Of course, this person who destroyed Zhao Wenyu’s reputation cannot be me. It must be Zhao Wenyu’s mother being destroyed by the closest person of her own, that is the pain, and I must, I am just a simple harmless and almost deceived.What’s wrong with me?I found a time when Zhao Wenyu’s mother went out to bend as planned, and returned home to monitor the living room quietly. Then, after the time, Zhao Wenyu’s mother came back and pretended to come in from the door.As soon as I saw me, Zhao Wenyu’s mother scolded to lose money.You are lazy in the bitch embryo, who is allowed to run out these days and let me do housework.Do you want to be tired of me!I bowed my head and aggrieved.My aunt, I have to work too, and I have to go back to accompany my parents.

In addition, the kitchen has dishwasher, a washing machine and dryer on the balcony, and a cleaning robot in the living room.You let Zhao Wenyu teach you to use it, it is convenient to see me only.Zhao Wenyu’s mother became more and more fierce, and she slapped the feathers on the table on my face and pumped it on me.I killed you, a shameless slut, and do not need money for electricity.If you are my son, you should be a cattle for our family.My voice was very great, and I opened my heart.My monitoring camera is recording. I deliberately walked in front of the camera and argued in my mouth to call my mother. I was just your son and girlfriend.My girlfriend who has been dating for seven years has not been married. I also have parents to take care of. I can’t ignore my parents. I am also my parents’ heart.

Zhao Wenyu’s mother heard me even more fierce.Little bitch, you dare to talk, you should not face it, let my son sleep for seven years, you are my son’s person.You bitch your slutless parents don’t teach you well, and you have to lose money for my son. You dare to go back to take care of them and dare your bitch your father and mother to take care of death.

Your family is my son in the future.I never expected that Zhao Wenyu’s mother in front of my face dared to be so generous. It was simply an unexpected joy to make Zhao Wenyu’s mother face her face.In the face of the camera, I was crying. I picked out the most suitable angle to reveal the swollen face, so that the camera can clearly beat the redness and my parents and children on my face.Of course, be sure to take Zhao Wenyu’s mother’s ugly, sour and mean lips.

How can you say that, Zhao Wenyu and I live together to see that he is the chief physician of the orthopedic department of the 12th hospital.

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