My baby has a fetal heart

Just took off the work clothes, Xiao Na floated in for a while, and looked at me with a smile, and I knew that I would make me popular again. Sure enough, the ghost girl tilted her head and held my hand and said, Xiaomin said, Xiaomin said, XiaominSending WeChat to ask, she has seen the fetal heart in 45 days of pregnancy. Is it normal? Of course, it is normal. You can tell her directly, but you are pregnant, just believe in you, and I say it is nothing., I gently stabbed Xiaona’s ears and listened:

Generally, the vaginal ultrasonic examination of pregnancy can be about 36 days earlier, and generally not more than 50 days at the latest.If the fetal buds have not been seen for more than 50 days, the fetal heart may be abnormal in the development of pregnant eggs.Xiaomin has seen the fetal buds and fetal hearts at 45 days of pregnancy.

The fetal bud fetal heart means that during the development of fertilized eggs, the first two weeks were called pregnancy sac.In the future, various organs have gradually formed, and before 8 weeks of pregnancy, they are called embryo (or fetal buds).Whenever pregnancy is called fetal buds.Because of the development of the embryo, the fetal sac is formed for 30-40 days, and the fetal buds formed 35-45 days, and the fetal heart is formed in 45-60 days. Therefore, the general B-ultrasound should be done at about 45-60 days.At this time, you can see whether the fetal sac, fetal buds, and fetal hearts are normal.Pregnant fetal buds.The fetal buds are about 0.5-1 cm long like a hippocampus.

The first month of pregnancy is the fetal bud period, and the growth rate of new life in this period is the fastest in his life.The second weekend of pregnancy is combined with ejaculation eggs. About 4 days after fertilization, the essence of the cells that split into a cell group reaches the uterus along the fallopian tube.In the third week, the cell group took off the outer membrane and prepared for the bed.In the fourth week, the bubbles have been firmly implanted in the uterus.During this period, the prototype of the fetal nervous system and the blood circulation organs (the foundation of the foundation) has appeared almost, and the liver has developed significantly from this period.The prototype of the eyes and nose has not yet been generated, but the prototype of the mouth and chin can be seen.The umbilical cord connected to the mother has also developed from this period.

Generally, germ and fetal heart beats can be seen at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy.If there is no fetal heart at that time, you can review it after 1 to 2 weeks. If this is the case, you should consult the doctor if you continue or terminate your pregnancy.45 days of pregnancy B -ultrasound does not show that the original fetal heart beat is normal. If the menstrual cycle has always been wrong, it may cause a little later.Fighting.

For 45 days of pregnancy, the embryo is still small, even if the original fetal heart beat is not seen.Doctors usually recommend to continue to observe B -ultrasound and other examinations after one week.Generally, the fetal heart can be seen in about 2 months of pregnancy. The situation of Xiaomin is normal. Don’t worry about entanglement.

As soon as the words fell, Xiao Na drifted away like a gust of wind. This ghost girl also likes popular science, good things and good things!

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