My aunt is not pregnant and does not go to work. My mother -in -law wants me and my husband to subsidize


Mei Linlin just got up from the bed, and did not have time to wash in the bathroom. The mother -in -law yelled at the door: "Take out the Guoping’s salary card, I hurry to use it!"

How urgent things should be blocked in the morning in the morning.Could it be uncomfortable and go to the hospital for examination.

Merlinlin couldn’t take care of the toilet, and quickly returned to the room to wake up her husband.

If the mother -in -law was hospitalized again this time, it would not be only allowed to serve them, and the aunt was always idle.

Seeing that Wang Guoping was worried, her mother -in -law was frightened. After understanding the reason, she caught Merlinlin and scolded.

The early morning curse people are sick, what kind of heart.

Merlinlin was very aggrieved: "Mom, what do you want to do with salary card early in the morning?"

My mother -in -law hummed: "Guojuan is pregnant, I have been a boy!"

Wang Guoping jumped up immediately: "Mom, is this true?"

Mei Linlin no longer wants to know what her mother -in -law wants to do. She wants to go to the toilet, then send her daughter to school, buy on the breakfast road, and leave home soon.

When the mother and daughter went out, the mother and child were still excited.

The little aunt has been married for three years and finally has good news. As a big sister, she should be happy, but this situation is really happy.

In the past three years, I have not tossed, especially my mother -in -law, looking for all kinds of secret recipes.

Because her mother -in -law said "divorce if she can’t give birth", she cried several games.

I will see my grandson now, that joy is more happy than I knew that I was about to be grandma.

However, the sweeping palace was not allowed.


When I went home in the evening, my mother -in -law and Wang Guoping both smiled.

Seeing a daughter, Wang Guoping hugged and lifted high: "Bao, you will have a younger brother immediately!"

The daughter was a bit confused. Looking at Merlinlin’s belly: "Mom’s belly is not very large, will she squeeze her brother?"

Mother -in -law signaled her son to let go of her granddaughter: "She is so big, don’t hug, hug Juaner’s baby in the future!"

Wang Guoping put his daughter down, and still said cheerfully: "No matter how old the girl is, it is also my baby. The tradition of our Wang family, pet daughter!"

Merlin leaned his lips and was prepared to cook.Inadvertently saw that her mother -in -law took a look at Wang Guoping, and the voice of speaking became louder:

"Although the girl is good, I have to have a son!"

This urges the second child again, and it will become a tight curse several times a day.

Merlinlin opened the range hood, mixed with the sound of stir -fried pieces, and pressed the movement outside.

Unfortunately, the fire was a bit big, the dishes were a little bit confused, and the mother -in -law’s expression was dissatisfied. After drinking a meal, "Lin Lin, do you have thirty this year?"

If I remember it wrong, she married Wang Guoping, and her mother -in -law had a marriage together, how could she not know.She is as big as her aunt, and she is smaller.

Wang Guoping saw that she was unhappy and shifted the topic in a timely manner: "What is the little nephew, is it unsuccessful with Juan Er?"

The mother -in -law came immediately, the Tiangan and Earthly Branches, the five elements of each other.

The final conclusion is perfect. The only date of birth of the father and mother, the only time to be criticized, cannot be with the aunt for a month.

Mei Linlin didn’t hold back, and laughed.

My mother -in -law is really beautiful, occupying all the good things,


"Juan’er resigned and had no income. She was a brother -in -law, supported for a few months, and waited for her to return to you."

The mother -in -law had white eyes and said what she was going to say in the morning.

Mei Linlin kicked Wang Guoping, and his eyes rolled, and he didn’t dare to look at her at all.

My mother -in -law held her fingers: "Not much, just three thousand, this daughter has to rely on her mother’s house!"

Merlin was going to clean up the chopsticks. Now I do n’t do it, go back to the room and close it.

When she was pregnant, her mother -in -law didn’t pay money. Wang Guoping just changed her job. If she hadn’t distressed her, she didn’t know how to survive.

The family married this family with good conditions, and she would not treat pregnant women.My mother -in -law was afraid that her girlfriend would be aggrieved, and she had considered her feelings.

There was a louder door outside, and her mother -in -law returned to the room, and the outside was very quiet.

Wang Guoping came in, teased his daughter, and looked at Merlinlin’s expression to ease, saying, "Mom is wrong, but if you have something to say, you can’t shake your face, let alone cold violence."

Merlinlin pulled his daughter out to brush his teeth, leaving him a word: "I should lift the table immediately!"

What she answered her was Wang Guoping’s sigh.

In the next few days, the mother -in -law and daughter -in -law deliberately did not meet.

The mother -in -law got up late, Merlinlin sent her daughter to walk early, and she ate outside at night before returning, and her mother -in -law stayed in the room tacitly.

Wang Guoping, which was sandwiched in the middle, was very sad.

The mother -in -law also had contradictions before. Now, on the face of her husband, Merlinlin compromises first.For a large table, everyone eats it happily.

The last time my mother -in -law was hospitalized, her aunt did too much, making her very unhappy. People who did not go to work could not take care of it, and forced her to take leave.

Now that the child is not born, it is so troublesome, and it is a bottomless hole to be born after being born.

She couldn’t control her money with her own money, but she didn’t spend their husbands and wives.

It is too difficult to make money. The expenditure is too great. From the beginning of the year, you ca n’t save money, and sometimes you have to swipe your card to help.

She dared not think about the second child who was thinking about in the sky.


The Cold War lasted half a month, and Wang Guoping was rushed to the living room sleeping sofa, with back pain and back pain.

Faced with his begging for mercy, Merlinlin was not soft -hearted, and the salary card secretly took away was returned, otherwise it would be free.

This month’s money had been taken out, and Wang Guojuan was given to Wang Guojuan, handed over the bank card, and Merlinlin found it.

My mother -in -law believes that my brother helps his sister, and he is justified, and he does not need to draw his sister -in -law.She was not as good as Mei Linlin, but she pointed at Sang Huai every day and fell at home.

The pillow on the poor sofa was dropped countless times, and he stepped on it with his feet.

Merlinlin pretended to be invisible, and Wang Guo, who had a sleeping sofa, was flattering. He couldn’t help but say a few words of his mother, which caused a lot of trouble.

My mother -in -law described Wang Guoping from childhood to small to big, and summarized one. This son was not a thing.

He cried and worked hard, and became more and more sad. He cried after calling the little aunt, packing his luggage, and staying with the small cotton jacket for a few days.

Wang Guoping sent someone to go downstairs, and returned to pay the bank card. The poison vowed to ensure that this month will never be given next month.

Without her mother -in -law, the family was very harmonious. She could sleep steadily in the morning, and would not worry that someone suddenly pushed in.

The next night after get off work, the couple took the baby to eat outside, and Wang Guoping drank a little wine.

As soon as I walked downstairs in the community, I found that the lights at home were on. Pushing the door, my mother -in -law was lying on the sofa crying, and her luggage was scattered.

Wang Guoping ran a few steps to follow: "Mom, don’t you have to stay for a few more days? Step!"

In a row, her mother -in -law was not comfortable, but she couldn’t stop crying.

She walked in front of her feet, and her son -in -law and daughter -in -law went out to be delicious and delicious, but she had no conscience.

Wang Guoping just wanted to explain that Wang Guojuan called to call and described his brother who was more difficult, and his tone was very aggrieved:

When her mother arrived with her, there were a lot of words, and the items were not placed in place. What should pregnant women eat for breakfast? After speaking for a long time, everyone was annoyed.

During the meal at noon, he was not satisfied with a large table of dishes and offended his family.

How did you go and how did you come back?

Mei Linlin secretly said "should".


Before the little aunt gave birth to a child, her mother -in -law did not go to see it once, but asked the situation on the phone.

In the middle of the night, I knocked on the door and asked Wang Guoping to send her to the hospital. The fetus was too large and had to have a caesarean section.

Mother and daughter are unhealthy, and the mother -in -law becomes unparalleled and imagines the worst possibility.

If there is danger, it is still small to keep the big family.When Wang Guojuan hurts, how can he reduce the pain, and you will not be reluctant to spend money?

Wang Guoping could only take her to the hospital. Merlinlin couldn’t sleep anymore, and kept waiting for the phone.

If she really needs, she is not a stingy person, her mother and son are safe, it is her expectation.

The phone did not sound. In the morning, Wang Guoping yawned and said that he had to take a fake.

Mei Linlin gave him a kick: "Juaner, how is it?"

"Mother and daughter safe!"


Wang Guoping rolled his eyes: "What expression, the same reaction as my mother, the grandmother’s grandmother didn’t care about gender, we outsiders are blindly coaxing!"

Mei Linlin’s lips: "That is your niece, your child!"

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