Must -learn skills | What are the precautions for urine test during pregnancy?Take you with your hand to interpret the urinary examination report

After pregnancy, large and small examinations follow, among which the urine routine is a item that must be checked every time the checkup.

The symbolic report is difficult to stump a lot of mothers. Today I will take the time to tell you about the knowledge of the routine urine report.

Due to the inaccurate reports caused by errors, things that need to be wasting and money to repeat the test often occur.In order to ensure the accuracy of the results, pregnant mothers must "leave urine"!

Pregnant mothers should not have an empty stomach and drink plenty of water before leaving the urine specimen.Leaving urine in an empty stomach may lead to a higher proportion of urine, and white blood cells and urine proteins may also cause false positive conditions, so remember to eat breakfast before leaving urine.

When leaving urine, it is best to clean or wipe the vulva first. If you urinate uninterrupted urination, leave the middle section of the urine cup in the middle. When pouring the specimen of the urine cup into the ureterThe inside of the cup is sent immediately.If the placement time is too long, the cells in the urine, such as red blood cells or white blood cells, will be destroyed, and bacteria will grow in large quantities.

Urine gravity

It reflects the concentration and dilution function of the kidneys, but it is easily affected by more factors, such as drinking water.Healthy adult random urine 1.003-1.030 (different hospitals may have small differences).Due to age, drinking water, sweating and other factors, continuous determination of urine proportion is more valuable than one determination.

Urine sugar (glucose)

In physiological situations, the blood glucose concentration of normal people is maintained at a relatively stable level, and glucose is negative.However, if the threshold of the pregnant mother’s kidney excludes sugar, the positive urine sugar is positive.However, if the routine urinary sugar is positive for several consecutive times, considering whether carbohydrates, sweets, etc. are eaten too much, you need to control it in time.


Great white blood cells after pregnancy are more common, but if they exceed 500, they need to be vigilant.One is caused by the occurrence of urinary system infections. Doctors will consider whether the subjects usually have symptoms such as frequent urination and dysuria.The other is the pollution problem of the vaginal secretion on urine. If necessary, you can leave a clean intermediate urine review.

Red blood cell

Occasionally red blood cells can be seen in normal people’s urine. If a large amount of red blood cells appear in the urine, it may be caused by renal stones bleeding and urinary tract bleeding.It may also be caused by vaginal hemorrhage, hemorrhoid bleeding, and pollution during urination.

Diaper body

Under normal circumstances, the energy of the body is provided by sugar. When the sugar is insufficient or the obstacles are used, the fat is decomposed to provide energy, and a large amount of acidic metabolites are called ketone body.There are very few ketone body in normal people, and general qualitative tests are negative.There are usually two cases of ketone bodies in the urine of pregnant women: one is caused by insufficient eating. In popular terms, it is hungry. In this case, you can eat it in time.Timely treatment; another situation is gestational diabetes. A large amount of ketone body may occur in the urine, leading to ketoic acid poisoning, and severe diabetes coma may occur.It should be noted that the ketone body can affect the fetus through the placenta, and the risk of hypoxic hypoxia in the fetus in the fetus will increase the risk of hypoxia in the fetus.Therefore, once you find that there is a ketone body in the urine, you need to actively find the cause and cooperate with the doctor for treatment.


Urine protein is normal. When urine protein is positive, it often indicates that hypertension diseases during pregnancy are high -risk diseases unique to pregnancy.In the early stage of eclampsia, this is a common problem that threatens mother and child health and even life. It needs to be diagnosed and treated in time.

Biliary redness and urine gallbladder

Normal people’s urine bilirubin is negative, and urine biliary is originally negative or weak.

There are so many interpretations about urine routine reports. In the future, everyone can understand the routine of your urine in the future.Share the article and let more pregnant mothers get this small skill.You are also welcome to pay attention to my account. I will accompany you to spend a trial trip with dry goods.

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