Multi -wave beam laser radar data detection excellent: my country’s carbon exchange monitoring officially enters the era of Tianji remote sensing

Today, a "carbon star" mission has just begun on the satellite track 500 kilometers away from the earth.In the past, the traditional carbon exchange measurement depends on the sampling monitoring of forest vegetation. This time the carbon star has a multi -beam laser radar, which can make forest carbon exchange monitoring more intelligent and accurate.

As the first remote sensing satellite in my country, its main task is to monitor forest carbon exchange.Recently, the main load -loaded beam laser radar officially "turned on".Analysis of the data of returning feedback, the development team of the lidar said that the data played normally and the data played a country’s carbon exchange monitoring officially entered the era of Tianji remote sensing.

Multi -wave laser radar test site.Picture of 704 China Aerospace Science and Technology Group 904

Star life is twice as many as European and American countries

The development of multi -wave beam laser radar has gone through ten years.Zhao Yiming, 704 from the Ninth Hospital of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, was responsible for the development of this multi -wave laser radar, said: "We have a doctorate, and we started to do this as soon as we entered the house. From the age of 20 to the 30s."

In her opinion, it is difficult to persist without enthusiasm and responsibility to carve one thing in ten years.On the road of scientific research, no one can fully guarantee that a product can be "born" smoothly as scheduled.

In the past ten years, she has successfully gave birth to two children.Sometimes, colleagues will occasionally say in private: "President Zhao gave birth to three children in the past ten years." Another "child" in his colleague’s mouth refers to multiple beam laser radar.Zhao Yiming called the "child" as the boss, because the boss was "heaven" and has become a talent.

On August 4, 2022, at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, with the successful launch of the Long March No. 4 carrier Rockets, a multi -wave laser radar, multi -angle and multi -spectrum camera, super spectrum detector, multi -angle polarized imagingerThe carbon monitoring satellite of the loaded land ecosystem also settled in space.

From a functional point of view, this "carbon star" multi -wave beam laser radar makes up the gap of traditional passive remote sensors on vertical section observation, and exerts the role of the important carrier of the atmosphere of "carbon emissions" more accuratelyEssence

The exterior test site of the air -soluble gel subsystem appraisal part.Picture of 704 China Aerospace Science and Technology Group 904

"Two lidar in the load, one is to detect the atmosphere, mainly for cloud layers and gas solids. This detection can obtain the distribution and type information of the two; the other is to detect vegetationThe height can also analyze the volume and distribution of vegetation through the height of the coronary. "Zhao Yiming explained.

Because multi -wave beam laser radar can actively high -precision detection of vegetation and atmosphere for "land carbon" and "atmospheric carbon". Aerospace people believe that this weapon will provide important technologies for my country’s "double carbon" strategy. support.

At present, the maintenance of the star -load products running in space is almost zero.For developers, the alien life of extending multi -wave beam laser radar has become a difficult problem.Pan Chao, a member of the project team, told the Beijing News reporter that in the design of the long life of the star carrier, European and American countries are generally 3 to 5 years, but this time they proposed that the star carrier life of multi -wave laser radar should be extended to 8 years.That is, it is equivalent to twice the European and American countries.

"It’s like a light bulb, and there will be some problems after a long time. So we try to extend the time of the on -orbit of the star -carriers to obtain richer data." Pan Chao said that the laser radar is roughly from the light source launch system, the large large -scale launch system, the large large -scale launch system, large large, large, largeThe receiving system of the caliber and the information processing system that can be detected. In front of a complex optical system, each component needs to be carefully designed.Zhou Quan’s consideration is to make mistakes to the greatest extent to make the product the best.

According to reports, multi -wave beam laser radar innovation has realized the active and passive co -diameter observation and vegetation atmospheric synergy detection technology, and for the first time in the world to overcome high -resolution to ground imaging, 5 waves of high -precision vegetation detection and 1064nm, 532nm polarized multi -channel atmospheric atmospheric atmospheric atmospheric atmospheric atmosphereThree active and passive loads are compound detection problems.

In simple terms, a load can simultaneously realize the function of high -primary measurement, atmospheric vertical profile detection, and high -resolution imaging of the ground.

Guarantee the consistency of the test, and the developer basically does not drink water

The team members of the project team will feel that these ten years have passed.In their sealing working environment, they seem to have no concept of time.The laboratory where Zhao Yiming was in the unit was where they developed multi -wave laser radar.Experiments are taboo, and the wall of the laboratory is a black shading cloth. After putting on a clean suit, these people are tied into optical instruments and computer equipment.

The doctor who boiled from 20 to 30 is Li Jing.When debugging in the laboratory, she needs to use a light film, the purpose is to convert the indescribable light into visible light. In order to accurately see the light, she has to turn off the laboratory lights.

Personnel entry and exit will also affect the ultra -net environment required by laser experiments.Under normal circumstances, the established workload of an experiment must be completed, and the developers must control eating.After the instrument is started, people will follow.Most people need to disconnect the equipment when they leave, so in order to save time and to ensure the consistency of the test, they basically do not drink water during the experiment.Because to avoid going to the toilet, it is necessary to save the time to change the clothes.

Multi -wave laser radar division system assembly test site.Picture of 704 China Aerospace Science and Technology Group 904

In the eyes of colleagues, Li Jing was very tough.In an interview with the Beijing News reporter, she also said: "As long as this is given to me, no matter what the method is used, I must solve it.","

Zhao Yiming was the first state of public study abroad from the Ninth Aerospace Ninth Academy of Aerospace. After that, Li Jing also joined.More than ten years ago, there was still a certain gap between the development level of domestic laser and abroad. There were very few students who made laser like Li Jing. At that time, Li Jing, who was about to study from Aachen University in Germany at that time, was about to end.I saw Li Yanhua, then the director of 704.After a deep communication, Li Jing decided to "get up to the difficulties" and stay in 704 back to China.

In the early years, there were relatively few applications for ground laser radar in my country, and the application of star -carriers needed to be developed urgently."How many functions can be played in the sky and how much efficiency can be played in the sky, no one can say too clearly." Zhao Yiming said that it must be used for application and the advanced nature of technology, which allows multi -wave beam laser radarThe project was questioned at the beginning.

With the rich data and experience of a large amount of ground laser radar verification, in 2014, the first multi -wavelength lidar hanging flight for detecting the atmosphere was successfully completed. Two years later, the large light spot laser carrier system for detecting vegetation was hung.Flying comprehensive tests have also been successfully completed.In addition, the developers also tested key technologies in some engineering, verifying the feasibility of active loading technology and principles from the sky to the ground.

Solved the application of the application of star -load laser radar, the demonstration of technical indicators, and the research of single key technologies. At the end of 2016, nearly 50 experts gathered in the lobby of a hotel in Beijing to conduct negotiations.I think: feasible, can be done.

Pan Chao feels that under existing conditions, it is a difficult process to achieve, running, and leading."But I also think how much you pay will be harvested." He said.

The project team has grown from the original 10 people to more than 50 people. From Zhao Yiming’s view, these people really love the laser radar.Zhao Yiming told the team members: "You will be grandparents in the future, and you told your grandson that I did something that year, and now I can hit the earth in space. There is a mark on the earth.Isn’t it great? "

The project team installed multi -wave laser radar atmospheric laser.Picture of 704 China Aerospace Science and Technology Group 904

Receive laser echo signals, it is particularly critical to automatically to the middle system

Atmospheric lidar needs to ensure that the laser emitted laser emitted by the laser through atmospheric reflection just enters the telescope to receive the interview field, so that the laser radar can receive the echo signal.

Because the laser scattering angle and the telescope viewing angle are very small, this process is as difficult as the sea fishing needle. At this time, the automatic system is particularly critical.

"Simply put, the automatic and high -resolution two -dimensional laser pointing device is a high -precision, high resolution." Zhou Shuchun, the person in charge of the middle system technology, told reporters.

According to him, at present, because the high -precision real -time light axis pointing signal cannot be obtained, the system accuracy rely entirely on the precision of the precision mechanism and the control system’s own design and processing, which is very difficult.

The technical team has spent nearly seven years before and after the development of electrical parts and appraisal, and to the last positive development.

Atmospheric lidar will experience a fierce vibration in the launch. After the satellite launch, the gravity environment will also change tremendous changes. These factors will cause changes in the transceiver light shaft that were originally adjusted.

Zhou Shuchun said that at this time, it is necessary to automatically perform the "Dajian skills" of the system. It has a set of efficient search strategies to ensure that the best -to -middle position is accurately found.The main reason for this sub -system.

Due to the reference without previous experiences, the development process of the system is very difficult to automatically develop the system. After encountering a lot of difficulties, the solution of each problem condenses the huge efforts of the project team designer.

When doing hot vacuum experiments, as a key indicator of the system, the stability of laser direction is seriously exceeded.The development team took the laboratory as a home. It took more than a month to eat and live, work together, and did all the experiments of various working conditions.

Multi -wave laser radar thermal vacuum test site.Picture of 704 China Aerospace Science and Technology Group 904

"We touched the characteristics of each component of the system under the hot vacuum environment, and finally found the crux of the problem. As a spaceman, if you want to succeed, we have to be fierce to ourselves." Zhou Shuchun said.

It is understood that at present, the automatic central system has successfully completed the process in the orbit, and accurately marked the best position of laser laser laser laser.The system accuracy and stability fully meet the indicators requirements.

I didn’t cry due to illness, but I cried at the launch site

In order to achieve high -precision carbon exchange monitoring, the developers also need to do an innovation, put laser radar and optical cameras on the same load to achieve active and passive joint observations.The team has no experience to learn from. The plan repeatedly demonstrates that the test experiments have failed again. After more than two years, they finally overcome the obstacles.

In addition to the laser that is already running, there is a similar laser on the ground.The developer designed it to evaluate the star shift of the laser.The verification test of the 1: 1 ground laser has lasted for nearly 2 years and 8 months, and launched a laser pulse of 1.4 billion times.This test proves that the laser has far exceeded the relevant requirements of the design at that time, and the performance is stable.

Over the years, Zhao Yiming, who became a mother, had fractures twice, twisting her twice, and she had never fallen behind with the splint.The task came, and everyone went to complete the task."In order to ensure the development cycle of the project, Dr. Li Jing also postponed his operation time twice, and he supported the operation that was done after the development of the entire load." Zhao Yiming said.

According to Li Jing, for a period of time for the project demonstration, she always felt that her stomach was unbearable. After going to the hospital for examination, she found that she had been pregnant for 7 weeks.After the child was born, after simply recuperating, she was put into the development of laser.Li Jing’s husband is also an astronaut. They are all busy. In addition, they are older and are not convenient to move. Children have to vaccinate children’s vaccines prescribed by the country, and they are dragged for two and a half years.

Last year, Li Jing felt his stomach hurt intermittently."I belong to the kind of work, I don’t know if I am hungry, I don’t know the pain. As soon as I rest, the response of my physical discomfort is extremely strong." Li Jing told reportersThe problem of the product is anxious.In order to make the products she made without errors, she hadn’t slept for 70 hours when he did hot vacuum monitoring of atmospheric environment experiments.Later, Li Jing found that the cause of acute and severe abdominal pain was that the cysts in the body rupture.

Regarding this state of work, Pan Chao also mentioned that they were not watching time, but the completion of the task that day. Sometimes, when the laboratory was out of the laboratory, it was discovered that it was two or three in the morning.

Li Jing, who did not cry due to illness, cried at the launch scene of the "Carbon Star" launch in early August this year.She stood on a hillbag closest to the Taiyuan satellite launch base and stared at the Rockets.The colleague on the side asked her: "Did you feel the mountain shook?" Li Jing turned his head and looked at his colleague, and his tears fell."I really can’t help but cry for almost half an hour. After the launch, the leader of the (704) is here. I’m still crying. Really, I’m proud." Li Jing said.

In fact, the multi -wave beam laser radar rises smoothly with the "carbon star", which excites the members of the entire project team.After the satellites rose, Zhao Yiming wrote the first oil poem. There were two sentences in the poem: Lan Lu Lan has no regrets, and it is better to spend next year.

As multi -wave beam laser radar is running normally, it has excellent detection data.Next, the lidar will play a vital role in quantitative monitoring in the future "carbon exchange" quantitative monitoring and global "carbon family bottom".

Li Jing during the cultivation also told reporters: "I hope to adjust it sooner and dedicate 30 years to the motherland."

Beijing News reporter Zhang Jianlin

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