Mother -in -law and daughter -in -law are pregnant at the same time: The daughter -in -law has an accidental abortion of the fetus for 8 months, and it is currently divorced

Recently, a woman in Shandong released a video saying: entanglement for many days, has officially divorced with her husband, and has experienced too much in recent months.Essence

What causes the woman to persist in divorce so much, and when she is weak, she has to escape this "fire pit" desperately?

It turned out that the in -laws were caused by her instate.

The woman married her husband in 2018, and her life was good after marriage, and she had a daughter.

Later, because the man’s family also wanted to regenerate a boy. When the daughter was three years old, the woman asked her husband for a second child.

Everything was very smooth, but the mother -in -law was suddenly pregnant. The in -laws were very happy that they wanted to give birth to this child.But women and husbands have some opinions.

First, my mother -in

Second, the father -in -law and mother -in -law have retired, and there is no income daily. They usually rely on them to raise them. Now there is another child.

She and her husband had no high salary. In the future, she would have to raise her in -laws and three children.

Third, the second son of their family is now talking about marriage, and the wedding gift matte tables have to be a lot of money.

Therefore, what the woman wants to discuss with her father -in -law what to do with the child in her mother -in -law’s belly.

Who knows that the father -in -law also insisted on giving birth and said that it was old to prove that he was good. This is a good thing and must be born.

The woman was furious and threatened to say that if they had to be born, they would divorce his eldest son.

Who knew that the in -laws still insisted and said that the country was encouraging for three babies. It was their rights that were not born, and she couldn’t control it.

The two sides were arguing for a long time, and finally the women’s husband gradually agreed and stood on his parents.Seeing this, the woman brought her child back to her mother’s house.

After a while, I saw that the woman said on the social platform that she had divorced,

And the eight -month -old child was also unexpectedly miscarriage, and he fought with them on the day of the divorce.Netizens suddenly sighed.

It is said that after the woman returned to her mother’s house, her in -laws had repeatedly made trouble, which caused pregnant women to be angry and emotional.

Some netizens said: This child is also the same, maybe to help women escape from the sea of suffering. The family of that family is a fire pit.

However, some people say that this result is caused by women too much.

The in -laws are pregnant with their affairs. Just live their own lives. What do you do so much and do a good job.

From the perspective of the author, if the in -laws have pensions themselves and are rich in economical and full of energy, they can be considered.

However, now their family is supported by the income of eldest son and daughter -in -law, so this third child is about the affairs of others.

It is just a word for life, but what about subsequent education?Do children eat money? Do you need money for milk powder diapers? Do you need money to study and go to school?

Besides the energy problem, the in -laws are so old. I do n’t know if there will be any problems after a few years, and do you have the ability to bring children?

Therefore, it ’s all a problem under this thought. I do n’t know if they are naive or ignorant. Why ca n’t it be so unclear?

Some messy views, welcome to discuss and exchange together

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