Mother -in -law: Since they are all pregnant, Cai Li can save saves, wedding dresses are cheaper, thinking for children

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On the eve of the wedding, I was pregnant suddenly.

After knowing that her mother -in -law and husband knew, they said, "Since they are all pregnant, the gifts can be saved, and the wedding dress is cheap.

I banged my head well: "Listen to you."

At the wedding, I gave them another gift!


My wedding with Bai Heng was next month, but I suddenly discovered that I was pregnant today.

I am 27 years old. Although it seems not big in the eyes of people now, in my parents’ minds, I have already needed a family to have children.

This child came early or later. It happened that my boyfriend who had been in love for three years had reached the steps of marriage. Suddenly found that pregnancy, but not panicked.

I picked up my phone and called Bai Heng and told him the news.

Bai Heng thought that I was joking at the beginning, and I had to show him the pregnancy test stick.

"Really? Gently, I really want to be a dad?"

I laughed: "Then there can be fake. Come back soon. The wedding is next month. We still have a lot of things to prepare."

After hearing the words, Bai Heng silently said, "Okay, let me go to Mom’s house first, tell her this good thing, and then come back and bring you your favorite cheese cake at night to celebrate and celebrate!"

After speaking, he hung up the phone.

I stunned and couldn’t help laughing.

He never took the initiative to hung my phone. It seems that Xu is too happy today. How old is still so relieved.

I felt happily with my lower abdomen with a happy face.

Later, I learned how ridiculous today’s idea was.


Until nine o’clock in the evening, Bai Heng hadn’t returned.

I sent him a dozen messages, and at the beginning, I also replied that at home, then there was no sound at all.

My heart was a little heavy, holding my phone, sitting on the sofa aimlessly.

Suddenly, the ringtone sounded, and Bai Heng came, and I picked it up.

"Hey? Husband? What’s wrong?"

Bai Heng was silent for a few seconds, and then seemed to be urged for a moment, and said, "Gently … that, that, mom wants to see you, something happens to you, come to mom’s house."

I was a little shocked: "So late? What happened to mom? Or tomorrow …"

"Come on, don’t let your mother wait in a hurry, you should be careful with your pregnancy." Bai Heng interrupted my voice.

I pinched my phone tightly: "Don’t you come to pick me up? I’m afraid of taking a taxi at this point … Hey?"

Bai Heng has hung up the phone.

I sat on the sofa with a stunned way, and Bai Heng’s strange attitude made me panicked, and even his mother had a diligent attitude.

I intuitively related to this child.


I met Bai Heng on the subway.

At that time, I was preparing an important meeting. I was busy with my hands. When I went out, the zipper behind the skirt was not pulled well, revealing a piece of skin, and I encountered sneak shots on the subway.

I grabbed the man and asked him to delete the video in the phone. He saw that I was alone and did not admit it. He also abused me, saying that I didn’t pull the zipper intentionally, just to seduce the man.

I was shivering and tears fell down.

Finally, Bai Heng raised the person’s collar, dragged him down to the subway, sent it to the flight attendant, and reported to the police.

I sincerely thank him for helping him and wanted to ask him to have a meal. At that time, Bai Heng red red with my contact information.

We are very happy at the dinner table. Bai Heng’s family is not good, but work is working hard, and words are respecting women. I impressed him very well.

Although I still did not win that project, I comforted myself to get to have a good friend.

Under Bai Heng’s half -year offensive, I was caught in love and fell in love with him for three years.


I wiped my face, set out a piece of clothes and went out to take a taxi.

I only found out that the sky did not know when it was raining, and I was hesitating whether to go home to get the umbrella, and Bai Heng’s phone called.

"Gently, why haven’t you come yet? Mom waits in a hurry, right, buy a piece of cheese cake when you come, I am anxious today and forget to buy it."

I wrapped the jacket on my body, I just felt that I was cold everywhere: "I don’t want to eat it."

"Mom wants to eat." After that, Bai Heng took the initiative to hung up the phone again.

The barking car had come in front of me. I looked at the drifting rain and got into the car with a gritted teeth.

When I came to Bai Heng’s mother’s house, I knocked on the door and no one answered.

After a minute of knocking, the people inside finally opened the door.

"Why come for so long, mom has waited." Bai Hengyi opened his mouth.

I watched the man who was still smiling in the morning and was full of confusion.

Why can people get so fast?

Bai Heng, do he love me?

Bai Heng took the cheese cake in my hand and saw the wet packaging, and surprised: "It’s raining? You don’t have an umbrella."

He couldn’t see my wet hair, couldn’t see the rain on my face, and the packaging of the cake was gone, but he saw it.

Bai Heng’s mother was sitting on the sofa, seeing me coming, raising a smile.

"Light, let you come so late, have you worked hard, it is still raining outside? Then you should be slower."

If I didn’t ask, I asked well in my throat.

"You are pregnant now, you ca n’t eat these junk foods. I have stewed some soup for you, and I will let Aheng Drive you drink."

Bai Heng’s fucking smile: "Light, you have to add dingzi for our old Bai family, and it is completely our old Bai family. You can rest assured that everything you should have in the wedding will not be missing you.Yes, you will marry peacefully and give birth to the grandson of my Bai family. "

I waited quietly below. She drank a sip of tea but no longer said.

Finally, I couldn’t help asking, "That mother, when will we pass the colorful dowry?"

Bai Heng’s mother heard the words and covered his mouth in surprise: "Oh, you see you, it’s all our Bai family, what do you do so, your mother is called, and I have received it too, I’m the one of our Bai family. "

I was so angry that I tightened my punch.

At first, Bai Heng said that his father died early, and it was not easy for his mother to pull him alone. It was also lonely for so many years. His mother liked his daughter very much. With my mother, he didn’t know how happy, anyway, he was about to get married. This mother would be.Call it first, so that the elders are happy.

The girlfriend said that she hadn’t given a change fee yet. This mother couldn’t shout easily, so as not to make people feel that we were rushing. It was not good to look at it.

But at the time, I had Bai Heng in my heart, and he also regarded his mother as his own mother. Even if his mother did not give a change fee, even the red envelope did not give one. I didn’t care. I think I can earn it. I think I can earn it.Not bad money.

Now it seems that I called my mother, but they didn’t see me as a pro -daughter.

I looked up at her: "I can’t say that. I am married with Bai Heng.

His mother laughed: "You have a gift with our family, that is not the left pocket into the right pocket? Besides, this dowry, your family has a son, you have a younger brother, I listen to Aheng said, your family never cares about youof?"

I looked at Bai Heng suddenly, and he lowered his head guilty.


Our family is a male light and girl.

It is not a heavy male and female in the traditional sense. Some of me can eat some, and I can go to school normally. Parents will not sell me to others to change their gifts.

But they love their sons and love their son the most.

They wanted their son Chuizong to take over, and said that they had a good word. After I had me, I wanted to regenerate one, but I knew that my mother had secretly hit a child.

Is a sister.

After they had sons, my dad’s legs did not hurt, and his waist was not sour. The whole person was glowing, and he was going to go out to work and earn a family property for his son.

But only when I was, my dad said that his daughter was worrying and saving money, and he could take a good rest.

When I have a bad grade, my parents will not blame me, nor will I worry about it like other parents. Can I read a good book? It does n’t matter for them. In their hearts, I will always be another house in the future.No matter how good the person is, it is cultivated for other homes.

However, the younger brother is different. The brother’s performance has fallen slightly. Parents are anxious to find relationships, give gifts to teachers, learn from the parents of good students, and find tutoring classes everywhere.

My dad often said that my brother had a chance, and our family had hope, and he did not work in vain. In the future, he would also explain to his ancestors.

Actually, I want to ask many times, what about me, I am out of interest, are you alive?

Their attitude, like a soft knife cut meat, I know that they don’t love me so much, but such a bloody family can’t help it easily.

For more than two decades, such a growth environment made me numb and painful. When I told Bai Heng, he said that he knew all. In the future, we have children, no matter whether there is one boy and girl.

He will also regard me as a treasure, not like my parents.

But now, he uses my native family as a bargaining chip with me.


"The remarriage you said is the deposit you earn? Since it is all your little couple, what kind of gift dowry is still divided? We know it ourselves.. "Bai Heng said fucking.

My parents will not deduct my gift. They are afraid of gossip with relatives, and they are even more afraid of going out. My brother is not easy to find his wife.

But I won’t give me a penny dowry.

My current dowry is desperately earned, so I leave myself a decent when getting married.

Bai Heng nodded: "Mom said that it makes sense. It is all the people of my family. You don’t need to divide it so clearly. At that time

"What if your daughter?"

"Then regenerate one, make a good word."

Bai Heng fucking put down the tea cup, and the sound of no lightness sounded in the living room.

My throat gradually tightened, looking at Bai Heng: "Bai Heng … Do you remember what you said to me?"

You know, my pain.

Bai Heng was so unhappy that he didn’t dare to look at me: "I naturally think that boys and girls are as good. I understand your lightness, but my mother wants to hug her grandson. We have to let the elders happy."

I closed my eyes, and a drop of tears slipped from the corner of my eyes.

Bai Heng said unhappyly, "Gently, what do you look like, give us a child for our old Bai family, and wrong you? How much is A Heng to you, I also treat you as a daughter, you can rest assuredAfter giving birth to a child, I will help you bring you. "

I lowered my head and wiped out tears.

Such as an invasion delete

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