Moms who have given birth to children know that these four symptoms are signs of pregnancy, which is accurate than test strips.

Some time ago, she went out to go shopping with her friends. While eating, she kept vomiting and running to the toilet.Because her stomach was not good, I thought it was an old problem again, so she asked her if she had medicine.But she said that she might be pregnant. I teased, "People who have had children, how can they be like acting TV, and vomiting is pregnant." Friends said, this feels like she is pregnant with Dabao.picture.The next day she told me that she tested and was really pregnant.In fact, women who have given birth to children know that once these 4 signals appear in the body, they are basically pregnant, sometimes more accurate than test strips.

1. There is a pain in the abdomen

If you have the same room in the same time during ovulation, a little abdomen pain occurs after a week or two, first consider whether it is stomachache or dysmenorrhea.If both are eliminated, then you are pregnant.Because when the fertilized eggs are in bed, the abdomen will feel painful, and if the fertilized eggs are bed, it means that you are pregnant.Therefore, if you feel this feeling during pregnancy, you can basically determine that you are pregnant.

2. Mentalities

This is actually a common criterion for many women to judge whether they are pregnant. If your previous holiday has always been regular, and now it has been more than 10 days or even more, it is likely to be pregnant.However, some women have irregular holidays due to high work pressure or poor living habits. After this happens, they must be figured out first.

3. Symptoms like colds

Generally, women will increase their physical temperature, fatigue, and stuffy nose after pregnancy. This is very similar to the symptoms of colds.The increase in body temperature is because women’s basal body temperature will rise after ovulation; nasal congestion is because women have hyperplastic hypertrophy after pregnancy, so they will cause nasal congestion.Therefore, when these symptoms occur, if you can get a cold, you are pregnant.

4. Thirst

Maybe you are not a person who loves to drink water, and there are not too much thirst.But if you find that you are often thirsty during this time, it is likely to be pregnant.This is because you and the fetus need more liquid after you are pregnant, so you must not be short of water. Drink at least 8 cups of water every day.

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