Mom and daughter gave birth to the same size baby boy on the same day

It was really a coincidence that a mother and daughter in Brazil gave birth to two sizes almost exactly the same baby boy on the same birthday on the same day.

On June 28, her mother Yones Barbosa Dos Santos Claudi Dino gave birth to Noah and her daughter Milena Rafira Dus Santos Klaidino, two babies from two babiesThe birth time is more than an hour.

The 42 -year -old Yonis and 23 -year -old Miliana found that she was pregnant in the same week.

Mirina was planning to have the first child after marriage, but the wedding was delayed due to accidental pregnancy.

Four days later, her mother found that she was going to have a third child.

The touching picture showed the moment she was confirmed to be pregnant.

The 42 -year -old Yonz Barbaba Dos Santos Claudino took a photo with his son

Miliana told the local media: "I decided to stop taking contraceptives, and I have taken contraceptives for two consecutive years.

"I decided to stop so as to come to the wedding holiday, but it didn’t come.

"I did blood test, because the pregnancy test stick at home was negative, and I found that I was pregnant."

The 23 -year -old Miliana Rafira Dus Santos Claudino took a group photo with her son

Speaking of the moment she found her mother was also pregnant, Miliana said, "At first, I was shocked and thought she was joking."

"We went to another pharmacy and found that she was pregnant. I was very happy because our relationship was very solid. I was pregnant with my mother."

The mother and daughter in Brazil’s St. Ruize Du Rio Preto held a joint gender secret party.

Miliana watched her mother Yonce’s delivery

"This is a huge coincidence, because there are no boys in our family."

During their pregnancy, the mother and her daughter did all their examinations and arranged for delivery on the same day. Both chose to have a caesarean section.

"They look like twins, because no matter what I feel, my mother will feel. All of our prenatal examinations are done together."

The mother and daughter who are pregnant

"Being a mother is a kind of blessing. Imagine being a mother and grandmother at the same time. I am very happy."

Mr. Miliana was Louis, and Noah was born more than an hour later.

Although Noah is the younger one of the two (about an hour in the evening), he is the uncle of Louis.However, the height of the two babies was exactly the same, and each baby’s height was 48.5 cm (19 inches).”””The most incredible operation”

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