Menstruation delayed, in addition to pregnancy, it is possible that these reasons are making strange reasons

1. Take emergency contraceptives

We all know that it is best not to eat him as a last resort.Because his 24 -hour emergency contraception has great side effects on the body of our girls.One of these is to cause our menstrual disorders.Because these contraceptives contain hormone drugs, it will have a great impact on our menstruation.Therefore, it is recommended that we still take less contraceptives.Try to make boys better with condoms.

2. Pregnancy

The most important moment in each girl is pregnancy and marriage.And many people actually know.Pregnancy will cause delay of menstruation.As long as you have sex, and menstruation is postponed for more than 7 days.Then pay attention to whether the menstruation caused by pregnancy is delayed.You can go to the hospital directly to check or go to the pharmacy to buy a test stick.If you are pregnant, the delay of menstruation belongs to normal.

3. Too great mental stress

Many people’s spirit is relatively tight now.Because the pressure of work, family, and society is slowly greater.Many people have difficulty dealing with their emotions, so this may also cause our menstrual disorders and delay.In this case, it is recommended to let yourself rest more and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.After all, the body is the capital of the revolution.

4. Disease

We all know that many things are not loud.Indexation of menstruation is no exception.Many menstrual delay is caused by people’s own diseases.For example, common ones are tumors, anemia, lack of vitamin E, and chronic diseases.All affect the delay of menstruation.At this time, we must adjust the mentality.Keep disease first, and then adjust menstruation.

5. Endocrine disorders

When our body is in endocrine disorders, it will actually cause women to delay menstruation.

Based on the above five factors, we found that menstruation delayed still pay attention to.If you do not deal with it in time and take it lightly, it may cause harm to our body.If the menstrual period is delayed for too long, the reason has not yet been found. It is recommended to go to the hospital directly.After all, we can feel at ease after the inspection.

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