Men are afraid of the prostate, and women are afraid of vaginal relaxation!A small movement can be cured, and constipation and hemorrhoids can also be used.

As the saying goes, life lies in exercise!

For young people, the favorite sports are running on the bed.

For uncle and aunt, the favorite sports must be square dance.

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Whether it is windy and rainy, they can’t stop their enthusiasm for dancing.

A open space, a speaker, they can dance.

Ask them why they are keen on square dance?

Answer: Because you can exercise both and make people happy.

However, when the aunt Wang of Xuzhou, Jiangsu danced in the square dance, there was a thrilling thing.

According to@on April 25th, when Aunt Wang of Xuzhou, Jiangsu danced at night, he suddenly felt a strange feeling: leaking urine, wet pants, and feeling that something fell from the lower body.

So, she quickly went home to check, and when she touched it, she found something like a mass falling out of the vagina.

Aunt Wang was very scared and felt that she must have had gynecological tumors, and went to see the doctor early the next morning.

The doctor immediately conducted a corresponding inspection of Aunt Wang and found that it was not tumors that fell out of her vagina, but the uterus!

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She was diagnosed with "uterine prolapse and stress urinary incontinence" and needed surgical treatment immediately.

As soon as the news came out, some people pointed their fingers to the square dance, thinking that Aunt Wang danced the square dance and broke her body.

Others said that for the sake of health, I will never dance in the square in the future.

Is it really a pot of square dance?

But in fact, it’s not.

To answer this question, we have to know the "pot of the pot" first.

Pen bottom muscle, which is often referred to as PC muscles, refers to the muscle group that closed the pelvic bottom.

This muscle group is compared with a flexible "hanging net", which can tightly support the uterus, bladder, rectum, vagina and other organs in the pelvic cavity, so that it maintains normal positions, and controls the urination, sexuality, sexualityLife and childbirth physiological functions.

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Once this "net" is relaxed and weak, and the elasticity becomes worse, the organs in the "net" cannot be maintained in normal positions.

As a result, corresponding dysfunction, such as incontinence, uterine prolapse, bladder prolapse, vaginal wall swelling, rectal swelling, etc.

Aunt Wang in the news is that the PC muscles are relaxed and can no longer support the uterus, causing it to deviate from the normal position, shift and sag.

The question is, why is the PC muscle relaxing in the body?

This has to mention two main factors: pregnancy and childbirth.

In October, as the fetus grew up, the strength of the effect on the bottom of the pot of pots also increased, and the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles was challenged.

It is like a spring. If the tension exceeds the limits of the spring, the spring will lose elasticity.

During the delivery, the bottom muscle of the pot will be further squeezed and torn by the fetus.

In this way, the elasticity of the bottom muscle will naturally deteriorate.

Generally speaking, the greater the number of fertility, the greater the possibility of damage to the pelvic floor, the higher the risk of leakage and uterine prolapse.

After many women have children, vaginal relaxation and leakage occur, which is the reason.

Because the muscle strength of the pot is insufficient, it is not enough to support the urethral compression of the abdominal pressure. There is no way to "control" the urethral opening in time. When the abdominal pressure increases, such as sneezing, cough, and laughter, urine will be leaked.

During the delivery process, the fetus through the birth canal, the muscle tissue and fascia of the vaginal wall of the pelvic floor, the fascia is broken.

Or excessive extension and loss of elasticity, so vaginal relaxation will occur.

A action can improve

The problems of vaginal relaxation, leakage, and uterine prolapse are terrible, but they can actually prevent it.

For not serious cases, one action can be improved, and it can be done at home without spending money.

That is the "Kiger Movement", in simple terms, it is the action of shrinking vagina and anus every day.

It can effectively exercise PC muscles. During the training, local muscles are constantly shrinking and relaxing, blood circulation is enhanced, which is beneficial to pelvic organs.

Adhering to exercise can significantly improve women’s urine incontinence, vaginal relaxation and other problems, and the performance can also be greatly improved.

If you start exercising before pregnancy, these problems can also prevent postpartum.

In addition, daily training can also prevent perianal diseases and have great benefits to men.

Improve male sexual ability

Exercise the bottom muscles can enhance the contraction function of the muscles around the male reproductive organs, increase the local blood circulation, and help increase the stones and time during erection.

Protect male prostate

The anus is constantly shrinking, just like a good massage on the prostate, which can promote the venous blood flow of the vulva, reduce the prostate blood recharge, and reduce inflammation.

Prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids, constipation and other perianal diseases

The anal reduction can accelerate the muscle strength of the anal muscle and anal sphincter, promote blood circulation, prevent vein from blood stasis, and increase the resistance of the anus.

For diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal eczema, anal prolapse, constipation, chronic enteritis, etc., all have obvious treatment and prevention effects.

People with constipation often do anal lifting exercises, which can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, increase the contraction of abdominal wall muscles and defecation muscles, thereby promoting bowel movements.

Therefore, regardless of men and women, insisting on doing the "Kigar Movement", it has accumulated time and can be visible.

The Kiger movement has low requirements for the environment and can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

For example, sitting, standing, lying, waiting, and walking can be trained calmly.

For those who are at the beginning, it is recommended to lie down first to eliminate gravity interference; after being proficient, you can sit or stand and do.

The specific operation method is:

① Like the stool and urinating, first close the urethra, vagina and anal at the anus, raise the anus upward, keep it shrink for 5 seconds, and relax for 5 seconds.

After adaptation, you can gradually strengthen the strength of the exercise, and the contraction and relaxation will be extended to 10 seconds.

Each group of contraction and relaxing 10-15 times, 3 to 8 groups a day.

② You can also bed on the bed, and your legs are bent slightly for 7 ~ 8 cm.

When inhaling, raise your hips, shrink the bottom muscle of the basin, and keep it for about 5 seconds. This action is similar to the sudden consciousness to stop urination when urination.

When exhaling, put down your hips and relax for about 5 seconds.

The cycle is reciprocated, each group of contraction and relaxing 10-15 times, and do 3 to 8 groups a day.

There are three key during exercise:

The first is to find the basis of the basin muscle

As for how to find, you have to rely on your own feelings.For example: Sit on the toilet, separate your legs, start urinating, and then stop urinating through your will to control your muscles. The muscle that stops urinating is PC muscle.When you do anal movement, you can also feel the contraction of the PC muscle.

Women can put their fingers into the vagina and try to shrink, and they will feel that the vagina is shrinking slightly.

The second is to make the right strength

In the early days of starting training, pay special attention to the correctness of the training method.

It must be remembered that the correct movement direction of the pelvic floor muscles should be up, inside, instead of holding down.

If you use the wrong force, there will be no effect.Here are a few correct tips: training front row bladder.Don’t hold your breath and breathe normally.Don’t pinch your legs.Don’t follow the muscles of the belly, thighs, buttocks, and relax.

When shrinking, you can touch your lower abdomen with your hand, which feels hard, which means that you do something wrong.

In addition, the buttocks are clamped and the thighs are not right, and they should be relaxed.

The third is to persist

The potting of the basin of the pot is not done overnight. Only by doing it persistent can the effect be seen.

The two months at the beginning may be very effective, and it will generally feel obvious until 12-15 weeks.

For men, if you want to exercise the bottom muscles, the core point is to consciously carry out anal lifting exercises:

When inhaling, the anus is lifted up like a stool, and the anus is slowly relaxed when exhaling.

It is best to last for 5 ~ 10 minutes each time, do 2 to 3 times a day, and stick to at least 8 weeks.

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