Medical case sharing: Do you still get pregnant in this case?

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Ms. Liu, 26, has no pregnancy for one year for pregnancy. The examination is confirmed to confirm that the polymons are often not available.Patients usually sweat less, are easy to be afraid of cold, strong body hair and easy to lose hair, usually easy to get tired, boring.

【Basic Information】 Female, 26 years old

【Disease Type】 Polycystic ovary

[Consultation Hospital] Henan Provincial People’s Hospital

[Time] August 2022

【Treatment Plan】 Chinese Medicine Treatment

[Treatment cycle] 15 days is one cycle, treatment 5 cycles

[Treatment effect] Menstruation recovery, ovulation recovery, early pregnancy in the palace

1. First consultation

"Director, I am infertility, let me go to the reproductive hospital, we have to do test tubes, we don’t have that much money, let’s take a look."Does she have the opportunity to be a mother’s answer.I also saw a lot of doctors before I came here. I told her that she needs to promote and test tubes. She has a lot of psychological pressure. She always asked me if I do n’t have a test tube?

AMH13.2 is much higher than the normal value, which is in line with the characteristics of polycystic. B -ultrasound shows that the follicles in the bilateral ovaries are greater than 10.The tongue diagnosis found that the tongue coating was thin and white, and the tooth marks were obvious. Considering the heavier phlegm in the patient’s body, there was a stasis.

2. Treatment

Ms. Liu had begun to lose weight before coming, but she was still fat as a whole, and her menstruation never came.Considering that the phlegm in her body is more interested, it is necessary to discharge these first to ensure the use of the later medication absorption and effect.In the first cycle, the phlegm is excreted first. The 15 -day Cangfu sputum soup is added and subtracted, plus a few medicines with spleen and spleen, and improved the spleen and stomach function. I call this stage the preparation condition.

In the second cycle, she regulates her ovarian function, improves endocrine levels, establishes a menstrual cycle, and promotes ovulation in traditional Chinese medicine. She uses Dan Zhen Xiaoyao San and subtracted.The third cycle is adjusted and subtracted according to the medication. The menstruation can already come normally.The tongue coating has improved.

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Third, the treatment effect

After treatment, Ms. Liu established a regular menstrual cycle. During the period, she did not arrange follicle monitoring due to the epidemic cause. After menstruation, she began to try pregnancy. The weight dropped from the original 60kg to the later 55kg.After all aspects improved, or their own treatment confidence increased a little bit.Especially after menstruation recovers.

Fourth, precautions

Polycs are not only affecting pregnancy, but also a problem of endocrine, so women who have no need for pregnancy need to be intervened early for women who have no need to prepare for pregnancy.

5. Personal perception

1. Many women in clinical practice will be very inferior when they come to see a doctor. I feel that there is a problem with her body because I have not taken care of well. I feel that I am no longer a normal person.Here is the heart.

2. Most gynecological diseases, menstruation will give you signs in advance. When menstruation is abnormal, it should be paid attention to, resulting in a lot of irregular menstruation, and it should be more cautious during diagnosis.

3. At present, there are different parties about polycysts, but don’t worry: First of all, there are very mature conditioning solutions. As long as doctors and patients cooperate, whether it is a regular menstrual cycle or pregnancy, it is very promising.There are also many successful medical cases.

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