Many women may do it frequently, self -examination, if there are timely corrections

"One Ma Pingchuan, why is the chest inconspicuous?" This is a sentence that Lulu often hangs on his mouth.

In her mouth, in fact, she also envious people who have material figures, but she is an adult, but she still wore student underwear.A cup of adult underwear will be empty for her.

On this day, she talked with her girlfriends, envying her girlfriends could conquer the C cup, but the girlfriends said that they also had trouble.

Xiaoli said, "My chest is big and one small, not beautiful."

Xiaomin said: "I heard that the breasts have been so big that it is easy to get breast cancer. I can’t help worrying as long as I have a pain in my chest."

Lulu knew that it turned out that everyone was not satisfied with their chests.

The chest is often a topic that women cannot escape. It not only means body and curve, but also related to good health.Xiaojiu will talk to you today about the small problems about chest health.

Some women have a proud curve on their chests, and some women’s chests are very flat. What is the reason why the breast is determined?

Breasts usually begin to develop during adolescence, especially at the age of fourteen and five years old. At this time, breast development will be more obvious, but the same growth and development process, some people have full breasts, and some people have small breasts.Five factors have something to do.

1. hormone

During the development of the breast, the ovarian endocrine hormone, adrenal cortex, and anterior pituitary lobe are mainly affected by ovarian endocrine, and the level of hormones in each body is different. If the level of hormones is strong, it will naturally promote the growth of the breast, and the breast will be fuller.Essence

2. Genetic

Usually, if the mother’s breasts are thin, then the daughter’s breasts may also be inherited because of the inadequateness. In addition, the obese human body has more fat and the breasts will be larger.

3. Diet

If you have partial eclipse picky and malnutrition, you are likely to affect the development of the breast.On the contrary, if you consume sufficient protein during adolescence, you can promote breast development. It should be noted that the impact of diet on the breast after puberty is relatively small.

4. Breastfeeding

During the pregnancy and lactation stage, women are relatively high in estrogen and progesterone in the body, and breasts will develop secondary development. Therefore, many women will be full of breasts after giving birth.

5. race

Oriental women’s breast glandular tissue, less fat, relatively small breasts, while Western women’s breast gland density density, coupled with high fat diet habits, will form a plump breast.

Girls, have you observed the form of your breasts in the mirror?Attentive people may find that the size of the breasts on both sides is actually not symmetrical, so is the size of the breasts that are not normal?

In fact, it is normal for breasts and one size. This is caused by different sensitivity to estrogen when the breasts are developing. It is often faster to develop a more sensitive side.

Therefore, the mild asymmetry of the breast is natural and normal.

Of course, some habits in life may also affect breast growth, such as sleeping sideways for a long time, not wearing underwear for a long time, excessive use of one arm on one side, etc., can cause breasts asymmetry.

In addition, some congenital abnormal diseases may also cause different breasts. Generally, they must be actively dealt with when they are found during breast development.

It should be reminded that we should pay more attention to whether the breasts have suddenly become bigger. This is likely to be a problem of breast tumors, and it is necessary to check as soon as possible.

The prevalence and disease mortality of breast cancer in my country are relatively high. Many women diagnose breast cancer even in the middle and late stages, so that the overall five -year survival rate is less than 50%.

Many people think that the occurrence of breast cancer is directly related to the size of the breast. Is this the case?

Of course, the answer is that breast cancer is a disease that occurs in the breast body. The size of the breast is mainly related to the amount of fat, which is not directly related to the breast body. Therefore, it cannot be judged by the breast cancer alone to determine the incidence of breast cancer.

Dr. Ma Bo, director of the breast surgery of Zhejiang Hospital, also said that the number of breasts is actually similar, regardless of the large breasts or chest, and the number of breasts is actually the gonad. Generally, the risk of cancer of other tissues including fat is actually relatively low.

On the other hand, the breasts developed during adolescence, and the pregnancy and lactation developed again. Until menopause, breasts atrophy. It can be said that the breast size has been changing in the process.IntersectionThis is obviously deviated with the statistical results of epidemiological diseases of middle -aged and elderly women in high incidence of breast cancer.

Breasts are one of the very important organs for women, and they are responsible for breeding the next generation.But many women do not know how to protect their breasts, and even frequently hurt their breasts. These three behaviors, please make corrections in time.

1. Love angry

If women are frequent, they will easily disrupt the endocrine system, leading to imbalance of estrogen patients in the body, and breast cells will also be blood -blooded, which may cause breast hyperplasia problems.

2. Rubbing massage

Inappropriate rubbing and massage breasts will actually cause the breast blisters to rupture, milk will enter the mammary interstitial, leading to breast inflammation.Especially those who have breast diseases, if they frequently rub and massage their breasts, will even aggravate the condition.

Some of the "three -none" external coating and internal breast enhancement products recommended by the massage store may add estrogen, and long -term use will increase the risk of breast cancer.

3. Smoking and drinking

Both cigarettes and alcohol have negative effects on women’s endocrine, interfere with the normal growth and development of breasts, and cigarettes and alcohol are carcinogens. Women’s long -term smoking and alcohol and drinking will also increase the risk of breast cancer.

In order to make their breasts fuller, many women will try everything to breast enhancement. Diet, surgery, massage, medicine, etc. are all trying.

What Xiao Jiu wants to tell you is that the size of the breast cannot determine the beauty and ugliness of a person. Do not blindly perform surgery or try "recipes" in order to pursue fullness.Essence

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