Ma Sichun’s recent photos were exposed, and her body was suspected to be pregnant. Her depression was healed?

Recently, some media photographed Ma Sichun and her boyfriend Zhang Zhexuan to meet with friends. On the same day, Ma Sichun was wearing a black perspective, and his body was slightly bloated.

It is reported that at that time, Zhang Zhexuan talked with friends all the way, and Ma Sichun looked at them with a good look at them.However, she occasionally add it and talk a few words.From the side, Ma Sichun’s stomach is very round.

Seeing this scene, netizens have different opinions. Some people speculate that Ma Sichun’s stomach is too big, and he is about to get fat. It may be pregnant. Some people say that after her depression is healed, she starts to release her.She is happy.

In fact, this was not the first time that Ma Sichun and Zhang Zhexuan had been photographed. Previously, the two had been encountered by netizens in the UK. At that time, Ma Sichun was loose and was questioned at the time.

In fact, when Ma Sichun and Zhang Zhexuan’s relationship was just exposed, the outside world was not optimistic, because the man was picked up too much black material, such as suspected to be a scum man, burst of mouth, etc.Zhang Wei couldn’t stand it, and he loved him to pretend.

At that time, many fans of Ma Sichun persuaded him to break up, and some passersby also joined it, saying that she was in love.However, no matter how the netizens persuade, Ma Sichun is to be with Zhang Zhexuan. From the exposure of the relationship to the present, it has been a long time. They are still together, and netizens will not say much. Basically, they respect the blessings.

In fact, before Zhang Zhexuan, Ma Sichun also had a relationship with Ou Hao. The original love relationship was optimistic about everyone, but unfortunately he broke up.

Speaking of which, behind the scenery, Ma Sichun actually experienced many bitter things.She had exposed herself in the show that she had depression. She was afraid of everything before. She was afraid that others would not like herself. They were afraid of that, and they might also be related to her first love.

However, Ma Sichun said frankly that after suffering from depression, she later understood that health was the most important. She also used her experience to encourage the audience in front of the TV to say that if there is depression, don’t be afraid, face it, take medicine for treatment.

In addition, Ma Sichun also revealed that because of taking medicine, she had 8 pounds of fat in 3 days, but she could not take it. If she didn’t take medicine, she would stiffness and gasped.

In addition to depression, Ma Sichun had encountered campus bullying. According to her description, when she was in junior high school, she felt like she was in "hell". At that time, she was fat, but she ran fast. There was a girl in the class.I always laughed at her, "I can run so fast when I grow so fat."

Not only that, Ma Sichun’s letter to his friends was also taken away, and even read publicly in the class.What’s more, Ma Sichun bought a bottle of cola and went back to find that the drawer was placed. When there was only a part of the left, she opened it.Later, someone told her that cola was filled with rag water, chalk ash and so on.Since then, Ma Sichun has become unconfident and feels that he is nothing.

Perhaps because of her experience and personality, Ma Sichun is particularly eager to love. She once said that in her eyes, love is the first, that is, there is only one boyfriend, but there are many friends, and she is not afraid that others will say that she is light friendly.

Therefore, in combination with her life experience, maybe Zhang Zhexuan gave her companionship and love during her depression, so the two talents have always been in a stable relationship.Since persuasion is useless, rational netizens believe that "if people drink water and warmth, let go of the plot to help others, respect the fate of others, Ma Sichun is happy."

In any case, Ma Sichun’s feelings are good or bad. Only the parties know the most clearly. The people who eat melon still treat them rationally and respect the blessings.

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