Ma Sichun and Zhang Zhexuan went out in hand.

On October 12, Ma Sichun and her boyfriend Zhang Zhexuan were photographed again. The two went out with their hands, showing a state of paint.

After the official announcement, the two people who entered the love period after the love period were not low -key at all. In addition to being sweetly held hands, the two also wore couples, including purple hats and brown tops. Don’t be too loving.

Compared with the unique state of the two people, Ma Sichun’s figure seems to be more noticeable.Ma Sichun, who appeared in the whole body, looked a lot of fat again, the body’s body was very rounded, and her abdomen was high, and it was difficult to doubt whether she was pregnant.

Looking at the response from netizens, basically this feeling is all, and they asked with a message: "Is this pregnant?"

It is also worth noting that after Ma Sichun got in the car, she also deliberately adjusted her seat, and her posture did not look particularly flexible, even a bit bulky, so that the two staff members needed to help her.After being carefully taken care of, is Sister Ma really pregnant?

After the staff was busy, her boyfriend Zhang Zhexuan stood aside and was not moving. Originally, the relationship between the two had not been optimistic. Now they do n’t take the initiative to care for their girlfriends. Zhang Zhexuan is afraid to be sprayed again …

Not only was he rumored to be pregnant, Ma Sichun was also exposed to Britain for giving birth, so after she showed her physical fitness video, some netizens deliberately told her not to do high -intensity exercise after giving birth.It is also the first time that Ma Sichun has responded to having children.

Ma Sichun, who has rumored rumors, wondered if he would come up with rumors this time?

However, as far as netizens have speculated that Ma Sichun’s pregnancy is concerned, there are actually some contradictions, because looking at Ma Sichun’s social dynamics, she has insisted on fitness recently. The latest sports dynamics are on September 26.If Ma Sichun is pregnant, she should reduce the amount of exercise!

But if Ma Sichun is not pregnant, why is he obviously insisted on fitness, not only is he not thin but also fat?So in the final analysis, you still need to wait for Ma Sichun’s response!

Although her relationship with her boyfriend Zhang Zhexuan has not been favored by the outside world, and has been repeatedly spoiled by fans, in Ma Sichun’s view, Zhang Zhexuan, who is very good for herself, is worthy of her good to him.Looking at the state of the two, the two people who were frequently photographed together were very sweet and were not affected by the sound on the Internet.

Since the two have identified each other, I wish them happiness!

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