Love to put stinky farts after pregnancy?8 ways to help you get angry

Many expectant mothers will find that after pregnancy, they become fart. What is going on?How should expectant mothers alleviate the symptoms of fart and fart smell?

Dreaming Dream: Before pregnancy, I heard my girlfriend said that the most uncomfortable pregnancy is pregnancy vomiting.I was okay when I was pregnant. There was no early pregnancy reaction, but one thing was very embarrassing, that is, the fart became more after pregnancy.It’s okay when there is no one. If there are many people, it is really embarrassing.Once I didn’t hold back in the elevator, it didn’t sound but it was stinky. Although I tried to pretend to be "not me", I was still very guilty, and the elevator opened the door to escape.Why does pregnancy affect farting?Intersection

Fish who love to eat cats: I remember that when my friend was pregnant, I often complained that she had a lot of "fart". We also joked that she was too furry. When she was pregnant, she found that it was really the case.After pregnancy, not only has more farts, but also than usual fart odor. It is really helpless and embarrassing. He can only comfort himself optimistically.

Why do you like to put stinky farts after pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers will find that there are more "farts" after pregnancy. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, and pregnant mothers don’t have to be too nervous.Why do you love farting after pregnancy?This is mainly caused by flatulence. There are two reasons:

Pathotin: After pregnancy, the progesterone in the body increases a lot, which weakens the gastrointestinal motility, reduces the secretion of gastric acid, and causes excessive gas. The gas must be "farted" to exclude the gas.

Older uterine enlargement: In the middle and late pregnancy, the baby gradually grows up. The increased uterus compresses the gastrointestinal and stomach, causing the gastrointestinal motility to slow down and form flatulence.

The gastrointestinal motility of the gastrointestinal peristalsis is also the cause of the fart during pregnancy.

8 ways to help you get angry

Erotic fart during pregnancy

How to relieve the smell of fart during pregnancy?In fact, giving up during pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon, and it will not affect health. Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry.But old farts always feel uncomfortable, and sometimes it will cause embarrassing situations. The following methods can appropriately alleviate the flatulence status and make your pregnancy "fart" not so much.


Eat less

There must be sufficient water in the large intestine to promote the excrement to relieve flatulence. Therefore, the expectant mothers must drink plenty of water during pregnancy, but pay attention to the best drinking warm water. Cold water will cause intestinal colic and shrink the uterus. Do not drink irritating drinks orSweet drink.


Drink more water

In order to avoid flatulence, it is recommended that expectant mothers should eat less and eat less, not to eat too much.When the stomach is already swollen, if you eat a lot of food, it will cause the stomach to work too much, which makes the flatulence more serious.


eat more fruits and vegetables

It is easy to constipation during pregnancy, and it is easy to cause flatulence without stool. Therefore, you can eat more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy to supplement cellulose and prevent constipation.At the same time, you should eat less beans and starch.


Ate some yogurt

Specific mothers can eat yogurt properly. Yogurt can not only change it, but also beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus contained in it can promote the elimination of exhaust gas in the body.


Eat less dinner

In three meals a day, try to take more food during breakfast and lunch, and at night when the gastrointestinal function is weak, you should eat less to avoid aggravating gastrointestinal burden.


Properly massage your belly

If necessary, you can gently massage your belly, so that the intestinal peristalsis promotes the defecation exhaust to relieve flatulence.However, pregnant mothers should pay attention not to press the uterus by mistake. Exotic friction may cause uterine contraction, and seriously may cause bleeding.


Exercise appropriately

During pregnancy, you do n’t know how to bed. You have to walk properly and take a walk after meals. This can increase the intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation exhaust.



Stress also increases harmful bacteria and exhaust gas in the intestine. Therefore, we must pay attention to relaxing the mood during pregnancy. This not only relieves the symptoms of farts, but also prevent depression during pregnancy.

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