Look at the oral language of the plays: OOPS, I GOOFED. Oh, I made a mistake / I messed up

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(Susan is painting at the kitchen table, and julie goes to the sink to make a drink, sees a fender benr outside the window. Susan sat on the table in the kitchen to paint. OutsideA small accident occurred)

[Slang Learning] Fender Bender

Phonetic symbol: [ˈfendˈ ˈBendə]

Interpretation: Refers to a small accident, less serious car accident.

Julie: Grandma’s Here.

Grandma is here.

(Susan Joins Her Daughter at the Window. Susan and his daughter stand by the window)

Susan: Now that is just perfect. STAY PUT.

This is good.In the house

Stay put.

Interpretation: Stay in place.

[EXT: Wisteria Lane -Outside Mayer House -Day]

Sophie: (to mike) I am so sorry.

I am so sorry.

Susan: Hey Mom.

(Mike looks at Sophie in Shock as he realises who she is when Mike knows who Sophie is, watching her in surprise)

Sophie: oh hey susie. OOPS, I goofed.

Susan, I messed up.

GOOF / ːU vF / V. Counter stupid mistakes; idle; excessive taking (prohibited drugs)

When you encounter your own mistakes, it can be said; i goofed.

Susan: What Happy?

What happened

Sophie: You Know Me, no depth perception whatsosoever. The state should have have issued me a license.

You know me, there is no sense of distance.It’s strange that they shouldn’t send me a driver’s license


Adv. (Used to strengthen the tone in the negative sentence) (no), the meaning of the slightest (not) = not … at all.

pron. No matter what



1.i Alway Thought The Worst of MySelf and Had No Confidence WhatsoEver.

I always think of myself the worst, and I have no confidence at all.

2. – is there there dott about it?

Are there any questions?

——None Whatsoever.


3.I TOLD HIM THAT I’d Back Him Whatsoever.

I told him that I support him in any case.

Mike: so you’re suman’s mom?

Are you Susan’s mother?

Sophie: Yeah. I’m Sophie Bremner. And you are-

Yes, my name is Sophie Brammer, what is your name

Mike Delfino. Mike Delphino

Sophie: oh, you’re mike? Oh my god. Susan’s told me so much about you. Well, do just stand there, give me a hug!

You are Mike.Oh my god, Susan often talks about you, don’t stand and hold one.

(Mike looks awkwardly at Susan as her mother hugs him. When Susan’s mother hugs Mike, he watched Susan embarrassed.)

Susan: mom, mike and I are’t together anymore.

Mom, Mike and I have broken up

Sophie: Oh, sorry. I guess I just made this awkward, huh.

Sorry, it seems that I am embarrassed.

Susan: Yeah, you really do. So let’s go call the incompany.

Indeed, then we quickly call the insurance company.

Sophie: Well, It’s Nice Meeting You Anyway, Mike.

No matter what, I am very happy to see you, Mike

Mike: You too. And I never wooSset you was susan’s mom.

Me too, I really didn’t expect you to be Susan’s mother.

Sophie: I Know I look too young. I get pregnant when I was a tiny teenager.

I understand, I look too young, I am only a dozen years old when I am pregnant

Susan: (EmbarraSED) okay. Okay

Sophie: It was the first time I got drunk. Ever! Can you believe it?

At that time, I was drunk for the first time and couldn’t believe it?

Susan: Let’s go. Let’s go.

Sophie: Her Father was a Marine you know. Afterward he gave me three of his medals.

His father was a navy and later gave me three medals.

Susan: MOM!

Sophie: What? What?

Susan: Let’s go inside and call the insuriance company.

Let’s go in and call the insurance company.

Sophie: oh, right. Oh right

(SOPHIE WALKS INTO The House, Susan Starts to Follow But Turns Back to Mike Sophie into the house, Susan followed Mike back)

Susan (To Mike): What are you smiling about?

what are you laughing at

Mike: I userd to have all the questions about how you get to be the way you are.

I have been wondering why you are such a person.Now I understand it.

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