Liu Shishi repeatedly passed on the marriage: the female Fang Buddha department, the man was squeezed by the whole family, and lived a feathers in life.

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"Liu Shishi married a vampire!"

A word from Wu Qilong’s ex -wife Ma Yashu caused stormy.

In response to these remarks, netizens have expressed their unbelief.

"This woman is jealous. Wu Qilong is like a wife and madness." "The two people are good, what is your ex -wife coming out?"

It didn’t take long for a paparazzi to break the news. Wu Qilong was suspected to be derailed, and the two may have broken up.

Although this is a rumor quickly, the wedding ring and the tired state on the face of Liu Shishi’s hand seemed to be implying that all of us are not groundless.

Behind the love of Siye and Ruoxi, is it really happy?

In September 2011, a "Step by Step" brought 10,000 people on both sides of the strait.

How many audiences did the male and female protagonists earn the tears of the audience through time and space. Siye and Ruoxi, the pair of screen CPs, have also become the "white moonlight" and "difficulty" of countless people.

Good dramas are inseparable from good actors. The most moving point of this drama is that not only the audience entered the play, but even the actors were immersed in the role and could not extricate themselves.

The episode aired for a long time, and the actress Liu Shishi, who starred in the heroine Ruoxi, also asked the audience and reporters not to call Ruo Xi with a crying cavity in the interview.

At that time, I only felt that the actor was dedicated. I didn’t know that Liu Shishi really fell into it, and even extended the fate of the character directly outside the play.

Wu Qilong, who starred in the actor Siye in 2013, suddenly took a close photo with Liu Shishi.

Later, Liu Shishi also reposted this Weibo to admit that the two had already been together.

Although it was officially announced in the middle of the night, a large number of audiences were exploded.

Many netizens excitedly stated that "sincere blessing the four grandfathers, if the four grandfather, if the four grandfathers are old and old", "watching the drama, I abuse me with liver pain, thank Qilong’s poetry all my regrets."

But in a blessing sound, there are some different voices, thinking that Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong are not matched, and their reasons are actually sufficient.

Because Wu Qilong is more than ten years older than Liu Shishi, although he looks lighter, he can work hard as her father.

Although in the entertainment industry, it seems that age is never a problem, but there is one of Wu Qilong’s most concerned point, that is, he had a failure of a failure.

Many fans leave a message to discourage Liu Shishi not to be affected by the feelings of the characters in the play, and then consider that a legitimate actress really does not need to marry a second -married old man.

But who knew that Liu Shishi was going to marry Wu Qilong, and claimed that he had waited for two years in order to confirm that he had waited for two years. Now it is very sure that this turbulent relationship is Liu Shishi’s to Wu Qilong, not Ruoxi to Siye.

As soon as this statement came out, it directly blocked many netizens who sing and decline.

Liu Shishi "tied the public" here, and Wu Qilong did not retreat. He directly took out all his sincerity and prepared to marry a younger bride who was young.

According to rumors, Wu Qilong gave Liu Shishi as high as 1 billion at that time, and the cost of the super luxurious wedding for her in Bali was not cost -effective.

Not only that, he also reprimanded Liu Shishi from the original company to "redeem himself", signed into his own company as the boss, gives shares and resources.

Such a big hand is very different from Wu Qilong’s frugal style in the past. Many netizens praised Liu Shishi to find a good husband, and the two of them were really sweet after marriage.

Not only do you often attend various activities, even when you catch the plane, you have ten fingers, and the honeymoon couples who are inseparable.

During that time, Liu Shishi was glowing, looking at Wu Qilong’s eyes with light, and he also squatted down to Wu Qilong in public.

Wu Qilong also seemed to be a "rake ears". As long as he was on the side, Liu Shishi was like a mother. He only needed to be responsible for beauty.

Just when everyone felt that the two were born with a pair, and when they finally got old, some people had the appearance of the shame of this perfect marriage. This person was Wu Qilong’s ex -wife Ma Yashu.

Ma Yashu and Wu Qilong knew the micro -end. At that time, both of them were famous actors who had no fame and supported each other to have a difficult time.

The special nature of the career allows the two to separate only the two places. The perennial gathering of Duo Shaoli made Ma Ya Shu be discouraged. She knew her new boyfriend and proposed a divorce to Wu Qilong.

After the two of them divorced, Ma Yashu had been carrying the fame of the derailed woman, so she had always been resentful to Wu Qilong. The biggest hobby was to reveal Wu Qilong’s "fierce material" on the show or interview.

Not only are the Wu Qilong family who are parasites, but also broke the news that when he was married to Wu Qilong, he made a 5 -carat diamond ring. All the remaining spending was to swipe his own card.

Instead, Wu Qilong is implying that Wu Qilong’s marrying Liu Shishi is another picture. He also uses the remarks of "less than 5 years of marriage for three years", which means that Wu Qilong is not good.

But in the face of a value of 1 billion and Liu Shishi’s big belly one day, her remarks are extremely ridiculous.

Everyone was seen as a joke, but a paparazzi broke the news that everyone murmured.

In 2022, suddenly a paparazzi broke the news on the Internet. A pair of couples in the entertainment industry in their teens may be officially married. They also said that the heroine was a second marriage, and the heroine was set up with the world.

The spearheads in the words pointed to the Wu Qilong and his wife, and even showed a photo of the man suspected of derailment, questioning the two had already divorced.

Although the two quickly came out of the rumor, there was no problem, but netizens saw the clue from Liu Shishi’s daily performance.

At first, someone found that Liu Shishi did not wear a wedding ring when taking pictures on multiple occasions, and it was very poor in the naked eye.

There are also people reported that the two have long been separated from the Cold War.

The child’s educational issue must be a first -class event of a family. As a public figure, the education system for choosing Taiwan or the mainland is also very sensitive.

The war between her mother and her in -laws was about to start. After a long cold war, Liu Shishi took a step back and agreed to go to school in Taiwan.

Isn’t he a wife and madness?Liu Shishi is the only daughter, and her career is also on the mainland. Why not move directly to the mainland to settle, and still try to argue this?

In the final analysis, because he has a strong mother.

Wu Qilong once lived in a wealthy family, but his father’s wrong judgment, but lost all his net worth in the mall, and owed a debt to make their living standards fall thousands of years.

In order to reduce the burden on the family, Wu Qilong had to make money at a young age.Fortunately, he looks good and has good luck. When selling a TV, he was dug away by the scouts and became red.

Seeing that his son became famous, his mother was happy and anxious.

I am happy that the huge bills at home have finally settled; anxiously, the children who earn money will abandon themselves if they will be hardened.

Because of this sense of insecurity, Ms. Wu’s desire to control her son’s pillar is super strong.

When Wu Qilong was young, the reason why he was in love was not able to cultivate a positive result, and his excessive intervention with Mother Wu could not get rid of the department.

It is said that his relationship with Cai Shaofen at that time was because Wu Ms. Wu thought that Cai Shaofen had a bad family condition, and he finally blown it up.

In addition to the strict guardian of his son’s love, Mother Wu knows that only by controlling the fiscal power can she truly pinch her son’s life pulse.

It is rumored that Wu Qilong’s real estate in Taiwan is almost under the name of his mother and two brothers. In the interview, he also revealed that in his early years, because he had to pay off the account, he had to support his family, so the money he earned would be handed over to his mother.

But now the account has been paid off, and the brothers have already become a family, but because they make money the most, they still have to bear the tuition fees of the nephews and the living expenses of the whole family.

Her ex -wife Ma Yashu once broke the news that Wu Qilong and her rarely had a living fee after marriage. They had to find a way to eat and wear.

Since her mother -in -law is so picky, why did Liu Shishi be favored by her?

Of course because of money.

Wu Qilong was nearly half a year at the time of marriage, and Liu Shishi was rising. Whoever did not like the young, golden and beautiful daughter -in -law.

It is rumored that when she saw Liu Shishi before the marriage, her mother -in -law was very diligent. She was gentle and gentle as her daughter who had been in disappeared for many years. After she got married, her mother -in -law immediately changed her face.

During the interview, claiming that the wedding was not good, and felt that he owed a daughter -in -law. He was having abandoning the current daughter -in -law too high -profile and spending money, and ignored the face of the new daughter -in -law.

It is said that in private, he sent his daughter -in -law to send himself 200,000 diamond rings. He felt that he was "suffering" that he married this daughter -in -law.

Not long after marriage, Mother Wu began to give birth, regardless of her daughter -in -law’s career, and she also publicly questioned that Liu Shishi could not be born.

Under the dual pressure of public opinion and family, Liu Shishi finally compromised and pregnant with her baby.

After pregnancy, the entire Wu family survived, and it is said that they once threw tens of millions to prepare the baby room for the child.

Liu Shishi was very happy to see this child so valued this child so much. I didn’t know that they only paid attention to the children, and they were an outsider in this family.

In April 2019, Wu Qilong announced his father, but then Liu Shishi suspected to suffer from depression after giving birth.

Although the husband and wife also quickly rumored this time, the information revealed by the reporter made the audience worthless for Liu Shishi several times.

It is said that after Liu Shishi produced, Wu Qilong stopped all his work and accompanied him, but he should have been looking forward to the mother -in -law who hugged his grandson, but he was late.

Not only did he have no joy on his face, he didn’t bring anything when he came, only two large bottle of mineral water in his hand.

When the reporter asked what preparations for Liu Shishi’s confinement life, it was impatiently stated that it was not a matter of worrying.

Later, netizens picked up the conditions of the confinement center where Liu Shishi lived after the production, and only a few thousand yuan a night.

It is not cheap, but the female star Yang Mi, who is the same as the coffee, is priced at the confinement center for 3 days.

Looking at the battle when marriage, the two should not even save the money of confinement center.After all, it is still unwilling to spend money on daughter -in -law who has no use value.

At this time, Liu Shishi realized that in her mother -in -law’s heart, her daughter -in -law would never become a daughter, and her status in this home still had to fight for itself.

Not long after giving birth, Liu Shishi returned to work.

And the frequency of borrowing the play is higher than before. Although the advertisement of the film is constant, it is difficult to hide the fatigue. The gully on the 30 -year -old face is very obvious, making fans feel distressed.

Here Liu Shishi worked hard, but Wu Qilong was flattened.

The two places were separated, the son arrived in hand, the daughter -in -law made money, Wu Qilong passed the elderly life, and sent a photo of his own life on the social platform every day.

However, Liu Shishi became a paper person because of his high -intensity work, and the public exchanges between the two were almost gone.

The exemplary couples that were envied by thousands of people went away like this.

Marriage is like this. The passion of two people requires the running -in of the two people. Only one land feathers left after the passion disappears.

However, the current marriage relationship between the two should be quite stable, after all, the ring on Wu Qilong is still there.

As for whether the love is happiness or pain, only the husband and wife know it.

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