Li Yan died: She brought her smile to the world and left the pain to herself

Li Yan has expressed many times that she is a perfectionist, but she knows that no one is perfect.Beijing News Data Map

On the evening of July 5th, the news of the singer Li Yan died and swiped the screen in the circle of friends.

That night, Li Si’s sister Li Silin posted on his personal Weibo that Li Yan was born lightly at home on July 2 due to depression. After the hospital team worked hard to rescue and treat, he finally returned to the soul on July 5 and told others.Born in 1975, Li Yan was only 48 years old.

The news came out that shocked netizens could not believe that Li Yan, who has always smiled, has been curved, vitality, and sunny and optimistic, he would choose to die in such a decisive choice because of depression.

On the evening of July 2nd, Li Yan also sent a message to the fans, saying that he would work hard. "Feel everyone’s love and support for me.You are also healthy and happy. I miss everyone very much. I work hard. "

No one could think of it, this turned out to be Li Yan’s last words.Everyone remembers that Li Yan, who is always vibrant and full of smiles, can only sigh now, "She leaves laughter to the world, but only leaves the pain to herself."

On the stage of "Everbright", Li Yan partnered with Li Jian to cooperate with "What to See in Life".Beijing News Data Map

It was once known as "the light of Chinese"

Li Yan, born in Hong Kong on January 17, 1975, immigrated to California in the United States at the age of 9. He participated in the Hong Kong TVB Rookie Singing Contest in 1993 and won the runner -up. He immediately debuted.In 1994, he released his first music album "Love to take advantage of the present", and it became popular.

In 1996, Li Yan joined Taiwan Sony Records and won the runner -up of the Golden Song Dragon Tiger List with the album "Li Yan". In the same year, the album "Coco’ s PARTY "made 530,000 sales in the first month of listing in Taiwan.

In 1998, Li Yan released the album "DI DA DI", which achieved 1.8 million sales in Asia.In the same year, at the World Cup in France, Li Yan became the first Chinese singer to appear on the opening ceremony of the World Cup.

In 1999, Li Yan released his first English album "Just No Other Way", becoming the first Asian artist to enter the MTV Asia Hitlist list and TOP 100 Asia Singles AirPlay, with global sales of 2 million.

In 2001, the English theme song "A Love Before Time" sung by Li Yan was nominated for the best original song of the 73rd Academy Award and became the first Chinese singer to sing Oscar.

In 2004, Li Yan starred in his first film "Self -Entertainment" and won the Best Foreign Language Film Film Award in the Beverlyshan Film Festival in the United States … These are just a small part of Li Yan’s music career.

As the first Chinese singer to enter the American pop music industry and the first English album in the world, Li Yan was once hailed as "the light of Chinese" by Times Weekly.As a Chinese singer who really enjoys the reputation of the world, Li Yan not only let the world know her, but also makes people see the possibility of the blending of popular music and culture in East and West.

Although the problem of leg injuries in recent years has not improved, Li Yan insisted on dancing for the stage of the stage.Figure/@coco Li Yan Weibo

To prove that "Chinese music is also good"

Li Yan, who seems unruly on the stage, is also an extremely healthy artist.She is enthusiastic about public welfare, participating in various charity activities, and contributing to money.In Li Yan’s 48 years of life experience, strong and optimism are even more talented weapons.

Li Yan’s childhood was not complete.She was born in an intellectual family, and her parents were graduates of Peking University, but her father died during her mother’s pregnancy. Li Yan, as a heritage, had never seen her father.

As soon as he was in the United States when he was young, Li Yan had no English foundation, but he became a model student in just one semester.In 1991, Li Yan won the championship in the beauty pageant, and participated in the singing contest in California in 1992, and also won the championship.

In 1993, Li Yan graduated from high school, and was admitted by the University of California Erwan due to excellent results.If he did not enter the entertainment industry, Li Yan’s life is likely to be equally exciting.

In the entertainment industry, Li Yan’s singing wind is new. In the middle of the 1990s, the Chinese music scene in the mid -1990s, even unique.Her sound range is extremely broad, can control all kinds of styles, the singing of the song is extremely difficult, and her stage expression has affected many singers.

All of this is quite rare among Chinese singers.And of course, this is also inseparable from Li Yan’s efforts -in the small tidbits of her first album "Love Shopping Taking advantage of the present", 19 -year -old dream of "running international", "I wanted to prove it toEveryone watching the Chinese is not just a good effort, but also the music. "

Li Yan’s fashion avant -garde has made it jump out of the category of music and became the fashion queen of that era.But many people don’t know that Li Yan, who is so vibrant on the stage, has actually had difficulty left leg defects from an early age.

At the age of two, Li Yan’s left leg had undergone surgery, but he could not fully recover after surgery. He could only rely on his right leg to bear most of his body weight.Therefore, every time Li Yan’s singing and dancing dance, in fact, is a war with his left leg. He must overcome huge pain at any time, just to present the best self and bring your smile to the world.

Li Yan (left) and mother and two sisters.Figure/@coco Li Yan Weibo

Work hard to leave the smile to this world

Facing depression that has troubled him for several years, Li Yan is also strong and optimistic.

In February this year, Li Yan also posted on the social media platform, saying that he would face "the biggest challenge in life and the biggest fear of life", that is, his left leg surgery.

Faced with challenges and fear, Li Yan chose to face it calmly. She showed vitality, but she didn’t mind showing her fragility.

Li Yan once wrote, "I have endured the pain for many years, and now it has made me unable to live normally. God forced me to face it. For so many years, dancing on the stage is actually supporting the entire body by legs.It’s your own willpower. "For Li Yan, every time on the stage is actually a fight for his own fate.

For this reason, Li Yan said, "I remember that when I was a kid, the doctor said that I could not dance, so I can be regarded as a miracle for so many years. I am grateful that I can do so much. I only know that no one can determine my destiny, Everything depends on your own efforts, who says you can’t, the more you have to prove that you can show him. "

Li Yan said, "Now, I want to tell everyone the most authentic side of me, I’m really scared, I’m afraid I can’t dance as before. But when I walk into this hospital, my attitude has become meDon’t be afraid, I have to face it bravely, no matter what the result is, I will accept it. "Going out of the" perfectionism "self -setting and admitting that" no one is perfect ", Li Yan is calm and strong for his life.many.

Choosing to die because of depression, of course, it does not mean that Li Yan is not strong enough.In fact, in the 48 years of life, the biggest impression Li Yan left the world was her charming smile -behind each sincere smile, it was a straightforward and strong and strong.

Depression has plagued hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and more than one million people are raised each year.Humanity’s perception of this disease is far from enough, so that there are often misunderstandings. It is believed that depression is equal to "poor adaptability", "not open -minded" and "not strong enough", but ignores the root source of depression.

During his lifetime, Li Yan tried to leave the smile to the world with his strength and optimism; now, if Li Yan’s departure can remind people to face the depression, understand and care about depression patients with more understanding and caring, and live up to live up"I can help others very happy." She.

Writing / Ye Kefei (columnist)

Edit / He Rui

School pair / Zhao Lin

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