Late night fire pregnant woman fell to the family members to call the police: suspected to be killed due to a female fetus

In a calm late night, Ouyang Ming received a short -term phone call. He didn’t wear a ruso in his clothes. He rode a motorcycle with his wife and ran crazy towards the direction of Miaojiang East Avenue, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province.

They soon faced a heartbreaking fact: they just got married for four months and had a July daughter Ouyang Xiaofang, who died after a fire.

A "Appraisal Opinion" that stamped the official seal of the Public Security Bureau of Taijiang County, but did not fall, was identified as the cause of the death of Ouyang Xiaofang as follows: the tutoring of high craniocerebral injury caused the bleeding and bleeding of the thoracic and abdominal organs.

However, Ouyang Xiaofang’s family refused to sign the appraisal. "I have doubted that my daughter was murdered by her son -in -law." Ouyang Ming told Red Star News.

Ouyang Xiaofang Life Photo (Family Figure Supply)

A late night fire

Pregnant women died in the underwent gap in downstairs

In the early morning of December 27, 2016, a sudden fire occurred in the 50 private houses attached to Miaojiang, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province.

"I was already asleep, and I suddenly came, saying that my daughter would not work." Ouyang Ming told Hongxing News.

When Ouyang Ming rushed to the scene, Ouyang Xiaofang had been carried out of the vulva ditch by her husband Wu and others, and then pulled it with a car, ready to be sent to the hospital for rescue.Xiao Fang’s grandfather also rushed to the scene. He saw his granddaughter Qiqiao bleed, "I know I was not saved."

Wu told his father -in -law that after the fire was on fire, Xiao Fang jumped off the window of the bedroom and was slightly blocked by the rain shed.And he jumped to the roof of the neighbor’s house, and then jumped to the flower platform in front of the house, and was only injured.

This is a 4 -story house. The owner is Wu Yishan and Pan Xiaoying, who have public office work.The interior decoration is particular about the living room on the first floor, the second floor is the bedroom of the Wu Yishan couple, and the third floor is the bedroom of Wu Yishan’s son Wu and Xiaofang couple. The fourth floor is a debris room.The fire occurred on the three -story study.

Study room fire scene (picture of family members)

Ouyang Ming’s housing composition diagram shows that the three floors are mainly divided into four rooms, consisting of rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms. The bedroom and study room are separated by the living room.

On December 27, 2016, at 11 am, the public security fire brigade of the Taijiang County County asked Wu Yishan, Wu Mou’s father and son, respectively.

Wu said that the fire that night was discovered by Ouyang Xiaofang first, and some people shouted outside, "I opened the door of the room and fired, and the smoke was everywhere. Then my wife jumped out of the bedroom window.Jump, just jump down. "

Wu said that his wife Xiao Fang jumped out of the bedroom window

(Family confidence)

Wu Xiaoying, the mother of Wu, told Hongxing news that Wu had slept confused that night and was awakened by Xiao Fang. "Her expression and voice were frightened."

Wu said that as soon as the door was opened, the thick smoke ran into the bedroom immediately. "We are all nervous. My wife starts (from the window) and throws things. After throwing it, I jump out of the window.Then jump to the neighbor’s roof and jump down and hug her. "He found that his wife was lying in the gap." I want to save him, she seems to be able to save it. "

Wu opened a computer shop called "XX Technology" in Taijiang County. Wu said that he had been staying in the shop on the night of the incident and did not go home until around 11 pm.Wu told the fire department that Ouyang Xiaofang liked watching TV and playing with mobile phones and computers, but she generally did not turn off the electrical appliances, especially TV. He believed that the fire was caused by the oven. She must have forgotten the fire furnace. "

Wu Mou’s own jumping scene (Family Plan) referred to

A newlywed couple

The woman is outward, and the man is not good at communication

Wu was the only person who "mastered" Ouyang Xiaofang’s dynamic before his death. However, in Ouyang Ming’s view, all the explanations of the son -in -law are doubtful.

The local description of Wu’s young man is familiar with Wu. Wu is not good at communication, which is in sharp contrast to Ouyang Xiaofang’s outgoing and optimistic personality.

In 2013, Ouyang Xiaofang graduated from Guizhou Business Higher College. He was rated as an excellent volunteer at the ninth National Traditional Sports Games in the ninth National Minority National Traditional Sports.After graduating, Ouyang Xiaofang has been accounting for a period of time in a brand wine sales company in Guiyang, the provincial capital. "A few of her aunt married Zhenyuan and Huang Ping and other counties., I want her to return to Taijiang. "Said Ouyang Xiaofang’s mother.

So Ouyang Xiaofang returned to Taijiang, worked in a local supermarket, and then went to the county people’s hospital as an accountant."The hospital is guaranteed, unlike the supermarket self -made profit and loss. The supermarket owner likes her and often told her to go back to make accounts." 邰 said.

Ouyang Xiaofang Life Photo (Family Figure Supply)

Wu Mou and Ouyang Xiaofang met each other from Wu Mou’s aunt Pan Mou.Pan is a cadre in the village in Meiying Village in Tahou Town. Ouyang Xiaofang’s grandfather is a branch in the village. The two people know each other.

"Once Pan Mou suddenly asked me, Dasao, do you have a boyfriend in your family?" 邰 “recalled that Pan Mou recommended his nephew Wu at the time, but he thought Wu Mou’s hometown was in Huangping County, too far,"She explained to me that all a family now live in Taijiang County. "

Ouyang Xiaofang’s family and girlfriend said that Xiao Fang was not very good for Wu’s first impression.In their opinion, the two were not matching. "A group of people meet, Xiao Fang is lively and cheerful, and Wu is silent." But Wu was very active. He loved fishing and often sent fish to Ouyang’s house.On the other hand, Wu’s parents loved Ouyang Xiaofang and often convened many relatives to meet.Before Ouyang Xiaofang married, they took care of her.

On August 20, 2016, Wu and Ouyang Xiaofang got married. At this time, she was pregnant with March.It is not difficult to see that at that time, Ouyang Xiaofang was full of longing for the future life. On August 9, she posted a wedding photo in the circle of friends: "I will be called Mrs. Wu in the future."

Ouyang Xiaofang Life Photo (Family Figure Supply)

婚 said that Wu "called me once a mother after marriage", but Wu loved Ouyang Xiaofang.Ouyang Ming said that Wu loves to play with a assembly gun, and the marksmanship is extremely accurate within 100 meters. He often beats the squirrel to supplement the nutrition for the pregnant Ouyang Xiaofang.

Drunk at once

Husband learned that the girl was low emotional

Folding occurred in November 2016.This month, Xiaofang did the first pregnancy test and learned that he was pregnant with a girl.

Ouyang Xiaofang’s friend Zhang Hui introduced that Xiaofang had a pregnancy test to buy clothes for the child in advance. "She is very happy, asking me to accompany her to buy children’s clothes."

However, after Wu knew that his wife was pregnant with a girl, his mood was very low. On the evening of November 29, he and his friends had a drink of drinking in a bar in the county.Zhang Hui said that Wu was "unhappy that day, and sent photos of self -harm to the circle of friends."

Ouyang Xiaofang was surprised by her husband’s response. "She believes that the husband’s concept of men and women is so conservative in the era of open second child." Zhang Hui told Hongxing News that Wu’s response made Ouyang Xiaofang hurt his heart.

In a private chat with my girlfriend on November 30, 2016, Ouyang Xiaofang said: "I want to divorce Wu." She talked, the Wu family was very happy to her girl, only Wu,"Since the day before yesterday, she was very angry." She said that she learned that Wu was self -harm. She rushed to the bar.She said that she was "embarrassed" and "sad".

Screenshot of the WeChat chat records of Ouyang Xiaofang and friends

(Family confidence)

Ouyang Xiaofang said almostly that he would "never have a second doll with him". She returned to her mother’s house and invited friends to go shopping in Kaili in the prefecture.

Pan Xiaoying told Hongxing News that the son Wu couldn’t think of self -harm at that time, but soon realized the mistake. He personally apologized to Kaili to Kaili himself. About three days later, Xiao Fang turned his back home.

She explained that the reason why her son responded strongly was that he had too much expectation to the boy.At the beginning of last year, the family went to the temple to burn incense. "Mr. Fortune told him that he would have a son." Wu was convinced.

Wu’s "male fetus" plot originated from his brother.Wu Mou and his younger brother had a good relationship, but his brother died unfortunately by a motorcycle, and Wu couldn’t get out of this emotion.

Xiaofang couldn’t understand the strange emotional sustenance of her husband. She said angrily to her friends and friends: "I can’t give him a younger brother."

One appraisal opinion

The family members of the deceased proposed 5 "doubts" and refused to sign

Ouyang Ming and his family visited the fire scene carefully, thinking that the daughter’s death was "too much doubt". Combined with the traces of the scene and the wounds of the deceased, the Ouyang family proposed 5 suspicious "evidence":

1. The living room from the bedroom to the dead bedroom is separated by the living room. The fire source has not burned to the living room. There is an escape channel out of the toilet and windows of the bedroom. You can go out to go straight to the house. Why do you want to jump from the bedroom?

2. To jump out of the window, you need to climb up the window sill, cross 80 cm high window pupa, and how do pregnant women pregnant in July complete this series of actions?

3. The deceased ate supper and sent a WeChat circle of friends that night, but the bowl and the bowl in the WeChat circle of friends at the scene did not look the same.

4. The injury of the head of the deceased is the arc shape of the two rules. Is it caused by the attack of the bottom of the bowl?

5. Where does the suspected blood on the fire scene on the second floor to the third floor come from?

Ouyang Xiaofang WeChat Friends Circle The bowl in the photo sent by the circle of friends

(Family confidence)

The bowl of the incident (picture of family members)

Xiaofang’s family believes that the toilet window can escape calmly

(Family confidence)

Xiaofang’s grandfather believed that his granddaughter’s death was unknown. The first time he reported the case.One day after the incident, on December 28, 2016, the Taijiang police made notice notice on the grounds of "no criminal facts".

Xiaofang’s family did not accept it and applied for criminal reconsideration. On January 10, 2017, the Taijiang police made criminal reconsideration to maintain the original decision.Xiao Fang’s family still refused to accept it, and then feeded feedback to the Guizhou Southeast Southeast State Public Security Bureau and Taijiang County People’s Procuratorate.

A "Appraisal Opinion" that stamped the official seal of the Public Security Bureau of Taijiang County, but did not fall, was identified as the cause of the death of Ouyang Xiaofang as follows: the tutoring of high craniocerebral injury caused the bleeding and bleeding of the thoracic and abdominal organs.

But Ouyang Xiaofang’s family refused to sign the appraisal.

Relevant departments:

This case is still investigating

On January 15, the Red Star reporter rushed to Taijiang County to investigate the case. The relevant person in charge of the Public Security Bureau of Taijiang County responded that the case did not constitute a condition.Immediately, the relevant departments also carefully stated that "the case is still investigating."

Ouyang Xiaofang’s uncle Ouyang Xin said that a fire, two lives, but the above -mentioned doubts raised by the family, so far no department has explained. "We suspect that Ouyang Xiaofang was attacked by Wu by Wu.Pushing down from the window. "He said that the local relationship in the Wu family may affect the case.

In an interview with Wu’s house, Hongxing News met a deputy head of the county named Wu in the county. Ouyang Xin said that the deputy magistrate was Wu’s cousin.

At present, Ouyang Xiaofang’s remains are still in the funeral home of Kaili, and the results of its autopsy have not yet come out.

Ouyang Ming said that his daughter died for four months. He was a construction worker.My daughter’s care and care, "But I have doubts, I have to ask for a statement, but the relevant department pushes me, no one tells me."

On January 16th, the temperature of the Taijiang was dry and cold. Standing at the door of the house, Ouyang Ming lit a cigarette with a rough hand, and the empty eyes looked at the distance.(The characters in the text are all about the name)

Red Star News reporter Liu Mu Mu from Taijiang, Guizhou

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