Laser hair removal?Hair removal instrument?The hair removal method is big PK!The most worry -free and effective method is here

Girls’ attachment to hair: There must be more on the head, and the long eyes should be tilted.

Some people are bright and beautiful on the surface, and they are still in the back of the ground.

The body hair is endless, and the spring breeze blows again.Under the armpit of the hair 5 days after scraping the hair, like Rong Hui.Today, let’s talk about those things that fight against hair.

① Can a few degrees be white?

Yes.The skin is covered with a black forest, and it has its own black shadow dimming. After hair removal, it will be found that hair removal is the first step of whitening, and it also comes with a filter.

② hair removal affects sweat glands?

Won’t.The hair follicles and sweat glands are two independent people. The hair removal acts on the hair in the hair follicles, does not destroy the sweat glands, and it will not affect the sweat glands sweat.

③ Will the hair get rid of it thicker and thicker?

If you can, take off your hair and never get rid of your hair.

The thickness of the hair is determined by the hair follicles. It is hiding deep in the skin and will not become thicker or dense due to hair removal.The hair of the hair is thick and the hair tips are thin. After hair removal, the newly grown hair will grow at the top of the hair, so that the hair will become thicker from the visual touch.

The hair is divided into a growth period, retirement period, and rest period. As long as the growth and metabolic process of a hair goes through, it will return to as soft as before.If you have been removing hair, there is always the illusion of thicker.

④ Can hair removal at any time?

You can’t take it off.If the skin is injured, long acne, affected by varicose veins, or wounds, you need to slowly, and then remove hair when the skin is better.

① Scrape-fastest

The hair scraping knife is the hair removal enlightenment of many girls. It is the fastest hair removal method. It is suitable for pain or skin sensitive stars.But the maintenance time is short, and the spring breeze blows again.

Scratching may cause the hair in the hair, and the scraped hair curls, which is not long in the keratin, which may cause infection.Scratching hair is only suitable for emergency hair removal. It is really necessary to pay attention to it: disinfect the blade before scraping, rub the skin dew or aloe vera gel; scrape along the direction of the hair; change the blade, the passional blade is more likely to scratch.

② Mao pull-minimum cost

The least recommended method of hair removal is that it will be painful and may cause folliculitis.If you do n’t listen to persuasion, you must disinfect with alcohol, apply the moisturizing cream to soothe the skin.

③ hair removal cream-optimal elegant

The hair removal cream generally contains the chemical substances of cymbal acetate that can dissolve the hair, but the hair removal cream is not you can use it if you want to use it. You need to test whether it is allergic.

It is irritating. If you use it when using it, you must not stay on the skin for too long.Try not to be on the face and private parts.

④ Beeswax hair removal-the most sour

Sister paper with low pain is not recommended to try.Apply the hair wax and apply it to the skin. After cooling, the wax block is torn off together.

The body hair is uprooted, the effect is touching, and the pain index is also exploded.The maintenance time is relatively longer than the hairy knife and hair removal cream, and it can generally maintain it for about a month.

If the temperature of the hair removal wax is too high, it may be burned, the large area is extracted, which stimulates the skin, and even causes bleeding, infection, and folliculitis.For technical requirements, it is recommended to find a professional skin institution to operate.

There is also a hair removal wax paper that is pasted on the skin, sticks to the hair, and is torn off directly, suitable for hair removal of arms and legs.There is a risk of contact allergies. Try it in a small area first.

⑤ hair removal instrument-the most worry-free

The hair removal instrument is removed, the less you get off, the more you get rid of it.

The commonly used hair removal instrument is a photon hair removal. Taking the hair follicles and melanin as the target, the energy generated by the light heat is used to destroy the hair follicles to achieve the effect of hair removal.

It is recommended to use it twice a month. Generally after 8 times, you can see obvious changes.The hair removal effect is related to the energy strength, individual differences, number of use, and use time of the hair removal instrument.

Choose a home hair removal instrument to see it carefully!

▶ Be sure to bring a goggles when used, do not remove hair around your eyes.

▶ Before and after hair removal, sunscreen, sun protection, sun protection!

▶ After scraping hair (do not use hair removal cream, hair removal wax), the effect of using a hair removal instrument will be better the next day

▶ Apply a little moisturizing cream or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin at the hair removal area after hair removal.

The following groups are not recommended to use the hair removal instrument:

▶ Those with infectious skin diseases, facial dermatitis, melasma and other diseases


▶ In the past three months, there have

▶ Dans it within 4 weeks

▶ Pregnancy or in breastfeeding

▶ Those with a history of scarbal disease and photosensitivity disease

⑥ Laser hair removal-the most long-lasting

The most long -lasting effect in all hair removal methods directly destroy the dry and hair follicles root. The hair removal is overworked, and no longer walks with a fairy ball.

When laser hair removal, if the operation is improper, there may be adverse reactions such as erythema, blisters, and color sinking. You must choose a regular hospital.Laser hair removal requires strict sun protection for a month to avoid pigmentation.

The treatment interval is generally 6 to 8 weeks/time. After 4 to 6 times of laser hair removal, it can usually be effective for several years, or even permanent.

① Can boys use the hair removal instrument?

There are almost hair hair removal instruments.

However, there are many hair follicles and many melanin. It may be more effective than the number of times than girls, and because of the large melanin, it may be very painful.Boys are bearded, maybe they can modify their faces and are still very man.

② Be careful with girls with beard

Girls have a lot of lips and dense lips. At the same time, they should not be blindly removed with acne and irregular menstruation. They need to go to the hospital to consult a gynecologist for examination. It may be a polycystic ovary syndrome.

Finally, I wish you all the freedom of hair, the hair is kept, and the body hair is removed.

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