Japan gave birth to a dead baby after pregnancy, and she brought her child’s body for 2 months with her child’s body.

In mid -June this year, a babies’ body was shocked in the coin -type reservoir in the Japanese Bridge parking lot in Japan.

The incident was located in a state of unlocked.

Police rushed to the scene for investigation, and soon found out the suspect of abandoned corpse -28 -year -old woman Yoshida Yurijia.

Yoshida Yoshita is from Hokkaido and has attended the beauty science school.

Due to the death of relatives, Yoshida Yoshijia dropped out of school halfway and came to work in a custom store to maintain his livelihood.

The money she made was not enough, and she began to grow old, so she was scolded by her mother.

About 2 years ago, Yoshida Yoshijia ran away from home, went to Tokyo first, and came to Osaka again.

When he came to a big city in his life, Yoshida Yoshijia fell into a full -fledged woman.

In the summer of 2021, Yoshida Yoshijia discovered that she was pregnant unexpectedly.

Some guests refused to take protection measures, and she did not know whose children were pregnant.

Due to the economic difficulties at hand and ashamed of his work, Yoshida Yoshijia never went to the hospital for examination after she was pregnant.

Until April 2022, Yoshida Yoshijia gave birth to a child in the hotel’s room.

Yoshida Yoshijia recalled that when the child was born, he fell asleep too tired.

When she woke up, she found that the child was not crying or moved, so she thought that the child was dead.

Yoshida Yoshijia didn’t want to make people think that she had killed the child by himself.

She found a plastic bag, put the baby’s body inside, and put another paper bag outside.

In this way, she carried the baby’s body with her.

When she needs to change the hotel, she will deposit paper bags containing the body in coin -invested lockers.

In more than two months, Yoshida Turujia repeatedly put the baby into the locker, about 10 times.

During the court, she was asked why she should carry the baby’s body with her, and she answered:

"I don’t want to be discovered by the police. The most important thing is that I feel sorry for the child who died, and I reluctantly abandon it."

Until June 15th to 16th of this year, when Yoshida Yoshida wanted to put the baby’s body into a coin -inverted reservoir again, she found that she could not afford the money of the container.

So the locker was not locked.

When she returned, she found that the paper bag containing the baby’s body was gone.

She knew that the police would come to the door sooner or later, and finally felt relieved.

Yoshida Yijia was accused of abandoning the corpse, and regretted it during the trial:

"If you take your baby to the hospital at that time, or call the police, just seek help in time."

The prosecutor pointed out that the defendant rushed away from home and lived a life that could not see hope.

Although there is a cause, this is a harsh criminal act. There is no room for consideration as appropriate, and the sentence is required to be sentenced for one and a half years.

The defender believes that

The premise of this case is that clients refuse to take protection measures, causing the defendant to get pregnant unexpectedly and hopes to be prosecuted.

At the end of September this year, the Osaka District Court made a judgment and sentenced the defendant Yoshida Yoshita to one year and a half and a year and a half.

In this case, netizens have discussed:

"I did such a bad thing to the baby, and sentenced to one and a half years in prison and three years of slow period. This is too light."

"The terrible thing is that the father of the death of the child did not know, and still lived a normal life …"

"Also arrest the child’s father!"

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