Itchy and odor in private parts?Remember these points to completely say goodbye to vaginitis

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Not long ago, I interviewed Dr. Chun Ling, the goddess of my goddess, and shared with you about side -cut knowledge.

In addition to side cutting, there is another problem that everyone feels hard to think about it, that is -vaginitis.

Vaginitis is to women, like the goddess in the hard disk to a man.

Almost everyone has it, but almost everyone wants to pretend that they are not.

Today is still my goddess Chun Ling’s C -position debut. From the following aspects, I will share with you the knowledge about vaginitis.What are the manifestations of vaginitis?Why do you get vaginitis?How to treat vaginitis?Does vaginitis affect pregnancy/pregnancy?How to prevent vaginitis?

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This is an article with its own smell and itching, with Huang Ling’s "Itch" as BGM, which is better.

By the way, hard -core knowledge is provided by Dr. Chunling, and I am responsible for writing paragraphs.

Chen Chunling, an expert in obstetrics and gynecology, Chen Chunling, chief physician and professor of obstetrics and gynecology, bachelor’s bachelor’s degree, doctorate in the University of Hong Kong, and received training at the world’s top medical centers, such as: Oxford, Britain, Harvard and Anderson Hospital in the UK, Harvard and Anderson Hospital, etc.He is currently the dean of Beijing Honghe Maternity Hospital and the Dean of Beijing Shaner Hospital.He has worked at the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Affiliated Hospital of Peking University Hospital and Tsinghua University, and has written more than 10 monographs in obstetrics and gynecology. He has 28 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology clinical surgery, and various health problems of women, including reproductive fertility, gynecological infection,Gynecological tumors, cervical cancer, and cervical cancer have in -depth research. They are an intimate doctor of obstetrics and gynecology experts and patients.

There are 3 common vaginitis, namely mold vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, and trichomoniasis vaginitis.

Their common symptoms are vulvar itching, vulvar and vaginal burning pain, frequent urination and pain.But different vaginitis has its own characteristics.

It can be said that it is very different.

Let’s talk about mold vaginitis first, its typical symptoms are bean slag -like lack.It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the bean dregs. I deliberately found a picture for everyone.You’re welcome, this is what I should do.

A useless Tips:

It also has the honorary titles of "unique vaginitis".Candida vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, and vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease are all about it.

Besides, bacterial vaginitis, its typical symptoms are that the leucorrhea is abnormally sticky and has a fishy smell.How to describe that taste?It was like putting the fish in normal temperature for a week, and then unbuttoned the taste of the bag.

It’s easy to smell too much.

In the end, Trichomonas vaginitis, in fact, its biggest feature is not a yellow -green foam -like leucorrhea at all, but itching and unbearable.Because it is caused by the vaginal trichin, the trichin will mess up everywhere.

When itching, people are restless, and they want to explode in one minute.

Itching so that the brain supplement is uncomfortable, it is uncomfortable to smash the keyboard.

A useful TIPS:

If the furmer rides to the urethral opening, it will cause symptoms such as urethral lipstick and pain, frequent urination and urinary pain, and it is easy to be mistaken for urinary system infection.

Simply put, there are two reasons, internal concerns or external problems.

Let’s talk about internal worry.The vagina itself has a micro -ecosystem, which is stable and maintains a dynamic balance.A good bacteria headed by lactobacillus and other bad bacteria are restricted by each other. The conditions of the pathogenic bacteria eat melon quietly. The scene was very harmonious.

If this balance is broken and lactobacillus is reduced, the bad bacteria or conditions cause pathogenic bacteria will rage and cause vaginitis.For example, the abuse of antibiotics, laundering vagina, and decreased autoimmunity will destroy micro -ecological balance.

After speaking, internal worry, let’s talk about external problems.No matter how good the internal balance is maintained, the "enemy forces" invade.For example, unclean sexual behavior, poor sanitary habits, etc. will bring pathogens into the vagina to cause vaginitis.

After speaking, the cause and manifestation, the most important thing is treatment.When it comes to treatment, of course, it depends on drugs.

Because the facts prove that light will force, the curative effect is too bad.

When it comes to medication, I want to solemnly declare that if you must listen to the doctor, don’t use the medicine yourself.

What medicine

For the first time infection with mold vaginitis, the vaginal medication is sufficient, and it can be used with clmzole and mold.If the infection of more than 3 times in one year and the repeated medication have not improved, in addition to vaginal medicine, you also need to take fluoronazole and hexzole.

In addition to oral metronidazole, bacterial vaginitis also cooperates with local application of drugs.

Toxy vaginitis should oral metronidazole or sinidazole. Generally, it will be administered in a large dose at one time to kill the trichomonas as soon as possible and relieve symptoms.


1 No matter what kind of vaginitis, everything must be cured as soon as possible and thoroughly.Otherwise, they will teach you how to be a person by repeatedly.

2 Mooblast vaginitis is the easiest to relapse, so the first infection must be cured thoroughly. For treatment, the medicine is taken on time.After the end of the menstruation, the results of 2-3 reviews are negative.

3 Tox vaginitis is unbearable, and it is too difficult to wait for oral medicine to play the effect. You can ask the doctor appropriately. Doctors will rescue you through vaginal scrubbing and vulva medicine.

4 Trichomonas can spread through sexual behavior, so sexual partners should be treated at the same time to avoid non -protected sexual behavior before healing.You can wear a condom, good at him.

If you are preparing for pregnancy, you find that you have vaginitis, it is best to cure and then get pregnant.

However, if you are pregnant, you should actively treat it, otherwise the germs will enter the uterine cavity upwards.In addition, vaginitis may need to be cut when giving birth.It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand this sentence, because this is "Knowledge of Dr. Chunling’s top of the session".

Vaginitis during pregnancy is mainly based on safe and local drugs, and oral medication is not recommended.

Don’t abuse antibiotics

Whether it is oral, injection or infusion, antibiotics will reach the vagina through blood circulation, destroying the vaginal flora balance, causing "internal worry" vaginitis.

So don’t have a headache and brain heat, think about "anti -inflammatory" with antibiotics.

Antibiotics do not cure all diseases, and "bags" can cure all diseases.

Don’t use the medicine at will/stop the medicine

The treatment of different vaginitis is different, and the conditions for pathogenic bacteria are different. It is likely that "my cream" is "the honey of the other."In layman’s terms, the more severe the more serious.

Even if you use the right medicine, it is not a lot of things. He feels that the symptoms are alleviated. There must be a small number of people who stop the drug. This is not only easy to relapse, but it may also cause drug resistance.

Vaginitis will be more and more difficult to treat you through repeated hair.

Do not fill the vagina

This is the most that should not be done. The vagina has a self -purification function. It is not as dirty as you think. If antibiotics are indirectly destroying the balance, and the pouring vagina is equivalent to the old nest.Whenever the pathogenic bacteria come in, and quickly settle in the camp, and then you regret it too late.

So, what "washing is healthier" is [beep …]

Qin Qingyin washing the vulva

Although the vagina cannot be washed, the vulva still needs to be kept clean and dry, especially during menstruation.

You can wash it, or use a certain treasure artifact "Wait" to dry it with clean toilet paper from front to back.

Wash the water, do not refer to other messy remedies, not to boil soup.

Change the underwear

It is best to change the underwear a day, and wash it with a special underwear or soap. There is no need to use a disinfectant.After washing the underwear, it is best to blanch it with boiling water, and then dry it in the sun. It is dried with a hair dryer without the sun.Wash the underwear with a special small pot, don’t mix with the socks to prevent cross -infection.After all, the fungus that causes vaginitis and athletes is a teacher.

Finally, the panties are used to choose cotton -breathable. Those SEXY underwear is usually greater than practicality.

About sexual behavior

Every time the two people applaud for love, they have to clean up, do not sleep with their heads after the end, and wash it.Remember to wear a condom during the treatment of vaginitis.

I didn’t know so much, I didn’t write so much self -introduction when I introduced myself in the garden.

Because my goddess Chun Ling loves you more than me, I want to give you clearly without any detail.

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