It will be happy to eat pigeons in China. Eating pigeons in Japan will be sentenced. Japanese pigeons are so high

On April 3, 2019, a 51 -year -old associate professor at a university in Japan was surrounded by a bunch of armed police when he first went out in the morning. Then these policemen began to control the professor at home after controlling the professor.Looking around, I found a few bottles of glass bottle containing drugs, and took it back to the police office with the professor.

What kind of sin did the professor commit, can it attract such a great battle?It turned out that in January of the same year, the professor couldn’t stand the nearby pigeons who often shit in their homes and stained their homes, so they decided to eradicate these nasty pigeons.

He first soaked rice with pesticides, and then dried these rice to feed nearby parks, causing the four pigeons to die, because these four pigeons may face serious prison disasters!

It turned out that in the country in Japan, pigeons were strictly protected. Eating pigeons and killing pigeons would enter prison in minutes to eat in a minute. So why would the pigeons be so high in Japan?There are two main reasons for it!

Animals such as pigeons have a unified symbol worldwide, that is, peace, but in Japan, in addition to peace, pigeons have extended another meaning, which is equality.

The Japanese believe that whether you are poverty or wealthy, or ordinary or ordinary, they have the probability of being smashed by pigeons.(For example, if Japan encounters the United States and other countries, there are two attitudes). After all, what is missing is longing, so the Japanese attach great importance to equality.

In fact, objectively speaking, any bird has the meaning of "equality" that the Japanese understand, because there is no bird in the world, and it will shit for someone!

In any case, pigeons are given the dual BUFF of "peace" and "equality" by the Japanese.People don’t want to hurt the pigeons.

After World War II, Japan, as a defeated country, returned to "Meiji" overnight overnight. At this time, Japan needed a rapid development of the economy to maintain its country’s operation, but its strength was limited, so it was decided to recognize the United States as a father, and regardless of its American dad in the United States.How did it happen before? In short, for development, this head must be stunned!

With the help of American dads, Japan’s great child has been developed rapidly. In the process of rapid chemical industryization, Japan’s natural environment has been severely damaged, resulting in a serious decline in the number of birds, including pigeons.

Any creature is like this. When the quantity is huge, it is not cherished. When it is about to destroy it, people regret it. In the face of this situation, the Japanese government has promulgated the strict "Birds and Beast Protection Law" to protectAll birds in Japan.

In this way, with the dual promotion of collective consciousness and strict laws, the status of pigeons has reached an unprecedented height in Japan. In Japan, there are even jobs that specifically handle pigeon dung. It can be seen that the Japanese really like pigeons really like pigeons.Essence

Most people see that this only understands Japanese pigeon culture. After all, one side raises one person, and each country has its own special customs, which is normal.

However, there are a handful of people, especially those who have the physique of "Shepherd" may start to "reflect" and start to reflect on why China knows to eat cute pigeons. Japan is so good to pigeons, which can reflect the Japanese protection pigeons to protect the pigeons.Awareness is enough to reflect the quality of Japan and so on.

The editor of this part of the people will take a little effort to explain the problem of eating pigeons in China and the special "love" in Japan.

First of all, it is explained that the problem of eating pigeons in China should be known that the history of raising pigeons in China has been about 2,000 years, and under the current mature breeding technology, Chinese pigeons can even be described by flooding.

So far, there are 626 million commercial meat pigeons that are out of China each year. The number is almost 5 times that of the Japanese population. Unlike Japan, the number of pigeons is relatively small, so our country does not need special protection for pigeons.

In addition, in our country, not all pigeons are used to eat. We only eat meat pigeons. The nature of meat pigeons is similar to chickens, ducks and geese, and belongs to poultry. For ornamental pigeons, we also protect it.

For example, the pigeons on the Central Street of Harbin, let alone eat it, you just catch those pigeons, and the staff will stop you. The pigeons there are almost caught up with the chicken. It can be seen how moisturizing the life.

Besides, the Japanese people love pigeons. There is no doubt that anyone who sees it must admit it, but it does not reflect their high quality.

Because Japan is extremely cruel to another real rare protection of animals, that is, whale, and the world is currently calling for the ban on fishing whales, but Japan completely regards this appeal as a wind.

For your own desire to appear, ignore international public opinion, fishing these west elves crazy every year, and hanging on the guise of scientific research for his own hunting and killing behavior!

From this, we can see that Japan’s deception and cruelty are in contrast to their behavior of caring pigeons, which shows the two faces that Japan has.

Before, a small group of people advocated the high quality of Japan, saying what Japanese people would clean up garbage, but in 2021, the Japanese decided to discharge the nuclear radiation wastewater of the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea.Is the behavior of "picking up small garbage and throwing big garbage" is really high quality?

Back to the problem of protecting the pigeons without eating pigeons. Is it to protect it if you do n’t eat it?In fact, it is not necessary. It is not just a pigeon. In fact, the degree of "eating casually" is protection.

People have never thought of protecting chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cows and other animals. For these animals, people feel that they are "eaten casually". The reason is enough!

Imagine that if any kind of animals in the world have been breed to the extent of flooding and breed to the point of "eating casually", this species can ensure that this species is "safe".

At that time, it depends on personal interests or not, depending on the meaning of what people give to some kinds of animals, and countries will appear a list of "not eaten" animals, but at that time"Protection" is like a little swallow. There are enough swallows in China, but no one wants to eat it, because the swallow represents auspiciousness!

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Author: Invincible Iron General

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