It was painful during pregnancy. I hope my husband is more loved.

Campus love always has a trace of greenness and hazy, so simple and beautiful. After graduation, if you can continue this love for positive results, it should be enviable.Ms. Liang and Mr. Chen from Wuhan are such couples who walked into marriage from the campus.With his longing for the future, the two went into marriage together after graduating from college.But as the trivial life of this relationship, the former lovers became hostile to each other.

For this marriage, both sides are already disheartened. It is better to find a reason to find a reason for this failed marriage.Because for Ms. Liang, when she chose to marry Mr. Chen at the beginning, she had made a huge sacrifice.

From a young age, Ms. Liang, who has always been used to excellence as a habit, did not look down on Mr. Chen, who was calm, but because of the persuasion of the people around him, and because of the careful consideration of Mr. Chen, Ms. Liang was eventually willing to try to be with Mr. Chen.In order to make herself more worthy of Ms. Liang, Mr. Chen also worked hard to be admitted to graduate students after graduating from undergraduate.

Ms. Liang chose to step into the society and participate in the work. The two began a long -distance relationship for up to three years.However, in these three years, Ms. Liang’s heart was always uneasy, and she tangled another problem.

Ms. Liang told us that the friends around me told herself that Mr. Chen’s family had a bad condition. Even after graduating from graduate school, he had nothing, and he did shake several times.

Although Mr. Chen was not an ideal marriage object in his mind at the time, because Mr. Chen’s insistence was also because of his mother’s persuasion, Ms. Liang finally chose to marry Mr. Chen.After borrowing debts with Mr. Chen, she hoped to use her ability to drive her husband around her, so that the family would get better quickly, but the reality made her disappointing.

Ms. Liang told us that the company sent her to Yunnan for a month. Her husband, Mr. Chen, decorated the house at home, but the husband often complained that she had to go to work and decorate the house. At that time, her husband felt that her husband was not very mature.At first, my husband’s interview was particularly nervous, which also made herself feel that her husband was really immature.

Mr. Chen explained that sometimes it was normal for him to complain about a few words.Entering the society from the campus, everyone needs time to grow, and Mr. Chen is no exception.However, because of deep concern about the economic situation, Ms. Liang hoped that her husband would speed up the pace of growth. She could stop her like her. Obviously, her husband’s growth rate was far from what Ms. Liang was expected.

After that, Ms. Liang was pregnant. During this special period, she hoped that her husband would love her even more, but in the end she was disappointed again. Not only did she not get her husband’s care, but instead got a divorce from her husband.Ms. Liang told us that her reaction during pregnancy was particularly large, and her mood work was very uncomfortable, so she hoped that her husband would comfort herself.

But her husband did not comfort himself but still had a cold war with herself. The day before he went to the hospital for cesarean section, he also proposed a divorce.Mr. Chen explained that he was far away from the company, and it would take an hour or two to reach each day.Back home rice was made by myself, and the bowl was washed by myself. Sometimes I wanted to sit for a while when I was tired, but the wife said that people were not tired, and hurried to wash the dishes.Mr. Chen believes that when people are tired, they also need to understand and recognize.

At this time, the observer Li Fan picked up the microphone. She believed that the husband and wife had a distance from the beginning. The woman had always accepted everything with a hesitant or even contradictory mentality.After the marriage, Mr. Chen may find how the girls they once liked became a cold queen.Frozen three feet is not a day cold. Mr. Chen’s inner depression was accumulated day by day, so the mind distance between the two people in this marriage is getting farther and farther.

After the efforts of the mediators, the couple said that they will slowly adjust in the future, change themselves slowly, and make life better and better.The mediation was over, and the couple finally left room for this marriage, which gave us a little gratitude.In fact, happiness never requires too much conditions depends on your own mentality. Looking at the people and things around you with your heart, you will find that happiness is actually around you.

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