It turns out that women with uterine fibroids are sick in the liver and sparse liver and qi.

Seeing a news, a woman was successfully removed a more than a dozen pounds of uterine fibroids.At first, the woman thought she was pregnant, and it was not until the month when she was about to be given to be checked that she knew that it was uterine fibroids.It sounds like a joke, but it is a fact.The new life of the fetus and the dead -like uterine fibroids are essentially different.

If there are too many menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual cycle, sudden amenorrhea, or old menstruation, today, a little today, a little tomorrow, it will last for more than 20 days.With uterine fibroids, you have to do B -ultrasound and do gynecological examination.

Uterine fibroids are western medicine academic terms. Chinese medicine is called symptoms. Symptoms actually mean that the lower abdomen means block.In other words, except for the menstrual disease mentioned above, women can touch whether they have accumulated blocks in their lower abdomen before they go to the hospital; where there is pain or pain or pain or pain orFull of feeling.If all are there, it is suffering from symptoms.

It is important to attract everyone that there are two types of symptoms and malignant diseases.If you do a examination and find out that it is uterine fibroids, you must do a pathological examination further, distinguish whether it is benign or malignant.

Women who have symptoms have a commonality. They have a bad temper, either easily irritable, or they can’t think of it when they are in trouble. I don’t pay attention to the menstrual period. Most of these women treat them as normal.Will not pay attention to whether menstruation will cause other diseases.

Women with bad temper must be sick in the liver.Liver depression and qi will be "knot". With the knot, the meridians will naturally not pass, and blood will be blocked.In the upper, the breast mass will be formed for a long time.

Understand this factor, if you want to prevent your eldest uterine fibroids, you must spar the liver and get angry.

Many people suffer from the disease of uterine fibroids.Once you are found to be this kind of disease, don’t worry first, distinguish between goodness and malignancy.If it is benign, in order to avoid the suffering of the operation, the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine also has a good effect.If it is equal to qi stagnation and blood stasis caused by liver qi, accompanied by mental depression, the two ribs under the armpits feel full, and you can take medicine.In order to improve the efficacy, the symptoms are resolved one day earlier, and you can also adjust the pills with vinegar into a paste, stick it to the navel, and put a warm water bottle to warm it.One arm power.

If I treat women with diseases, if there are many or bad odors, I will not forget to use Guizhi Poria Wan and Cangfu sputum.Cangshu dampness and dampness removing evil spirits, the aconite is warm and humid, Guizhi can warm through the yang, Poria can strengthen the spleen and dampness.If the spleen is deficient, the tongue coating is thick, and the meals have no appetite, you can take the Guizhi Poria Wan once in the morning and evening, and add a grain of a Cang Cangfu sputum at noon.Symptoms hurt kidney qi, and kidney qi deficiency is also susceptible to symptomatic disease. Therefore, when treating this disease, do not ignore kidney qi.You can take Liuwei Dihuang Wan once a day. The two medicines take at least two hours. In this case, the medicine can be done with the effect of fully emptying the stomach.

No matter how many methods of treatment, the symptoms of the disease must be reviewed on a regular basis to see the size of the tumor.If it becomes smaller or disappeared, of course, the medicine plays a role;

The warning that this disease gives us is: women, especially married women, must do regular gynecological country has a census every year in China. Everyone should actively respond, because the census is not only for family planning, but also closely related to women’s health.Many women suffer from uterine fibroids, which were detected during the census.

Traditional Chinese medicine tells that there is a disease and disease, and there is no disease prevention. If there is uterine fibroids, do not drag, find it early, and treat early.In the treatment of uterine fibroids, I have clinical experience and treatment experience.If you need it, you can tell me.””””””

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