It is said that many women now just want to have children and do not want to get married

It is said that many women now only want to have children and do not want to marry. There are a few reasons for them:

The first point: The current men and women are facing too much temptation. Even if they are married, they dare not guarantee that men are not derailed, and they dare not guarantee that they are not derailed., Old with white heads.Because the nature of men and women is to like the new and hate the old, since it is difficult to get from the end of it, it is better not to get in the marriage from the beginning.

The second point: Many women now are economical and independent, and they no longer need men and they can feed their children by themselves, so they no longer need marriage.

Third point: The current marriage is already a low -return and high -risk product.(This one is also suitable for men, even more for men today)

The fourth point: without marriage, there is no betrayal, no primary three, no relationship between mother -in -law, no disputes, no depression, and many benefits.

Seeing these reasons, I basically agree with their views, but the problem is that many women today always want to obtain and enjoy their success. How many women can give birth to children without relying on men?I think that most women think so, but they may not dare to give birth to children, because they ca n’t afford themselves, let alone raising children.

Therefore, I think that the majority of male compatriots do not have to be pessimistic. Still, the most important thing for men is the career. If you have money, everything is good to say. Isn’t it the same as you do n’t get married?If you are rich, you are afraid that there are no women with yourself?Are you still afraid that no woman gives you a child?If you have no money, you are married and have children. In this era, the chance of happiness is also very low, so there is no need to worry about getting married and having children when your economic strength is not allowed.

Assuming that one day, all women are really stronger than men’s ability to make money, and they are really economic independence. I really do n’t need to get married to let men and themselves raise children. Most women make money to raise children by themselves.Congratulations to them, jumped out of the traditional marriage centered on the male family, and won the freedom and life they wanted.

For men, it is also a good thing, because this is exactly the full liberation of men from the traditional family concept, and at the same time, it is no longer necessaryIt seems that men have lost their marriage, but men have also gained great freedom. As long as they have money, they will not lack women. Children and women are born, raised themselves, and men return to the most free state in ancient times.,Why not do it?

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