It is also pregnant. Why does "pregnancy vomiting" look at the dishes?

Two days ago, a bloggers that Mommy liked it was that she was pregnant for 3 months.She shared that she is currently good at her pregnancy. In addition to becoming drowsiness and emotional unstable, she has no other early pregnancy response.

Many pregnant mothers have never experienced the bare pregnancy. She has never experienced it.Mommy said that the real -name system was envious. When I was pregnant, I vomited to die every day when I was pregnant. The sour glory was psychologically shadow.

So the question is, and it is also pregnant. Why does "pregnancy vomiting" look at the dishes?

Who is more likely to vomit?

Pregnancy is one of the most common pregnancy reactions, but not every pregnant mother will experience this sourness. When it comes to the following two cases, pregnant mothers are more likely to have a pregnancy reaction.Total hormones rose sharply

In order to ensure the normal development of the embryo after pregnancy, a large amount of estrogen, progesterone, etc. will secrete a large amount of estrogen, etc., providing favorable conditions for embryos and development.

These hormones can escort embryonic development, but at the same time, the rapidly increasing hormone in a short period of time can also bring some "side effects" to the body. The most common is that it causes stomach discomfort and prone to nausea and vomiting symptoms.

This is actually a protective mechanism of the fetus. In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers almost couldn’t feel the existence of small life in the belly. The body reminded the pregnant mother’s life in this way.I accidentally hurt the baby.

Therefore, generally speaking, pregnant mothers with relatively high hormone levels will have a heavier symptoms of pregnancy than pregnant mothers with a relatively lower total amount of hormone levels.Sensitive constitution

Each of our bodies is different in the face of stimuli. Some pregnant mothers are "tolerance", while some pregnant mothers are "sensitive".

Sensitive physical pregnant mothers are more sensitive to various changes in the body during pregnancy, so it is more likely to cause pregnancy than tolerated pregnant mothers.In fact, it is the same as that of some people to eat mango, and different people are different in the face of irritation.

The blogger mentioned earlier as Mommy is a talented player. From the uncle, grandma to the mother, they are all tolerant. There is no pregnancy reaction during pregnancy. She has inherited this well.Come.

How to spend a period of pregnancy?

Of course, those who are inaccurate are enviable, but most people cannot change the fate of the early pregnancy and pregnancy.Since you can’t avoid it, you might as well choose to face it bravely.

Mommy has prepared some small ways to ease the pregnancy here, hoping to help you who are bothered by pregnancy.

1. Stay away from the smell that makes you uncomfortable

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should try to avoid contact with the smell of nausea and vomiting, such as the smell of oil fume, durian flavor, stinky tofu flavor … reduce the chance of pregnancy vomiting from the source.

2. Keep your mood happy

Pregnancy vomiting is easy to make people feel down, and the low emotions will exacerbate the occurrence of pregnancy to some extent, forming a vicious circle.

Pregnancy and grinding people, but pregnancy is not all bad. At least it is conducive to the healthy growth of the baby in the stomach, so pregnant mothers should also actively look at pregnancy vomiting and try to keep themselves happy.Liseness is also one day, and music is also one day, so try to spend every day as much as possible.

3. Light diet, eat less meals

Gastrointestinal function is weak during pregnancy, and greasy foods can easily cause stomach discomfort, thereby exacerbating the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting.During pregnancy, the best diet of pregnant mothers adheres to the principle of light, eat less meals, reduce stimulation of the stomach, and help reduce the occurrence of pregnancy vomiting.

The pregnancy period is difficult, but the pregnancy will not follow us all the time. After most pregnant mothers enter the middle of the pregnancy, the symptoms of pregnancy will be relieved by themselves and slowly disappear.Therefore, when pregnant mothers have been in difficult winter, they will usher in the spring of spring, come on!

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