Is vomiting too bad during pregnancy?Try these tips to make it comfortable during pregnancy

Some people say that if you don’t vomit during pregnancy, you may be "fake" pregnancy.This sentence makes sense. According to research, about 70%of pregnant women will have nausea and vomiting.If you are also pregnant, let’s take a look at these tips to make your pregnancy more comfortable.

First, before going to bed at night, eat something a little

According to actual experience, you will find that nausea generally occurs when the empty stomach, especially after a long night of sleep, this is why it is called "morning vomiting".Therefore, it is best to prepare some snacks before going to bed at night, such as biscuits, rice cakes, etc., put them on the bedside. When you wake up in the middle of the night, you can have something to eat without getting out of bed.

Before going to bed, eat a small amount of high -protein compound carbohydrates, such as milk, cheese bars, muffins, etc., which can make your stomach comfortable until the morning.

Second, develop a eating habit of eating less meals to prevent it from eating too much at one time

To prevent nausea from pregnancy, the core method is to ensure smooth blood sugar levels, while ensuring that the stomach is not empty.Therefore, eating less meals is the most ideal choice, that is, changing three meals a day to 6 meals a day, but the amount of food for each meal is reduced, which can reduce the burden on the stomach and replenish energy in time.

The thing that must be eliminated is the overeating, or it eats too much at a time. The stomach is full, just like the empty stomach of the empty, it is easy to cause vomiting.

Third, eat some cool things

During pregnancy, the speed of metabolism of expectant mothers will obviously accelerate, so often feel that they are very hot. Many times, this is also a cause of vomiting more.So for many expectant mothers, cold liquid and food can bring a better feeling.Therefore, in the TV series, the prospective father often ran out in the middle of the night, and bought a bridge with ice cream for expectant mothers.

Fourth, let yourself eat better, eat nutritious, digestible food

Foods rich in protein and carbohydrates can help resist nausea and vomiting.When choosing food, you can achieve these tilt: steamed buns are more suitable than rice; a bowl of spinach noodles is more suitable than ordinary noodles; breakfast chooses milk and oatmeal, which is also a good choice.

In short, nutritious foods are helpful to relieve nausea.At the same time, don’t eat too greasy foods, or to challenge yourself, eat your hate food.Remember, if you want to reduce your pregnancy, you will be a little farther away from the food you don’t like!

Fifth, add more liquid to prevent electrolytes from imbalance.

In the short term, getting enough liquid is more important than getting enough food, especially when vomiting makes you lose a lot of water.When you feel uncomfortable, you feel that liquid is easier to drink, so you can supplement nutrition through liquid.For example, fruit milkshakes, juice, etc. can supplement vitamins and minerals.If the liquid is supplemented during meals, the stomach burden is too heavy, then drink water between the two meals.

If the pregnancy is very powerful, the electrolyte water and coconut juice will be helpful to you, especially the former.

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